New Music: Nas “Last Real Pt. 2”

Thought this deserved its own post. Here’s a no-tags, clean edit of Nas’ new stellar freestyle that Green Lantern debuted. This is the Nasty guy we all know and love. More, please.


UPDATE: Now with cusses.


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  • ctg

    *waits for the nasty, uh, dirty version*

  • JaeSays

    I can’t even call you guys editors so I will just ask if you “STORY POSTERS” can stop labeling written shit as “freestyles”!!!!!??

    Anyone that has ever heard Nas really freestyle knows this is written.

  • pro-rican

    Nice. The kids need to be introduced to this nas. It was illmatic/ it was written/firm/i am/stillmatic days were a longtime ago

  • stop cryin about the whole freestyle issue – everyone who listens to music can tell if something is a freestyle or not – the word is not the same as it used to be, just take it for what it is…


    Nas is indeed nasty on the mic…love it!

  • SOny Music Intern

    pro rican shut da fuck up

  • suppppp

    You’re a fuckin’ dumbass about getting your panties in a bunch about a fucking label, shut the fuck up will you…
    Freestyle TODAY means a verse that doesn’t belong to a song, but gets recorded and released/leaked…
    OFF THE TOP FREESTYLE are fucking stupid, boring, incoherent nursery rhyme garbage that doesn’t even need to be talked about today.. When usually the only good shit about a off the top freestyle is the couple lines u try to sneak that were pre-written anyway

  • pro-rican

    @Sony Music Intern, You shut the fuck up. You gonna sit here and tell me street disciple, Hip hop is dead And Nigger were Great? The lost tapes is better then most albums nas put out in the last 5-6 years, fuckin boreing Salemi remi beats. Now this is nasty nas.

  • yweywe

    no tags…okay…….clean? get back at us when u got the no tags dirty version homie then its worth its own post

  • toadman baby

    hey pro rican ,why did you leave out nastradaumus? is it cause nas and his legacy are fictional, and that illmatic is overrated?

    everyone just says illmatic is tight, but no one really listens to it

  • Toss

    but YN, we need the original version of “Most Kings”. not that stupid remix. I know have it somewhere,lol

  • A couple more classic albums and when everything is set and done Nas is gonna be GOAT over Biggie , Pac and Jay !!

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  • yweywe

    @pepeto uhh im scared he already surpassed them long time ago? lmaoo

  • tpm2810


  • Why N?

    This is cool. hope his album doesn’t dissapoint

  • queefbat

    @toadman baby




  • Belize

    At the rate its goin this gon’ be another classic…

  • webstar

    Nas sounds like he’s ready to drop an EPIC album the next go round. Can’t wait for it.

  • So Icy Boi!

    @queefbat you know he a Gucci fan? …u niggaz stay hatin on Gucci always sayin his name…just because he dnt lik Nas aint gotta do shit wit Gucci i guess every nigga who dnt lik Nas a Gucci fan …only u eastcoast niggaz lik em …

  • pro-rican

    @toadmen baby, Im on the fence about Nastradamus (Family, Last words, Shootem up, Quiet niggas). Illmatic is short, so if you dont like 2-3 songs it ruins it. There are MANY people who think those are some of thee best 10 songs(a hungry nas) ever. Nas was the best but he let jay win the war after Kelis/Carmen/Ill will Records/Bravehearts/nashawn/Fuckin up the firm/Esco colthing….Nas had a Top 2 Legacy, now its Top 6-7. He lost the crown but he could still “Take the crown off the so-called king of the town And lock it down”

  • queefbat

    @so icy boi

    im from texas and Nas is stll the man. you dont have to like him but you gotta respect him, illmatic was arguably the most influential and game changing album ever, and by consensus of most with a brain the best album ever. give

  • toadman baby

    illmatic gets more love then ready to die or reasonable doubt when it comes to all time lists and it only has nine songs, i’m just not seeing it. i know a lot of people that name drop illmatic but never listen to it, i own it, i listen to it, i like it, i think its overrated. i prefer it was written to illmatic, and i’m not going to pretend that i like it and its the greatest hip hop album of all time just because everybody else does.

    nas gets brought up in every top 5 dead or alive argument and i’m sick of it. he has dropped wayyy too much garbage material(and full length albums) to be mentioned in that range of emcees.

