DMX Talks New Album & Disses Plies

On St. Louis’ Hot 104.1, X reveals who he’s got behind the boards for his next album, which he’s aiming for a 4th quarter release. At the 1:00 mark, Earl praises T.I., but gives the worst rapper title to Algernod. Damn bruh bruh.


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  • Poindexter

    Good. Plies sucks.. along with gucci, waka, and alot more…

  • Yooo

    I hope he can finally sort his head out and just get back to being the great artist that he was.

  • ronnie_moe

    LMAO. His reaction was hilarious!!!!

  • TheRealDonn

    Yea crack is wack too X. Just sayin…

  • Drucifer

    Give him credit for telling it like it is. Always loved DMX, hopefully he can make a comeback

  • Belize

    Beefing with PLIES? Kinda like 50 beefing with DIDDY. Pointless.

  • OZ of NuLanta

    Indeed Belize. This dude aint made a decent album, even song since 04 and he got words for Plies? Stay clean and sober 1st X. 2nd resurrect X from RR/DJ we all usta love and then we can hear u out. Until then kick rocks. Don’t smoke em!





  • iceyjesse

    @Belize and OZ
    he was asked who he thought was the worst and he said who but that don’t mean he about to beef with him…

  • It aint beef or a diss, it is what it is bruh bruh smh.

  • yerrrr

    happy that X is back, hopin for a good album … about time som1 said plies sucks

  • They call me Slim Roethlisberger

    would be nice to hear a new X record. I know plies just dropped a mixtape, but this guys career is over. his album sold like 10,000 total. Plies, Dmx is right you suck.

  • ben

    i had no idea x smoked that much crack, until i saw his behind the music. that motherfucker smoked out. i want murder gram x.

  • Bruh yall real slow he is saying the track Bruh Bruh is wack and he ir right it is garbage but the rest of the songs are straight fire. Check out the song Awesome by Plies that is the shit Dmx cant judge one on a track alone he made a wack song to but they never would play it on the radio. Real Talk

  • Lotus

    @ BigBoiDaKing i just youtubed that awesome shit and that is one of the worst songs ive ever heard, plies is a retard, cant belive you trying to argue for him and thats the song you say is the shit..smh

  • So Icy Boi!

    @BigBoydaKing ..da bruh bruh track better than “awesome” ..and he was dissing Plies and dat song

  • Dozez

    cmon yall dont act like what he said wasnt true…

  • zezzoi

    X sounds like he’s back on that rock…

  • buggzbunnykarats

    I never know wtf this man is saying, he all over the place when he speaks…he puts out good shit tho!!!

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  • Dont fuck wit me

    yooooooo i wish i had his voice looool


    LOL Plies is garbage to me but DMX is in NO position to give someone a Worst rapper title!

  • @Lotus fuck out of here Dmx rap about rape dog fighting and killing so when he ever drop a hit my bad that would never happen b/c he love jail and crack cocaine to much to even act sane so. This is a fact when he talk it sound like he is garagling and is half a rabies dog come on Dmx broke ass he could make Plies money and beside his last hit was Party Up what is that a decade ago go fuck and shit on yourself!

  • Yomamasaidso

    Young niggas on RR so disrespectful smh.. Niggas X dropped two number 1 plat albums in the same yr.. Nigga can say whatever he want about that dummy plies. Lol.

    Lmao at niggas callin X broke.. If he broke what are u niggas??

    Go to sleep bitches..,

  • ESCO


    What’s that supposed to mean? You trying to say DMX is a wack rapper?

    Fucking hell it annoys me when these johnny come lately hip hop fans put their opinion on stuff they got no idea about.

    DMX is a warrior, he’s one of the greatest of all time. He is one of the only artists to ever show aggression in his music that was so raw it scared audiences but at the same time come up with emotional deep songs…other artists in Hip Hop to do this as well as he did was the likes of Tupac and Biggie…so X holds himself in great company.

    Other than about 1 song from every album, his music never got played in the wider mainstream radio, and he still sold as well as any rapper than. Also doing something no other rapper ever has by selling two multi platinum albums in the same year.

    X is a legend. Legendary status.

