Drake Visits Jimi Hendrix’s Grave

In a Q&A in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Drizzy Hendrix speaks on visiting the final resting place of legendary rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix after a tour stop in Seattle. He wrote dude a letter too. Sorry Aaliyah.

Update: ATF with the scan

Why did you decide to visit Hendrix’s grave?
I’m a huge fan—I play the DVD of Hendrix at Woodstock to pump me up before I perform. Watching him go out there at 10 in the morning in shitty weather and conquer the world always gives me a little more adrenaline. I just left a little letter for Jimi at his grave.

What did the letter say?
It wasn’t a real letter. I just wrote him a message on a pack of Zig-Zags. It said, “Still inspired”.

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  • Cudder

    This man over-does it with the sentimental shit. I swear

  • madd rapper 425

    is grave is in renton washington, i live right by there

  • ….Uhhh…?

  • Rhyme


  • mac DIESEL



  • Fuck this Fruit!!..YN give WAX anotha post…he just dropped a gem..


  • Kidd Rapp

    @ PITRI Wax is pure garbage… Stop Loitering nigga

  • Sonsay

    Drake you’re sooo gaay. Elliot, you know this wasn’t the right thing to post mafucka! We gonna eat this pussy alive for that.

  • NewMoney

    this guy is so corny


  • ^^ TO each his own homie..

  • herbsaac

    I mean paying tribute to one of the true guitar gods aint bad.. It just seems like every answer this guy is the most basic answer.. I mean he must only know about jimi at wood stock.. knows nothing of his creative ability.. Jimi would get a ride form the a taxi driver on his way to eletric lady land.. he would be looking for someone who could play alittle drum riff.. if the taxi driver said he could.. jimi let him in.. and they recorded.. Jimi would do countless thing in a microphone distorting sounds(i.e. using a a broke bottle as apick.. then taking and playing the bottle with his fingers or anything really trying to replicate the soundds that he said he heard in his brain.. Jimi was the god of creativity.. and while woodstock was a great time for hendrix and many other musical acts from that era.. Drake’s uninspired answer taking one of the most obvious points of jimi’s life is a half hearted attempt to reach into a mainstream pool of people that he hasnt yet reached.. I mean if you wanna claim this dude inspired you cite something that is more than just the most known thing hendrix did besides getting killed by his manager.. It aint wrong to say your inspired by an artist but come on mannnnnnnnnnn

  • BK

    C’mon son after watching 5 seconds of the vid he gives the impression of a transvestite Justin Timberlake.

  • i haz picture.

  • Belize

    Add Jimi Hendrick to Drake’s “List of People I must Dick-Ride to Make Me Look Even More Gay”.

  • Anyone wanna guess it was a pack of Zags he just bought? never used one paper out the pack, shed a few tears & left…

    wheres the pics @? I though he would milk this thing for more promotion 4 his r&b album….uh i mean rap album, sorry.

  • Mr.Rager

    Why is this news?

  • B.Dot

    why u commenting?

  • Belly

    that does it, i was cool wit drake until this shit, com’ on son. straight cornball. he’s turning into one of those kids in high school i wanted to slap the shit outta of for cornball gay shit like this.

    *Deletes Thank Me Later*

  • Belly

    i bet he use to bring the teacher an apple and tell on on kids who pulled the class prank too.

  • Kidd Rapp


    you know TML still on your backup drive nigga lmao

  • teejay

    Jimi hendrix on guitar > lil wayne on guitar

  • LOL

    Drake is an attention ho

  • Who gives a $%#@

  • original will

    on a pacc of zig zags im sorry that is a corny story its sound like right after he said he told the interviewer to give him a moment to shed a tear

  • Life After Death

    ummm…….wow just wow.

  • Black Shady

    wtf…….slow day for news i guess lol

  • Haters are annoying

    @B.Dot lol

    whats so corny about the story..half the people on here dont even know who jimmy hendrix is

    lol at the dude who said he deleted the thank me later…yah sure you mean you delted your download fuckin broke ass bum

  • Jason

    Y’all say the same shit every post, if u didn’t care, u wouldn’t run to comment. Drake made it and no blog comments will change that…..

  • zrek

    What a fake. I bet he can’t even tell you half of the songs on Electric Ladyland (the greatest rock album of all-time)


    wutta corndog this faggot is

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