  • toadman baby

    and the person six posts above this said “when all is set and done” so by saying set instead of said he has proven himself to be retarded. why am i reading that?

  • queefbat

    man NAS can drop all the garbage he wants at this point, and really imo none of it has been, but to each his own. BP3 was more of a pop album then hip hop, sounds like beyonce wrote half that nonsense. ill give you empire state of mind, again with an idea stolen from Nas, but rest of that shit was pop-electro bullshit

  • meTHATSwho

    Now I hope you nerds are listenin… Real rap playboy!

  • toadman baby

    so because he made a song based on new york he is copying nas? was nas the first song to dedicate a song to new york? i’m so sick of the nas dick ridin on the internet its unbelievable. what makes you think that beyonce wrote that album? has jay-z proven not to be a good writer in the past? why would he even think to let her ghostwrite for him, or anyone for that matter? what songs besides the obvious radio friendly songs are so pop friendly?

  • toadman baby

    and none of nas work has been garbage? have you ever really listened to nastradamus?

  • toadman baby

    and for the record i’m not a gucci fan, but i’m not hating on him either, just not my lane…

  • toadman baby

    and thanks for the pro rican clarification, i’ll give you nas as top 7 all time

  • xxx

    Nas is the only top3 rapper still alive bro!!
    I would put jay&raekwon or dre&snoop in the top 5 also.
    Nas is the real king of new york even if the other rappers are doing a killing in the biz right now. INCREDIBLE rapper and the most educated rapper of them all…

  • toadman baby

    how is dre a top 5 rapper? he isnt even a good rapper, he is the best producer of all time, but top 5 rapper?

  • toadman baby

    and what do you mean educated? cause he reads books? just cause he wear a kufi doesnt mean that he’s nice. he is a middle school dropout so as far as education i would have a hard time saying he is the most educated rapper of them all. as far as reading on his own, well, that is very subjective as last time i checked there is no way to gage that, but i know that he hasn’t made that many entrepreneurial moves and cornered the market the way others have.

    I’m not saying that money making is everything, but it is something. I would need for you to define what you mean by educated before i accepted that comment…

  • yweywe

    lol if u think dre is the best producer of all time, then u really dont know hip hop as much u think u do

  • webstar

    lol @ people trying to ignore the fact that Empire State of Mind is clearly and idea that was borrowed…or stolen from New York State of Mind. It is one thing to dedicate a song to NY…its another thing to use nearly the EXACT name of the previous song AND put Alicia Keys on it who was on one of the remixes of New York State of Mind (see Streets of New York)…I mean the amount of things people try to ignore when it comes to Jay and biting is astronomical. He is a great rapper, I will never deny that but the truth is the truth. And Nas IS top 5 dead or alive and easily has one of the best catalogs of released and unreleased music.

  • Vibrant thang

    More please, much more please. Move over Tupac for another one G.o.a.t. Freestyle boss.

  • Nick

    Dre a top 5 rapper? No. He doesn’t even right. He has ghost writers. Also, if you think Nas has put out too many bad albums to be considered top 5, Eminem better not be fucking in there. In addition to being the most overrated rapper of all time, he’s put out 3 shitty albums in a row. Yes, Recovery was on some fag shit.

  • toadman baby

    who is a better producer then dr. dre? and who are you to say i dont know hip hop bro, come on i know many hip hop heads that love dre and others that are like whatever, how do you make an absolute statement like oh well if you think dr dre is the best then you dont know hip hop. its art, i dont think nas is as good as others say he is, and i’ll defent my stance on that but i’m not going to tell another person that they dont know hip hop because they dont agree with me

    what do i have to say dj premiere is the best producer ever to get accepted on these boards? is that what you are saying?

  • Nick


  • Nick

    DJ Premiere, Madlib, Dilla > Dre.

  • This is what I need from my favorite artists: FIRE!!! This and the Jay song from earlier delivered that. Now if can get some dirty no tagged versions, I’d be str8.

