DMX Previews New Swizz Beatz Track

Before DMX ended his show with a prayer two weekends ago in Oxnard, CA, he treated clubgoers with a new track produced by Swizz Beatz at Club Zen. Get your money up.


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  • Word

    Oh my God….that shit was….DOPE!!! X gonna give it to ya!

  • im glad this nigga is on top of his game n u right word that shit was DOPE…hoppe to hear more from ma nigga x

  • X on that shit again!

    Please visit Crooksda1’s Youtube page to hear a song I did which feature X vocals. It’s called “Crooks”. Thank You in advance!

  • yoB

    Its spelled Oxnard


    yo drakes time bout to be up son the dog is back! get back 2 dat real ny shit

  • I’ll will lay my hands on u

    @ DOZEZ word dmx is def top 10 status

    swiss & X > drake & 40

  • Black Shady

    if this nigga gets locked up one more time, im done fuckin with him. straight up

    this shit sounds nice. i wanna hear the cdq. leak that shit X

  • Belize

    DOPE!!!!! Stay outta jail and give us more music like this!!!!!

  • UltraKid

    I like it!

  • Jason

    Swizz wins again. Producer of the year!

  • R


  • Oh so now yall wanna be on switz beatz dick complaining now since he on an x track you are estactic? yall switch faster than transformer enough said

  • Darkman garbage boo bitch gucci tell em

  • Go_white_rappers

    Gucci fuckin sucks
    DMX is the shit!
    Get em x ruff ruff!!!

  • el Davido

    back on that ryde or die + it’s dark and hell is hot ish! Let’s go X!

  • F this crap

  • i hope he makes a come back!

    The Music Majors
    Music Production @ TheMusicMajors. com

  • SlimeTime

    DMX is finished. Srry. The system will never let him be successful again.

  • mad haters once again [email protected]

  • llll

    Damn, good thing he’s getting better than the last time he released some music. Give X another month and he’ll be back on his A game!

  • Cory

    this is dope! i’m tryna hear this track

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