• bbones

    october 12?

  • CTE

    Only people who know who he is people on blogsite nobody else no who he is

  • urrbsaac

    @CTE while that may be somewhat true.. At least this dude didn’t sell his soul to get what he got ala drake.. and at least in 10 years this cd will be looked back on as a classic.. unlike drakes which willl be looked back on as some super corny shit.. hell it already is

  • Vado has everything that it take to be a rapper. He has the swag, music, talent and appearance. Vado is “the best rapper to come out of Harlem since Big L” (God Bless the dead).

  • This nigga’s voice or lyrics don’t move or wow me…dude is plainer than Maino.

  • Unconform_normality

    Whats poppin?….Dat VADO!!!!!

  • Jordan

    lool this nigga copyin Kanye’s marketing scheme

  • It’s so fucking soulful!!!

  • WHAT ??

    OK yeah you think you slick, the letters are green but it smells kanye all the way

  • mdot

    Gets the kanye shrug..dude ain’t nothin special..he do this thing..ok at best..went past on a float at the african american day parade in harlem and no one cared..I didn’t even kno it was him till he passed by (also saw jim jones at an upstate mall later that day..once again no one cared)…and these niggas diss kanye n then go head n not only use his beats and melodies but also his artwork? Like jay said this shit ain’t based on nothin..niggas jus ran outta ideas and tryn to feed of somebody else…how u gonna diss niggas selln out yankee stadium and u still playn the hammerstien

  • GTFO

    The whole East Coast know who VADO is all the way up to Canada and down to Florida. He’s gonna be a problem.

  • MiloD

    co-sign jordan
    “lol this nigga copyin Kanye’s marketing scheme”

  • hellomoto

    I thought it was a song with kanye & Vado,
    shame on you Cam, i know you are behind this shit

  • Android

    Yo what exactly does it mean to sell your soul in music?

  • joe

    cam sucking kanye hard…..a cam ye cum yet?

  • killakev92

    how can u say vado is copyin kanye west?
    when nearly every rapper steals swag from Harlem ? shut up and lsiten 2 the music faggots


    ye cover think im dumb? smfh

  • Belize

    They tryin to be all Kanye? And Slime Flu? smh
    *Believe in Belize*
    Happy Independence Day!

  • Vado is absoulutey talented .. he doesnt have enough buzz to drop a successful album but he has the talent to make a great 1.. i think he shuld make a few more videos & a few features & his debut album would be a masterpiece !!!!!

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