• UltraKid

    I dig it!

    Consequence>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kid Cudi

  • It has that ribe called quest vibe to it.

  • UltraKid

    Of course…Q-Tip produced it…and Consequence is Q-Tip’s cousin…

  • Android

    Another Ye G.o.o.d friday joint>

  • whens the new G.O.O.D friday joint lol, always late coz im english :/ hope its not runaway

  • Roth

    G.o.o.d Froday?

  • yo, dis was wayyy fresh for cons… G.O.O.D. music all day

  • YoYo

    Am i the only one that noticed that it sounds like kanye and cons write verses together?

  • Who Me?

    Q-Tip stay in my top 3 producers!!!!!!

  • Jason

    Not bad. But Where’s GOOD friday?

  • ironic

    nice one…

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  • UltraKid

    Nope…but they are very good friends…and they do help each other out with rhymes…and don’t come with that bullshit Cons ghostwrites for Ye crap cuz it’s not like that…I’m talking to the haters…

  • @ultrakid we all know cons writes for ye! So does common,big sean,pusha t and kudi .thats why he signs them duhhh,to suck them dry why he touches the sky.kanye is an ok rapper but eminem will always son him!

  • UltraKid

    Bullshit…Big Sean is a mini version of Kanye so why Kanye hire his clone to ghostwrite for him and Cudi is average as fuck so we all know he don’t ghostwrite shit…and if Common ghostwrote for Kanye his rhymes would be a 10 times better…All Pusha T ever writes about is cocaine…now what if I said 50 Cent ghostwrote for Eminem just because Em signed him? What if I said Beanie Sigel ghostwrote for Jay-Z just because Jay signed him? What if I said Kanye ghostwrote for Jay-Z? Vado ghostwrites for Cam’Ron? your logic is bullshit….and if Kanye had ghostwriters he would have gave them credit….Remember when Kanye took some lines from Rhymefest’s original Jesus Walks verse and gave him credit as co-writer? Remember how he gave every artist who had a part in making 808’s credit??? How about I just assume Slaughterhouse ghostwrites for Eminem now???

  • @Ultrakid it’s a well known fact that Rhymefest and Consequence wrote a lot of College Drop out and on other Kanye albums.Pusha talks about other stuff besides cocaine sometimes.It’s his usual subject matter but,they do it so well.Con wrote for kanye for sure and you can tell cuz Cons was putting his bars 2gether like Kanye yrs b4 Kanye.Pusha will surely write for Kanye.All the top dudes secretly are Clipse fans.Wayne,Drake,Kanye etc

  • UltraKid

    Rhymefest has said himself that Kanye writes his own shit and I was talking to a person who’s actually worked with both Kanye and Rhymefest and he’s also confirmed him as a rapper…now Cons has a great influence on Kanye but he doesn’t write his shit…If Kanye had ghostwriters his rapping style would switch every year…if Common and Rhymefest ghostwrote his shit then he would be a waaaaaay better rapper plus Kanye could get better ghostwriters than Cons I mean he’s friends with Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Lupe Fiasco….and no it is not well-known that Kanye has ghostwriters….that’s a bunch of rumors created by the people who still don’t believe Ye can rap even though he’s rapping since he was like 6….Kanye is not Diddy or Dr. Dre and if he was he would have gave credit to all of his ghostwriters….notice how every song on The College Dropout says written by Kanye West??? The only song that includes a co-writer is Jesus Walks which I’ve already explained above….