  • toadman baby

    first of all no one has better beats then dr. dre. he is in a bad place right now because of detox, but his beats are amazing.

    second, no eminem is not in my top 5. not in my top 10. not in my top 25. i dont like him, he is another that gets too many passes….

    my top 5 is (in order) jigga, biggie, tupac, scarface, and andre 3000

    i’m 27 so i really dont feel comfortable judging others like krs one, rakim, big daddy kane, ect. i didnt grow up in that era, i got in to hip hop real big when the chronic hit and have been a fan ever since…

  • Vibrant thang

    Cosign Webstar. Except for the jay-z great rapper part. He aint!

  • Nick


    Nice list except for Jay. I’d personally swap him out for Nas. Feel the same way about Eminem. Most overrated rapper ever.

    Yes, Madlib and Dilla have better beats than Dre. They are so much more versatile than him too.

  • pro-rican

    @toadmnn. 1.big, 2.jay, 3.ghostface, 4.2pac, 5.scarface 6th.nas. “people fear what they dont understand”

  • yweywe

    nigga how the fuck u gonna put 3 stacks in ur top 5 when he dont even got no solo albums

  • toadman baby

    first of all, andre 3000 does have a solo album, its called the love below. second, i must have missed that rule that says you must be a solo artist to be top 5. my bad

  • Billy Blanco

    I bet toadman baby loved Mase and Diddy and still reps those guys. I bet he thinks Wayne and Drake are amazing. He prolly think Kid Cudi is dope. We have seen a million people like him. He just likes smooth talkin brothas, he doesn’t like it when a rapper gets gritty. I bet he thinks Eminems last album was his best. man what a coward

  • toadman baby

    i bet this guy looks like john leguizamo. i dont get why people have on everyone that has a following. people love rappers until other people do too. i dont understand it. I think that is why so many people rep nas so hard cause he hasn’t ever reached full scale mass appeal. and I like nas. its not his fault.

  • toadman baby



    @toadman baby…what level have you reached in life? What have you done that makes you such a fucking expert on anothers man’s level of success? You are such a hater the fact that you are spending so much time on Nas is pathetic…but it’s not your fault blame you parents for you not being anywhere near Nas’ level of success! Nas has surpased all his negative critics expectations and laughs at you haters every time you try to discredit him. Nas stay keeping you haters MAD!!!!!!!! It must suck to hate on someone who does not even know you exist or even cares to know you period!

  • madd rapper 206

    J-dilla, Madlib, and Rza. Dre is the King of the west coast when it comes 2 beats, u young niggaz better respect him, he’s a legend and pioneer of the game. I can’t believe someone mentioned snoop! And how could u like Nas and not love his 1st album??!!? And ghostface top 5? u must be from NY! ghostface aint even in the top 5 of the wu-tang clan! Nas is overrated, but Illmatic is top 5 material! People act like everything biggie said was platnium.. his death popularized his music. He didnt even live long enough 2 produce enough music 2 b called the greatest.

    1. 2pac
    2. MF Doom
    3. Mos Def
    4. Big L
    5. Biggie
    6. Jay-z

    p.s. toadman baby still loves mase and puffy!


    YN, thanks for showing the God Nas so much love this week. Sometimes you’re rough on him but you show love when it’s most important and that’s re music. Keep up the good work bro. Nas forever

  • madd rapper 206

    SERIOUSLY, U sound like a homo! Get off Nas’ draws, kelis did!

  • toadman baby

    you tell em pimpleton

  • madd rapper 425

    nas sucks

  • madd rapper 425

    mf doom is the truth

  • madd rapper 425

    toadman baby has dimes

  • JC

    NAS is Filthy!!! Regardless of where he stands in history he is a LEGEND!

    Check out the NEW MIXTAPE by BluEyesOne

    —-Guaranteed FIRE!—-

  • Millz757

    I like how people say that nas gets a pass cause of illmatic while jigga has put out garbage since black album and gets a pass…bp3 kingdom come and american gangsta were all weak…i give jay z…black album bp1 and reasonable doubt as dope…i give nas…illmatic it was written stillmatic(barely) untitled and distant relatives…as a lyricist nas is better by far just listen to the albums the two put out the past 5 years and tell me i’m wrong…just listen to distant relatives alone…jay z chooses better beats which is why people that that jay’s better but as a lyricists it is no contest


    dammmnnnn that was killer

  • wow!!!

