John Legend & The Roots “Wake Up” On Oprah

Make sure you Wake Up tomorrow and purchase John Legend and The Roots album at your local store. Earlier today, they performed the LP’s title track on The Oprah Winfrey Show. No Common and Melanie? No problem.


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  • spotted: Bill Gates second from Oprah at the 3:35 mark. I’m feeling a Power (Remix) (Version 2) with Questo on the skins.

  • CTE

    Yeah this is G.O.O.D music!

  • Shut it China Man

    Yo to all the dick riders that don’t know no better, Questlove is a joke as a drummer among the drumming community. He loses the beat, messes up fills and the way he holds the sticks and hits the drums is amateurish. Take that stupid pick out your hair and get some lessons and a metronome too!

    And Shut It China Man…one day your blood will be on the floor because you use the “N’ word around the wrong people!!

  • webstar

    good stuff.

    I need to pick up that album

  • Belize

    The episode yesterday was quite interesting. About the collapse of education and how today’s generation has quite a poor education. And that’s in THE STATES. Imagine how bad it is down here. -_-
    *Believe in Belize*
    Happy Independence Day!

  • Jenna

    Wake up everybodyy .. yo this album is dopee . check it out if u havent already