  • What the fuck are yall saying 2pac did the same thing putting i respect Dmx grind when he first came out blogsites didnot existed so haters had to keep to themself but now everyone think their opinion count even Dmx he is one of the stupidest rapper to ever spit and now he hating on Plies crackhead sit down that shit fucking with his brain. and by the way he was talking about the song jackass by the end of the day he will have anmensia about it so ha!

  • Android

    dmx has a classic, many hits nd a spot in th top 30goat list(which is important coz we’ll only ever wnt to remember 30). Plies is old,moulding garbage. SHORTBUS SHAWTY rap.
    But x needs 2 explain tht very suspect line on verse 1 in tht ‘party up’ joint.





    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


  • i don’t see it as a diss.
    why would you put that word in the title of this post when the majority of the interview talks about other things?
    you are an instigator homie.
    your ‘you played yourself’ section is funny at times, and at other times, you are just simply hating with an extremely close mind.
    open up man.
    by the way, this is not a diss.
    just my opinion.

  • Cosign on the Plies diss. Garbage rapper.

  • yo mama said so

    That nigga X was holding it down during his run.. till his demons got to him.. shit you take an average broke nigga from the hood and give him the world and expect him to just handle it with no bumps in the road. You go from no one giving a fuck about you to everyone wanting a piece of you.. that’ll make a nigga buy a ticket to Africa.. ala Dave chapelle.. like that nigga said.. the worst thing you can do is call a nigga crazy.. its dismissive.. “because I don’t understand this person.. he’s crazy”..

    All i’m sayin is look what hollywood and the business does to people in general.. maybe it ain’t the people.. maybe its the “machine” that be pushin niggas over the edge.

    Niggas won’t get a job.. but NEVER take a day off “hatin” on everyone else on RR posts.. dumb niggas.

    Its Dark and Hell is Hot niggas.

  • the instigator

    goin in on DMX in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……….


    yeah, X is a warrior alright! nigga done warred with the best of the crackheads (and won). he done warred with the court systems (and lost). he don warred with sheriff departments (and lost). he done warred with the junkie within (no comment). he done warred with the criminal within (no comment). yep, yep….yeppity-yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. nigga’s a certified warrior in my book!!!!

    and X is a legend alright! nigga is lengendary for dem feats he performed with that crack pipe!
    this nigga is legendary for going to the jailhouse mo’ times than the sheriff! and that’s saying a mouthful (or in X’s case, a pipe-full)!

    hands down (or in x’s case, hands behind back), DMX is the single-most, all-timingest, dope-using, jail-going idiot in hip-hop! T.I., running a close 2nd with his weed and meth using self, is gonna surpass x’s actual amount of time spent behind bars, once that gavel hits the sound block!!!! of couse he would praise the nigga. birds of a feather……, two peas in a pod……..
    great minds (in x’s and T.i.’s case, dope minds, literally) think alike!!!!

    little did the fat boys know that in the history of hip-hop, that X would become a tangible, real-life manifestation (or in x’s case, intoxification) of their legendary classic “jailhouse rap”!!! only instead of going to jail for eatin up everythang, this nigga been goin to jail for smoking up everythang!!!!

    little did nice and smooth know that in the history of hip-hop, that there would be a literal, by the book (or in x’s case, by the pipe), word for word (or in x’s case, rock for rock) “hip-hop junkie”!

    just look at yall, wishing and hoping that X get his act together and stay clean (lips, nose, veins and lungs, that is). CAUSE THATS ALL YOU CAN DO IS “WISH” AND “HOPE”!!! cause you know this broke-wing pigeon of bird we call DMX, WILL NEVER FLY STRAIGHT!!!! fa sho, the nigga will smoke again and will visit the jail again, and i aint talkin about to see no locked-up patna either. once he start hangin out again, making money again, having money for his habit again, being in places/enviroments that encourage his type of behavior again, he will smoke and he will commit a crime and he will be interred into jail again. i t i s a s s i m p l e a s t h a t ! ! ! !

    @everyone else:

    and again, of course he would praise T.I.! i mean just think…….look who is praising and look who is being praised!?! two film-making, money-having, money-wasting, dope-smoking, convicted felon in possession of firearms charge-having, jail/penitentary-going, second chance-getting, second chance-blowing jackasses!!!

    two proofs for you money-chasin idiots out there that money cannot, by any means, purchase what people need and want to get by in this life: common sense and happiness!!!

    carry on, mates!!!

    p.s.: 1. i aint austrailan. 2. i aint white. 3. i aint no new kid on the hip-hop block either!