    Nas is fucking with the HATERS self-esteem. You motherfuckers are coming out of no where just to HATE, pathetic bastards but it happens to the best of them. You know you are a success when you have haters. Haters attack Drake, Jay, Diddy and Nas ect. Nas even wrote a song about you haters “Hate Me Now.” This song is dope!

  • Android

    toadman(beyonce) your Jay-z stanning/straight bias is so obvious. Rip Nas to shreads, bt Camel gets v.i.p passes. Fuck tht. Nas catalogue>JAY Catalogue. Jay hs garbage and/or mediocre work 2. Everythng afta black album. Stuff afta vol.3. While jay is a lost cause who wil neva make another classic. Nas hasnt even reached hs full potential. Reason no. 2152 y Nas is>thn_____ .

  • supppppppp

    Nas is the overrated, because he isn’t in the spotlight as much as Jay, y’all niggas think it’s cool to dickride him more, to combat how popular Jay is… Check yourselves lil nigga, you’z a lil nigga, HA!!!
    Stillmatic is NOT a classic, I don’t give a fuck what XXL says, MAGAZINES ARE ALL POLITICS.
    Jay’s catalog is way more versatile than NAS, FACT. We can go song for song if you niggas want to.

  • supppppppp

    and you niggas follow the same blueprint (pun not intended) on how to follow albums. It’s like speaking to robots… you lil niggas got to learn how to have your OWN OPINION. It’s like all I hear is..
    American Gangster was pure heat, but somehow is slept on…
    BP3 was good for what it was, not everything has to be a D’evils type of tracks, you fuckin’ idiots.
    Stillmatic is NO classic…
    Illmatic people feel like they HAVE to say it’s a classic because of it’s impact, but really none of you niggas play that shit. Just because a album is part of hip-hop history, doesn’t mean it shits on everything, it just means it took us to the next level.. Case and point: RAKIM might’ve made complex rhymes popular, but he def. is no where near the best at doing it, even if he innovated the shit(with others)

  • KanyeSmug

    top 5 alive AND STILL RELEVANT

    in no order

    Nas Eminem Kanye MF DOOM and Lil Wayne

  • supppppppp

    ^ has been listening to hip-hop for 3 months…

  • Ripper

    @ Toadman Baby,

    U stated Dre is the greatest producer of all time… I am from Los Angeles and I truly believe Dre is highly overated. His beats r good but he does not produce those beats by himself. Please check the credits… As for greatest producer ever, it has to be hands down to me muthafucking Premo. It just something about Preme beats that makes me really listen to this hiphop shit. Dre is good at those gangsta beats r good but Preme is the fucking man!!!! Aint nobody fucking with Premo. Nobody!!!

  • ben

    nas the greatest ever. he needs some heat on his next album, premier, bink, ye, dre, rza and pete rock. shout out yn, bdot and the whole rr staff. this site is my life, i love hip hop!! give me a job!

  • realtalk

    i dont understan how people can call recovery trash when its classic… because of rihanna and pink… nas did more collabo with pop stars than eminem… and dont get me wrong i love nas but hes on every single song just talking there is no flow, just talking. Recovery sold 2.2 because people can relate to cd. I guess for hip hop is bad when you selling much, if you move units like crazy than you are pop CRAZY… For me i dont give a fuck, Eminem is GOAT and more people realizing that. Drake, Kanye, hes even in top 5 of all time in jays list (you can find that on youtube), nas said that eminem eat, breath and shits hip hop in xxlmag 1 year ago, you already know about rakim thoughst, just stop hating. I know he is white but fuck it he is great

  • yo


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  • Madrid-Spain


  • Slim Anus



  • @toadman baby, add ignoramus to ur name, its pathetic u r perpetuating so much ignorance, if u mean Nas is not an attnetion whore hence he hasnt reach full scale mass appeal, the n u r correct. Wat do u mean he hasnt cornred d bizznezz, lik u know d bizznezz he is into, there are several other lucrative gigs apart from d music bizz, u are def one small minded fellow,BTW,add myopic to ur name. Nuff said.

