Lil Wayne EP Now Full LP

Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant told SPIN that Weezy’s EP, I’m Not A Human Being is now a full length album. Yesterday, Karen Civil reported that the first 10 songs will be available on the digital version. Initially, the tracks were to be appear on Tha Carter IV, but Wayne will most likely start from square one when he’s released.

“I know once he got out [of jail] those songs would be so old to him. He’s going to probably start from scratch, I know how he records—he’s in the studio every single day. That’s his life.”

Despite previous reports of a November 4th release, Tez also says Tha Carter IV probably won’t be out until 2011. He also says that Weezy’s reverted to writing his rhymes down in a notebook while on Rikers Island.

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  • madd rapper 425

    i could have told you this

  • So Icy Boi!

    haha at the niggaz really believing it was gone come out Nov 4th wit no single or video ..this is cashmoney we talkin bout 2011 really mean its coming out 2012

  • b.wils


  • so this basically is the carter 4….i hope this shit flops

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Well its not surprising he’s writing his own stuff down again, I’m pretty sure we wasn’t gonna remember all that shit off the top of his head when he got out. So now do cash money thinks this is gonna sell more cause now its considered a lp and not a ep?

  • madd rapper 425

    i doubt it will do much since its online only

  • iHadKatStacks

    He’s writing rhymes again lets c what happens

  • NuJew

    “As for I Am Not a Human, the album sounds like classic Lil Wayne: heavily auto-tuned vocals, drugged-out beats and loads of guest spots from his Cash Money and Young Money roster.”

    That means the album is going to suck. (Excluding the Drake songs)

  • Jason

    @SargeWP.. you wish another man to fail. Kill yourself for that. Wayne always delivers and he works hard. That man lives in the studio and i respect that


    This shit gonna be dope
    hope it’s hard copy
    gonna buy it

  • Able danger

    Makes perfect sense. Those sessions with Em probably inspired him to spazz with pen while in the pen.

  • Watch it turn into a mixtape next

  • Ben

    So all that to say his album is pushed back? Duh. I will be coppin’ that I’m not human though.

  • yo mama’s BFF

    I think Wayne is a very talented rapper however I “cram to understand” how he should be considered or even mentioned in the same breath as Pac, Big, Hov,Nas or Em. His music is super simple, borderline remedial, lacks any substance and he possesses no story telling abilities. He consistently drops albums that consist of random rap lyrics over entertaining bass driven beats.

    All in all I wish Wayne much success but he has a lifetime before he could and should EVER be considered “great”!

  • I Punch Babies

    Wayne has talent but he’s all over the place with his subject matter sometimes. If you gonna have a crazy ass song as least let the song be consistent

  • Thank Me Hater

    What Wayne fails to realize is that there is such a thing as oversaturation in the rap game. You gotta let people miss you. If you make a big enough impact they won’t forget about you. Look at Em….he was gone nearly 5 yrs and it’s as if he never left. Slow down Wayne. Take a break and let people develop a craving for your music

  • yo mama’s BFF

    @I punch Babies & Thank me Hater

    Dam u 2 make some serious valid points. He really is all over the place and I do think that a HIATuS would do him much great service. He can compose a SERIOUS album that merits more than just sales and pop status plus it would allow his core audience and others to anticipate his music, not expect it!!

    Big up fellas!!

  • el_mono

    @ thank me Hater
    you gottta remember that the reason that wayne got to the point he is now is BECAUSE he oversaturated the market with his music. The man cant stop making music.

  • Sky

    So this lp is basically Carter 4. Hmmm now he’s re-doing it. Probably cause recovery came out (good rap album) and kanye’s albums gonna come out (gonna be better than waynes). So the “best rapper alive” <—- ha! Has to step it up to not look like a complete bag of shit.

  • original will

    i guess niggas go bacc to the pen and pad becuz the law be on they ass and they gotta stop smoking and shit

    Niggas is addicts LOL

  • SayAhh

    @Sky SMH if you think Kanye is competition to Wayne

    and @ThankMeHater had a good point…
    they’re obviously giving us the worst songs that he recorded for C4 incase wayne still wants to use the Best ones…. WAYNE is the New Pac when he comes out i believe its OVER for the Rap game

  • K-Lam

    Did someone reallly just say wayne is the new pac…..SMFH

  • CTE

    Album going to be crazy and by the way recovery was a lame album gay beats and stupid hook!

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  • Gabriel

    I wonder how many albums he’s going to drop til he actually produces a classic. Dude has dropped like 8 albums (not sure on the exact number..but it’s somewhere around that) and has NO classics but people go around saying he’s the best alive. How many LP’s that aren’t classics is this dude gonna drop before people realize this?

  • Gabriel

    I’m not saying he can’t rap I’m just saying that he hasn’t dropped a classic yet and people say he’s the best alive

  • Android

    WACK! The only way we can deflate ths guy is if he flops or if he gets ethered. MARSHALL WHERE U AT?

  • CTE

    Wayne has millions of fan and his punch line aqe crazy! Tm 103 Sept 28

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  • nik

    to the person who said lil wayne is the new pac. STFU

    “Listen to the words people say in their lyrics, and tell me, if that’s some real shit, if that’s real to you, you know what I mean. Listen to what they sayin’, don’t just bob your head to the beat”

    LIL WAYNE WILL NEVER BE TUPAC! him and his whole crew

  • young money fan

    thank good he is out of jail sone

  • They should just called Tha Carter Iv Featuring Drake and Young Money.

  • TAHEY SHOULD OF called this Tha Carter Iv feat Drake and YM.. still sounds dope thow!

  • I love it

  • LOVE this!

  • TheChosenOne

    Wayne is entertaining but far from great. He could be if he tried harder. He makes records that are hot for a couple months but then they die out. He doesn’t make music that will stand the test of time.

  • johnny

    to those saying its heavily autotuned, birdman said in an interview there is no autotune on this album

  • leo

    Im pretty sure Ep is meant 2 be the first draught unsigned studio album before one gets a record deal. Then once your signed and the rest of the album’s finished it becomes an Lp, but this is like Waynes eighth studio album? whats the point of them on this occasion deciding to tell us that ‘It was an Ep but it’s now his Lp? It’s like he’s trying to echo the success that the original Slim’ shady ep- lp had,
    ‘and also by calling the album ‘Im not human being’ is like him copying the idea of Eminem with the split personality ‘slim shady’, his inhumane alter ego, the imaginary side, e’g non human. Once again Wayne seems to be trying to echo the orignal success of that album. Wayne to me smacks too much of desperation and imitation.Cheep ways of selling and making as much money as possible, Whatever helps his album sell better. If he was truly amazing he would come up with truly unique and individual ideas and wouldn’t have to rely upon these copy mouse tricks, and ways of selling the album
    like bundling it with a game, ‘Special offer’, just so his album’s got a better chance of selling well.

  • matt

    Bitches its weezy its gonna be good

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  • Lil Wayne should keep “The Leak” as his only EP as it’s some of his greatest work ever.