Rihanna Shoots Battleship Movie

Rihanna’s ready for war. Well, not really. Ri Ri threw on the fatigues and is currently in the 50th state, shooting her first film, Battleship. The flick based off the popular board game and hits the big screen in 2012. More after the jump.


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  • eminem1

    haha thaught this was a rap site

  • Fuck Ya Life


    I guess this what happens when a rap site runs outta shit to post I guess.

  • A movie based off a board game? smh. They could have at least started with Monopoly

  • H.O.R.U.S.



    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  • Android


  • a movie based on the Battleship boardgame? Hollywood is so fucked up. I can’t even tell you. And I work in the film business. Idiots.

  • UltraKid

    I’ll pass…whatever happen to The Last Dragon remake by RZA?

  • If she has a sex scene in it, I might halfway consider watching it on bootleg

  • Kay9

    ^^^^ cosign.Not gonna lie exactly what I was thinkin. Lol

  • Vibrant thang

    Thats my riri. She doing the dang ting. POWER IN HER NAME N SHE GETS FEATURED HERE. HOW NICE. THANK U!

  • Belize

    Lmao @ Errol!
    Her hair looks nicer.
    And her tits ain’t as big as her wax statue.
    And I’m gettin sick of hearing about R&B/Pop stars on a rap site.

  • Donn

    And yall talk about why im on this sight talkin bout pop music. RAPradar my ass lol.

  • C. Baines

    Trailer, showing ships, :from the producers of The Parent Trap:, brooding music, shows rihanna’s face, “C5.”, boom! :title screen: BATTLESHIP. 2011.

    Where’s my check? At the payday loan place? Okay..

  • Black Shady

    shes so beautiful!

  • I’m getting this movie just because Rihanna’s in it. =)

  • blakep267

    “A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals”

    so thats the synopsis out now. probably something to do with aliens

  • 2012?!?!? What tha fuck?!?!?…anyways, please tell me that tattoo of an envelope opener on her arm isn’t real…smh…this shit is gonna suck…

  • How about Scrabble? ;p Seriously, this girl can sing and dance, but i’m not just sure if she can act. We’ll have to see this.

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  • R

    Dam Bitch looks as ugle ass Tiny but with a banging Body & Big ass Biscuit Head

  • Well, just to get Rihanna to do a movie.

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  • matreiya

    This is the lamest stuff I have ever heard and if God exists, this crap will go straight to DVD. But, as long as she isn’t singing. I mean, auto-tuning, that’s fine. A movie based on a board game…Hollywood, you seriously are running out of stuff to put out, but this is pathetic. All of you that greenlit this should be run out of town. Just re-release something…

  • Chassity Watson

    I like the board game but I don’t how to play it and I know the movie will be hot

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