  • Ice Cold

    @Realtalk Thank You my nigga…..Cosign


    Lmao, these comments are hilarious. How the fuck can someone get a “pass” for 16 years straight? No album is good enough to grant someone a lifelong pass in Hip Hop, not even Illmatic. Nas is still killing shit cuz he’s just that nice, not cuz he gets a free ride off of Illmatic. I swear haters have the most selective memory. Cut it out.

  • D

    @ least I can listen 2 the track now


  • EG

    For everybody that thinks Nas could cross over if he wanted to and become some huge pop star and the only reason he won’t is because he isn’t an attention whore, is lying to themselves. Nas has never had it in him to be that guy and he sure as hell isn’t going to do it at 40. He tried it and failed. But mass appeal shouldn’t mean that you are the best at something… so who cares. Is Harry Potter the greatest book ever because it sells so much? Album sales will never be the decider on who is the best, unless that is their aim… to sell the most records. Nas appeals to the hip hop head, the people that want that raw shit, nothin pretty. That revolutionary style that put everything that came before him together into one. Jay is my #1 because he has been able to evolve while so many others couldn’t but Nas is in my top 3. Illmatic is the purest form of hiphop displayed on a record since the new school era began. And I will admit, Nas does get a pass for his past work. I’m not really feelin him now, but it will be too hard for anyone behind him to move past him.

  • Millz757

    i mean people like to say one is wack and one is dope…both the artists are dope it’s just that people are just straight ignoring nas like he’s not talented…they always say go album by album…i’m like yea jay sold more because he’s better as selling himself and music…i’m a lyrics dude and simply nas’ lyricism is just better…biggest argument is go album by album and i always do and people haven’t even heard majority of nas’ albums and they have a comment about it…

    the untitled has serious heat….queens get the money–sly fox–you can’t stop us now–project roach…but because it doesn’t have an on to the next one or an empire state of mind or even a forever young beat all those songs get overlooked

    hip hop was dead started out really slow and weak but picked up later…who killed it—still dreaming—can’t forget about you—hope…once again since there are no i know or blue magic beats so it gets overlooked

    i don’t want to even get started on that super weak effort american gangsta…i agree that the middle of nas’ career was weak as shit…but i’d rather list to good lyricism than a man that says he dumb down his music for his audience jay…

  • H.O.R.U.S.



    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  • mac DIESEL




  • pradagod

    this is not even a post about hova yet the haterz mentioned his name over a 100 + times you all stupid dumb fucks gives jay-z the crown everyday just by mentioning his name and tryin to compare other rappers to him YOU ALL ARE SO FUCKIN STUPID ,,,,,HOVA=GOAT .

  • Chris

    He can still get it in if he wants. This is a great stack of bars and yet when you add his verse on “Strong will Continue” and the track he did with Khaled we know what hes about.




    I dont understand why anyone would say Jay is better then Nas… you all must be smoking some bullshit to believe that. He already Ether that big lipped fool… NEXT

  • Burnum

    @ pro-rican..I totally respect your top 6 list..but you gotta replace Ghostface with 3 stacks..he should be up there, ya know?

  • pradagod

    man if jay so wack then why keep bringing up his name in other peoples post why you all are always tryin to compare other rappers to him i swear you all are so stupid .you haterz give hova the crown everyday yall mentions his name . HOVA=GOAT .

  • pradagod

    and the nas track is nice though he brings back that 90s . feel vibe . wish he was way more consistent in delivering plus he let the pussy get the better of his carreer . he’s great but he’s not the goat . sorry .real talk .

