Mos Def Absent On 24 Hour Karate School

Remember Ski Beatz’s 24 Hour Karate School compilation? Well, it finally has a release date: September 21st. Bad news for fans of Mos Def though. The rapper will no longer appear on the project due to, well, politics as usual. Ski offered this explanation via his Twitter account:

Don’t worry guys I think I’m a give the Mos Def tracks away for free. Mos Def wouldn’t clear his songs in time.. but I think I’m going to make them available for free downloads.


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  • Cudder

    Definitely grabbing this album

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    This Whole Thing is A Disaster Half Of The Tracks on Here have Been Out For Months.

  • Cudder


    Fuck you. Your life is a disaster

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    ^ Yeah I am A Sophomore @ SMU and almost Get Straight A’s i Should Jump off a Building.

    Iam Saying Yall Know How Much this Project was Hyped up & Its No Where NEAR is DOPE as I Thought it Was gonna Be Its Been On Hold for months and they Couldn’t Add New Songs to Replace The shit that’s Been Out For Ever c mon

  • CaliDNA

    LMAO @Cudder Catching Feelings Over a Comment SMH……

  • Cudder

    Because the songs have been out that makes it a disaster?

    Pilot Talk was the same way, yet its probably one of the best albums to drop this year, all the tweaks they make make a huge difference in the end. So I don’t really see whats disastrous about it?

    Plus the songs Mos Def was on are going to be GIVEN to you. On top of that he’s releasing the original 24 HKS for free since they didn’t want to clear the samples. Its honestly quality music yet i dont get how people still have the nerve to complain.. It baffles me

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  • Bestboss

    I don’t think it’s a disaster but it’s VERY dissaponiting real talk it’s kinda wack and pilot talk wasn’t that good IMO

  • Belize

    Well that sucks.

  • 1 – C’mon son.

    and 2 – Mos WOULDN’T clear the samples or COULDN’T? Ski apparently said wouldn’t and there’s a huge difference, wonder what that’s about…

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  • alittlebirdytoldme

    The truth is Mos and Dame had a huge falling out over some ego shit. Both felt like they were the reason DD became what it is (take that as you may) and felt unappreciated in their own right. To be honest, Mos is a weird dude who has his own priorities and quirks that monkeywrenched his participation in the whole shabang. He is no longer affilated with the movement down there, and that sucks, cause good shit was being made.

  • Dubczdon

    @alittlebirdytoldme it figures. Then next thing we knew, he was on GOOD Music…. SHADY