• shouts to def jam for signing this guy. he’s fucking REAL.

  • ODC

    he’s next. he keeps delivering. great look for the south though he has a more East style

  • pissed

    K.R.I.T is the truth!

  • Belize

    I really hope K.R.I.T. don’t die anytime soon. Hip-Hop really needs him right now cuz he so real and with it. I’m really glad he released this. This is dope, and it makes you think. This is everything Hip-Hop was meant to and should be. I don’t usually say bit like this, but God bless.

  • ]via RR[

  • j

    REAL shit here

  • My Nig Hussle

    Yo Jonny Shipes is fuckin winning right now. Nip Hussle and Big Krit???

  • Eminem best rapper alive … Believe dat …. Pac the g.o.a.t

  • Nathaniel

    when i saw the title… i knew that nigga used the marvin gaye song.

    when album time comes, my nigga, that production style is gonna have to switch up. sample clearances are gonna be a bitch the way he be usin oldies.

    KRIT is my nigga, though. he dope

  • Nathaniel

    “let the hoes that i used to know kiss me from my head to my toe
    gimme some paper, a pen, so i can write”

    had to call that one, lol. oh and it’s “i wont DIE BLUE cuz i’ve known you” nigga. damn KRIT hahaha

    im trippin

  • One of my favorite verses from All Eyes On Me and the nigga’s flow is refreshing. He’s on his way to becoming a force with those who into real shit, not pop shit. Shame them NY niggas shitted on him some months back. His mixtape was the shit! #deuces

  • Sho Nuff

    One of my new favorites, love what he bringing to the game

  • @93090tilnfinity

    Big KRIT….Is the truth….

  • Justsaying

    Yo this nigga will be a legend. I heard one song and I’m convinced. I get him. I get what he is trying to do

  • realtalk

    Well if Def Jam just scooped him, he won’t be getting that album out anytime soon, no worries for track clearances. He’ll be independent, or all over sohh.com talking mad ish, cosigning redman, nas, n the rest