  • llllllllllllllllllxlllllllllllllllll

    god damn i wish they had better breaks to go with them herb albert horns…fucking highs on those suck

  • Realhiphop

    not only does andre 3000 have a solo album but it went diamond sooooooooooo tell me how many other hip hop artists have that




    @toadman baby



  • dainventah

    1st note: It was written was a better overall album than Illmatic IMO
    2nd note: Reasonable doubt is one of the top ten albums of all time. hungry J >>>> materialisic J
    3rd note: Andre 3000 is severally overrated. Outkast post Aquemini is average at best

    my top 10, skill wise, not career wise, here’s the list and it goes:
    Common <—underrated as hell
    Outkast (as a group)
    Black Thought
    Pharoah Monch
    Redman/method man/Rza <—-can't decide, oh well

  • Android

    Nas wil always b better than jay. Nd i thnk Jay hates tht. Illmatic, Iww, Stillmatic, Gods Son Lost tapes nd the nigger tape r classics. al tht needs to happen is great beats(salaam remi cn get a bonus track) nd he cn do another. Lyricism never faltered, cn u say th same 4 jay. Jay is a classic case of SELLOUTIS(where hiphop went wrong!). Nd i knw money is money but stil. Real hiphop heads wil always respect Nas. Fortnight nd fly by night fans cn keep talkng abt mainstream appeal, sales, money nd shit. Gtfoh using tht shit as a yardstick.

  • L4U

    @madd rapper 206 Ghostface not in the Top 5 of The WU!!!!!????? At the end of the day your top 5 is yours and him thinking Illmatic wasn’t a classic is SOME BULLSHIT!!! GTFOH



  • Queefbat

    Oh ya just cause it’s a NY song doesn’t mean he didn’t bit the idea. Like a dude said above me, do your homework. Bit that idea, bit biggie lines, and most recently put out a damn near pop album for 16 year old little girls. And you take my beyonce comments literally, it SOUNDS like she wrote it, fuckin literal Larry. Jay is great, don’t get me wrong, but Nas is on a whoooole nother level.

  • ctg

    Good looks on the dutty version. Big chune!

  • casper21

    @toadman baby

    Listen to Distant Relatives on repeat at least a couple of times. Make it ten just for the hell of it. Think about the verses he wrote for every song. He’s not trying to reinvent himself with some new sounding electro pop style shit, he’s giving you well written strong messages throughout that record. And after how many albums, when your heading in the direction he is with his writing, that’s why he’s in that top 5 dead or alive, this man DOESN’T sell out like Jay does trying to stay relevant and reinvent himself for the purpose of selling records

  • xxx

    YOOYO!toadman baby
    Actually nas went to college after illmatic bro!!
    Name me another rapper other then lil wayne and nas who went to college and nas went to Columbia University with moby who is also a king of NY.
    And dre was a very good rapper back then and i care less about those who say not. Dre and snoop on the chonic or deep cover are probably the most hard classic albums ever and i like dre// so as a duo dre and snoop make my all time cut. cheers mate

    Dilla made great music i love those beats but the best beat of all time is dr dre’s surgery mixtape that was the best mixtape for a very long time and i agree about andre 3 stacks he makes my all time cut also.peace

    Dre is not in a bad place with detox it got dropped by interscope it’s shelved way to hard for right now, the only bad place dre is in right now it’s because it’s son died last year in the dr dre house.peace to the familia. dre and snoop the best duo ever for sure.

  • GOAT. Period.

  • xxx

    Nas and pac are the greatest lyricist of all time for sure, but the throne goes to the man with the best flow and that is biggie smalls cause when your the best rapper in brooklyn your the best rapper in the world cause they have the best flow: so the throne belongs to brooklyn forever because it’s been like that straight from the start. about brooklyn that is why raekwon & jayz are the best rappers in the world right now cause there from brooklyn and the throne belongs there. peace
    1-biggie smalls

  • dainventah

    LMAO @xxx you stupid foo….being signed to columbia records and attending columbia university aren’t exactly the same thing chump! and GTFOH with moby is the king of NY hahahahaha

  • pradagod

    you see what i’m talkin about this is not even a post about jay-z yet haterz keep mentioning his name and tryin to compare other rappers with him loooooooooooool HOVA=GOAT .

  • ..i make yo mouth piece obese like dela reese..

