New Music: Trey Songz Ft. Gucci Mane x Wiz Khalifa “Bottoms Up (Remix)”

Mr. Steal Your Girl rounds up La Flare and Wiz Khalifa for the remix to Passion, Pain, & Pleasure‘s lead single. Another exclusive from Lime Light Exclusives 3 mixtape.


Sidebar: An early look at Tremaine’s next video for Passion, Pain & Pleasure.

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  • no hating here but can a gucci mane fan please tell me what is so appealing about him. please!? wiz is top of his shit as usual.

  • redneck


    damn, i never seen a hater like you, you sound like 2ac on hit em up
    please shut up !!

  • Antoine Dodson

    Gucci look like 2 basketballs So Icy Boi finna dunk him.

  • jeeeeeezzer

    damnnnn son, gucci go hard on dis track…

    best in tha game…gucci tell em!

  • rap radar= hater heaven and Horus is an eminem dick riding white boy and crack my jawbone = Horus

    i like the remix..but why would you want to remix a song with gucci mane of all people, i need a translator

  • Tiiz

    Mr. Steal Yo Girl = Trey Songz
    Mr. Got Yo Bitch Wit Me = Wiz Khalifa
    Thought I’d clear that up for everybody.

  • dank nugz

    wiz killed that verse

  • JAYE

    Mandler could have left the creepy effects at home. A simple storyline, and some shots of him singing in the rain would have sufficed. I guess the remix is okay, but the original is better.

  • Belize

    Damn. I thought that after that Menaj verse, nothing could make the song worse. But after hearing this 0_o

  • mostmusiksux

    Wiz sux cock