New Video: Waka Flocka “For My Dawgs”

[vodpod id=Video.4458244&w=425&h=350&]

Waka and director Derek Pike bring it back to the streets of Queens for his new video off Flockaveli. This one’s for my dawgs.

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  • Dope Track

  • But Still..

    It’s official. new York…the home of hip hop, the birthplace of the culture, the originators…has truly lost its way. There was a time when bullshit music like this coulnt even DARE think about penetrating NYC! smh. How in the fuk did we go from being the creators of this, to the biggest dick riders in america? Moment of silence for New York City.

  • ripper

    Waka getting it in his way….a little bit better than Gucci

  • But Still..

    Then again..i cant really hate on Flocka, so i apologize. Its not his fault that the rotten apple has lost its backbone. Good bizness moves by flame.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Flockaveli gone be a classic bow bow bow~~~ haters get ya hate up!

  • Put a snowman post up rapradar what da fuck but flocka keep grinding and make club banger so i can get high to it- Jeezy Tm 103 Sept

  • D-manded

    @ so icy only bowin anyone should be doin to this is when they pukin at this mess

  • bob

    like this track he showed hes not just on hard beats screamin waka flocka flame waka flocka flocka Bricksquad!!!!! lol

  • Big Meats

    he kinda went hard on this, in his own way ofcourse

  • Belize

    @ But Still..

  • MidNite!

    Wish you motherfuckers would use a qtip and clean out that wax so you can really hear how WWWAAAAAACCCCKKKKK this fool is……..

  • Master P’s Theatre

    Yo. What Big Meats said

  • Inglewood!

    Flokaveli? yall lettin this shit ride!

    Even if u dont like pac…….Come on man

    Get the F8U8C8K out of here that shit shouldnt be messed with by no one. that album had real meanings and messages!

    And the lamest rhyme sayers(no skills) sorry but truth is truth,at that! man hell no. Im pisttt

  • The beat made me do it

    nigga u can cuss and shit… Don’t be scared my dude lol

    Goes without sayin this shit is horrible… His album should be called “nails on a chalkboard musik” ha!

    So icy boy is wack niggas.. Gucci lovin nigga lol

  • dallasfever

    Dont like the lyrics, but he impressed me on the beat and actually understanding what he is saying! BUT BUT BUT..I am going to Rob Steal Kill for my Dawgs?????? A retarded person thinks like that. A 10 yr old can write better lyrics then that! I am not going to ride around in my car crunk off talking about Robbing, killing and stealing for “my dawgs”

  • bbe4eva

    i kinna like it…i think sum1 wrote this 4 him…but either way,this is ok by flocka standards

  • Coolin

    @So Icy
    I recorded the audio of myself shitting over the past 2 months, and I’m coming out with an album of those sounds. If you don’t like it, then you’re a HATER!!! Get your hate up!!!