New Music: Asher Roth x Nottz Raw “Enforce The Law”

Peter Rosenberg played this during his Real Late show last night on Hot 97. The track is the first leak off Asher Roth and Nottz Raw’s upcoming project, The Rawth EP. Ha, clever title.

Update: CDQ


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    GO TO HELL!!!!!



  • chillin

    Asher’s flow sounds like Em’s off On Fire on Recovery

  • jeeeeeezzer


    that’s cus he simply tryina steal marshmellow’s whole identity. that’s pathetic. only 2 real white mcs left in tha game now…paul wall n yelawolf…southside stay strong bitches…

  • iceyjesse

    HORUS needs a new tampon that bitch this shits pretty dope tho

  • Word

    Damn, if they the only 2 white MCs left in the game…then white people in hip hop is dead then, cuz them two niggas are TRASH! And they both wouldnt even be in the game if Em didnt break the color barrier in hip hop.

  • Javi B. Blazin

    This beat is nice…Lyrics is ehh, asher is a lil overated tho IMO

  • tee kay

    HORUS im sick of your stupid ass hating comments, you aint the truth youre a fucking bitch

  • supppppppp

    What a waste of a beat…. Listen to “On Fire”, his tone, rhymes, lawl… “if you think im soft, real dangerous dog” negro please, my 3 year old niece could beat this pussie up… Don’t worry white college kids from the burbs will buy this shit and say they’re “into hip-hop!”..

  • Midnite!

    Yo,don’tever compare YelaWolforPaulwall to Em…..There is NOOOOOO comparison!!!Shady is the best RAPPER….Not just the best white Rapper!!!!Stop fucking hating……Truth hurts you FUCKING HATERS!!!SHADYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Word


    Not the best, but top 5 ALIVE though. Top 10 DoA maybe…

  • its dope..i’m feelin the flow and the beat…. niice

  • rap radar= hater heaven and Horus is an eminem dick riding white boy and crack my jawbone = Horus

    eminem is not the best sorry


    HORUS says:
    Monday, August 30 2010 at 1:59 PM EST



  • Loko

    This is actually kinda dope


    CAUTION! POTENTIAL: STAN ALERT! Nigga didnt even comment on the post, just wanted to say Em aint the best and leave….you love Em that much that all you wanna do is talk about him? Aint the post about some otther white rapper.

  • jeeeeeezzer

    indeed, id neva compare paul n yela to marshmellow cus while tha first two are juss tryina make good rap music, th latter juss sellin out with pop sht. Marshmellow never had a straight up hip hop album son, its always been pop hop with his whack ass ‘comedy’ videos. Yall ashamin true greats like pac big nas rae etc wid all dem silly claims. Marshmellow is one a tha best pop songers tho i’ll give u dat much…

  • Android

    hiphop reached its quota 4 white rappers in 2000. So thnx. But man all white rappers afta Marshmallow and b4 r so garbage. Vanilla, beastie, yelawolf, paul wall, asher, sick jacken, bubba sparx, tht british bitch defjam(camel) tried to force us 2 hear, icp nd many otha trash heaps. I thnk EM opened but also right afta closed nd locked the STEEL XMEN DOOR 4 otha white rappers, by being on par atleast.

  • Loko


    Rae? Didnt Rae just do a song with Justin Bieber? But thats cool right? And also…be 100% honest, have you ever listened to an Eminem album all the way through from start to finish? Cuz MMLP has on poppy song and thats it, hows that a pop album?

  • Loko

    one poppy song*

  • Kidd Rapp

    Best white rapper is atmosphere. Lets be real. Em is best pop rapper

  • Word

    Who the fuck is atmosphere? Nobody gives a fuck about Underground rappers, obviously they dont wanna be heard since they still underground clinging to the 30 or so fans they have

  • Assasin9

    Asher been spittin lyrics — I don’t think of EM when I listen to this cat – who cares about his skin color damn, it’s hip hop.


    Asher roth is dope…..he can get better…….and for the Eminem……..”EMINEM IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME”(QOUTE KANYE AND DRAKE)

  • FuckYourOpinion

    EM is one cold MC,no doubt about it.Good song from asher

  • sUp

    KRS-One defines hip-hop as anyone just doing them, and being themselves. Is that not what Asher is doing? He’s not saying he’s a cop killing thug from the wrong side of the tracks, he’s being himself, a pot smoking college dropout who doesn’t give a fuck. Like his rhymes or not, you gotta respect the kid.

  • White Boy

    lol at everyone who hates on asher. i agree with sUp dude does his own thing. but you guys are all better then him cause you can talk trash about him on the web.

  • Fuck Rap Radar, and fuck Niggers!

  • Ily

    You all are some uneducated trash. Is it wasn’t for white people hip hop would of went out of business 10 years ago, you’d all be some niggers in Metallica & Mary J. Blidge t-shirts. Stop acting like niggers own Hip Hop, YOU DON’T! For a bunch of internet board faggots, you are insanely dumb! PERIOD! Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Here is a link just incase you’re too fucking niggerish to know what it means, learn the word, then go look in the mirror, and figure out how to write a multi, or a punchline! DUMB! Asher Roth would merk anyone who comments on this site.

  • Android

    illy STFU ,coz Its a fact homie. White rappers r trash, latino’s 2. The numbers dont lie ths time.

  • Android

    if it wasnt 4 black ppl there would b no Metallica.GOOGLE IT. Elvis is the king of rock at the tea party.

  • The Troof

    Main stream white rappers are alright, but if you say ALL white rappers suck, than you obviously don’t listen to anything besides the radio.

  • This is dope as hell. Waiting on that EP now.

  • Belize

    Roth need a haircut.
    And this ain’t half bad.

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  • L4U

    Nottz tracks are CRAZY asher is cool.

  • The Truth

    What the fuck does it matter the race?

    Asher’s doing his thing, Eminem’s doing his thing.

    Different styles, different agendas. So get the fuck out of here about all this bullshit.

    It’s about the music, not the race.

    Black guy saying this btw.