  • 757CYPES


  • t D o T H i p P Y

    I guess he didn’t appreciate the media dubbing Plies ” Dmx of the south when he was releasing 2 albums a year”…His rap is not my thing either but with all that success and no real rap talent you know he grinds hard and he giving scholarships when he’s not buying costume jewlery.

  • northside


  • Original Will

    I cant really said he dissed him i think even plies regret doing that song

    like dude asked him a question and X told him his answer

    like when you got people in the south who all they do is listen to trill ent shit and they out here saying that shit is stupid then that shit is stupid

    hands down its going to be in the top 10 of worst songs on them end of the year lists i gurantee that shit is going to be on there

    we went from repitive rap like 22 2’s to bruh bruh and ex is right look how he spell that shit

  • Android

    *dead*dead*dead*@ the instigator. Wtf,Why u mad?! ?
    @757cypes. PliesGEMS………’Gimme dat beckyyy!Gimme dat beckyyy!’…………’u dnt give becky?! close my wallet……..gimme dat beckyyyy! LMAO
    Ths shit hs become a joke.

  • the instigator


    my dude/dudette, i ainst mad at all. plies is for the most part, garbage. but garbage recognize garbage, dont it?

    D extromethamphetamine
    M ethadone
    X cstacy is the last cat in the world to be addressing anything, and i mean anything, as “wack”.

    i do not care who asked him what, nigga should have kept his mouth closed when asked something like that. he needs to stay positive and keep negative away from around him, including b.s. questions like the one that was asked of him, of all people to ask. and even if he had an opinion, he shouldve kept it to himself and kept it movin.

    what kind of NOWADAYS credibility does the nigga even have to even speak on freshness/wackness anyway? besides the jackass who asked (and he wasnt sincere about it im sure. he knows how x gets down and knew x would name names, trying to stir the pot (or in x’s case, the pipe)) who is really checking for his tastes in music anyway? this nigga too busy checking for the best tasting crack, debating whether arm and hammer or kroger-brand baking soda makes the best crack. tap water vs. filtered water. columbian coke vs. peruvian. stainless cookware vs. cast-iron. whatever makes the best tasting crack, the nigga’s all for it.

    when was the last time this nigga put out a record that wasnt filed away in an administrative filing cabinet of a probate/state/family/superior/federal court?!? and international fa sho, if he ever go overseas to tour!

    x is same nigga talkin calling young jeezy “young cheesy”. the same one. meanwhile, young cheesy and plies stuntin hard on the blvd, while X was stuntin hard in the courtyard of his favorite jail.

    this the same nigga rockin pink drawls in an arizona jail. somebody need to ask plies:

    questioner: “yo plies, whats the wackest color hanes they make?”

    plies: “ahh, bruh bruh….i would have to say that grapefruit pink shade they rockin in them maricopa county jails. shout-out to my nigga X! awesome!!!!”

    pink drawls-wearing, crack-smoke-bottling-for-later, “Don’t pass Go”-“go straight to jail”-ass nigga dmx talmbout who/whats wack.

    plies may be wack, but the nigga know how to stay of the d(rugs) and out of the j(ail). as wack as plies is lyrically, he woulda never name-dropped X in any kinda way. thats not his M.O. not so for dmx.

    man please………………………………….

  • Tru

    @ the instigator,
    I hope you don’t think you’re smart making an acronym with “DMX”

    D ummies
    M ake
    X ylyphones

    Secondly can you please say something outside his drug abuse?
    Like I do admit I read both your posts, But after wasting minutes of my life I’ve come to the conclusion…. All you have is his drug abuse!!!

    X made plenty of albums and as you’ve seen in the clip he does use a lot of profanity, so you can imagine as someone stated earlier he only got one track per album onto the radio… And still went double platinum (not for one album but to different ones) in a literal sense, in the same year…

    Plies is not a rapper to me he just rhymes if anything he’s a gangster poet, gangster still doing him too much of a favor. I’m tired of surface “rhyming” niggas even as Horuz would say the “soft spoiled beige nigga” Drake can make a pretty good subliminal.

    Rappers now days are far from making another Illmatic… Plies probably being the farthest.

    In conclusion get off the drug abuse tip, and go back to hating niggas financially better off than you…