    ..i gues i’ll throw my list out there..
    1. (tie) big ,2pac (most influential artists of the 21st cenutry besides mj)
    2.nas (one tha most successful rappers that didnt go pop, my generations rakim)
    3.scarface (itz a texas thang)
    4.jay-z (pre-‘american gangster’) cube (amerikkkaz most, death certifcate, predator, lethal injection thatz why)

    ..honorable mention- bun b (i.e. his verse from murder on ridin’ dirty), snoop dogg (his influence is underrated), e-40 (he never getz any prop), big pun (tha latino biggie), redman (he’ll still rip ur head off), method man (if it waznt 4 him i wudnt hav been nto wu-tang tho he’s nt sharpest blade that wud b tha gza), andre (tha inspiration 4 ur fravorite mc’s), devin tha dude (itz a texas thang).

    .. p.s. only new dude im excited about iz jay elect. theze young cats voices 2 lite..

  • xxx

    Yo brooobro haha!!
    Yes columbia college next to harlem there was a spread in new yorker about artist who went to college back then nas and moby where going there, just no internet back then so look it up if you want to ??hahaha so if i’m stupid then your a dick /

    Moby should not belong on rapradar but if your record is a flop and you get tiger woods in a nike add by spike lee then so sells million as a electro maverick then yes you are a king of NY electro club scene cause back then it was small and now dance is bigger then any other kind of music including rap it’s making more money then anything just name me a hood that is not listening to david guetta right now.

  • SSLP & MMLP are immaculate and spotless (Yeah….redundancy for the win. Don’t remind me.). You idiots are retarded for disrespecting the man who has a bulk of material not even counting the shit that I mentioned on the first two albums of his (Underground EP Features, Outsidaz Features, Slim Shady EP shit, 2001 undulant bodies of work, etc.) that more than help solidify his spot as a “VERY” gifted rapper in his prime. Nobody overrates shit but his music from 2002 and on. Don’t get it twisted, dogs. Eminem is a fuckin’ immortal microphone checker at 25-through-29. Never doubt it. It was when he turned 30 when it started to go downhill and he met his slow decline.

  • B. Digital

    I’ve listened to hundreds of hip hop albums in my lifetime and there is no way in hell illmatic is “overrated”.. You are entitled to your opinion but many critics and hip hop purists would agree that it ranks up there as one of the best hip hop albums of all time.

  • And it isn’t even “JUST” because of Nas’ lyrical contribution to the record. It’s everything that went into it. From the perfect way it was mixed down to how tight the chemistry was with every producer Nas was. He began the recording at 17. You motherfuckers are losin’ it. I HEARD ILLMATIC! It is the classic it is made out to be. Shutcho ponk ass up, HATERZ!

  • madd rapper 425

    this guy said to the perfect way it was mixed…

  • Composed, Arranged, Mastered, etc. You get what I’m sayin’, douchebag. Don’t be a smartass. I made myself clear. Don’t get yo’ azz handed to you, HOE!

  • Kidster

    I can’t really agree with anyone, when are we going to get off that who’s the best rapper bs. It has been said, this is art, and it depends on the listeners perspective, and as we all know, everyone has a different view on music. Trying to force your oppinion into anothers head just doesn’t make sense. Really you can’t compare Nas and Jay at all so I don’t get why we are still trying to. They are both good rappers, because they managed to make music that still influences the hip hop culture today, let it rest for god sakes lol!

  • madd rapper 425

    wow this guy is getting angry over the internet. illmatic<it was written

  • Suck a dick. Big homo-style! *Steps in B-Boy Stance and Drops Drawers* Get to work, Jabber-Jaws!

  • blue

    listen Jay dissed Nas first they were friends….. Jay is a very good money maker he also has very good lyrics, but when they battled Nas killed him ETHER plain and simple… JAY has taken bits and pieces from alot of emcees listen to his style he sounds like LL with his comedy like or smart remarks rap then BIGGIE lyrics he put in his songs like he wrote them…….Kind of BDK syle but thats brooklyn for u…. the top 5 Emcees lyrically 1 RAKIM… 2 KRS… 3 NAS…. 4 JAY Z…….5 B.I.G….6 KOOL G RAP 7….BDK(Big DADDY KANE)….8GZA….. 9 Canibus……10 Scarface….
    up & coming Crooked I, Ortiz, Royce 59, Talib, Black Thought, Mos Def…….

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