Drake At Jimi Hendrix’s Grave Photos

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Aubrey revealed that he visited the guitar legend’s gravesite during his tour stop in Seattle. Well here is the Kodak moment during the visit. Rock in peace Jimi.  More pics after the jump.


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  • mikedreamsmusic

    “Drizzy Hendrix, I’m just back stage gettin’ stoned.” – Drake, Put It Down

    Maybe he won’t get as much guff for that line now that this is out. Just payin’ homage to a legend…

  • truth

    hope he wrote a better letter than that corny attempt to aaliyah


  • Yousef

    Fuck a drake!! killing hip hop just like the rest of young money. Real Hip-Hop forever!!

  • NewMoney

    this guy is so corny

    thats 1 word to describe him CORNY

    straight cornball

  • DoeMoney

    Drake haters…

  • Briana

    He even took pictures, I can’t stand this little bitch.


    yea its disrespectful 2 take pictures of someones final resting spot have some class…

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Wow its one thing to pay respect and all that but whats the point of taking pictures? Thats like some look at me type of shit.



    smh, who the fuck is you. #LIBOIS

  • petey wheatstraw

    whooooooo caaaaares

  • smokeyou

    “Look man, you can listen to Jimi but you can’t hear him. There’s a difference man. Just because you’re listening to him doesn’t mean you’re hearing him. ” haha that movie cracks me up

  • Sony Music Intern

    LMAO @ all the comments oh man this drake guy get shitted on by rapradar fans lol

  • Belize

    Hating this kid is so easy…

  • Kidd Rapp


  • Rhyme

    Thats pretty low.

  • Jason

    Fuck yall. You would take a pic by Michael Jackson’s grave if you could. Dude just paying homage. Yall hate everything he does. Damn

  • Bgirl

    …this is news worthy? Come’on son

  • la_angel_23

    Another FAIL for the walking talking goofball we call Aubrey…
    It’s one thing to go pay homage out of respect and admiration, but don’t advertise it by taking pictures and getting the media involved.
    Ayo Drake your time is almost up…
    The hype is over, by the way try humbling yourself.

  • Bgirl

    Cosign @la_angel_23

  • edc

    I visited jim morrison at Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise in paris so a hendrix stop is a must of course in seattle but where’s kurt.


  • pablo escobar jr

    aubrey, youre so lame son.

  • Lioness

    Drake now = just as lame as he was in high school…NEXT!

  • mac DIESEL



  • Midnite!

    He went to pay respects to a LEGEND but takes flix of the visit???Sounds a little self centered to me…..This dude is a cornball though.

  • Haters are annoying

    lol At the haters making multiple accounts…whats the big deal if he took pics

  • @Fuckyalife


  • the One


  • madd rapper 425

    i live right by there in renton washington

  • madd rapper 425

    i dont know where kurt cobain is buried if he is buried at all in the seattle area, lol at the guy above with the white men cant jump quote.

  • Great pics. We support Drake.

  • clbobe

    real fags do fag shit

  • send me to mars

    drake has respect for those who paved the way, he’s a good man.

  • Jenna

    Wow ya’ll are really hating. I love drake<3

    and the reason I love the pics so much is because he's in my city! And i went to that performance and he talked about visiting the gravesite. Ya'll need to calm down… Most celebs who came probably wouldn't have even stopped their or known he was from their!