• madd rapper 425


  • its a shame to see two really good up and coming rappers going at each other

  • ronnie_moe

    LMAO @ that picture of Cudi…….

  • Boney Starks!


    Just make a diss record. Don’t bring all these other n’s into the fold.

    -Brother Starks

  • kofi

    Not taking sides but Wale really seemed like he wasn’t trying that hard to get Ye on his album but his previous comments don’t reflect that.

  • Slim901

    once again “Cocaine is a helluva drug…” im a cudi fan and a wale fan. it sucks that cudi has resorted to coke. like wale said it was just a line. not even a cheap shot. i think cudi overreacted from too much coke or somethin.

  • Wale taking the high road, good for him. CuDi Needs to deflate his ego before he gets into more trouble.

  • No Days Off

    cudi shouldnt go at wale if he does he will get destroyed

  • Sofa King Trill

    The beef is sponsored by Tampax.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Kid Cudi mad ‘Day and Night” was his only hit …And Wale gotta hit song wit Flocka while Cudi latest music b33n floppin

  • Man on the Moon >>>>> Attention Defect. Cudi ftw

  • YoYo

    Kid Cudi & Wale are both EXTREMELY INSECURE men. Wale retweets his haters more than his fans and Cudi got so butt hurt he deleted his twitter…smh


    im 27 and i copped Cudi’s album and i enjoy it for what it is, i just hope that the young kids coming up listening to him don’t think that coke shit is cool. that shit was never cool. i just feel like now that Em made two albums back to back talking about his drug use and how he cleaned up other rappers started youtubing themselves using all kinds of shit thinking its gonna sell them some records but it won’t. Cudi has some fans out there including my 14 year old little cousin but he doesn’t have that love that Em has so him sharing the fact that he was taking bumps was uncalled for. I you don’t want people in your personal business why would you tell the world that you have a drug problem, contradiction? or a cry for attention to sell records? not saying its not true but he didn’t have to share that. And I’m thinking to myself since when was Cudi’s personal so intriguing that he had to take drugs to get through an interview? SMH gimme a break, you ain’t Jay, Nas, Ye, and even they don’t get it like that. Cudi just needs to stick to the music and stop being so over dramatic.

  • Man on the Moon was #2 on RapRadars albums of the year. Attention Defect was #4 on the underrated albums list. Wale is underrated for a reason

  • the dude

    cudi is waaaay more talented than wale, and im from DC. Cudi has his own style, wale just does all that same assed out metaphor shit trying to be lil wayne. im not sayin wale sucks, but he isn’t that good and not in the same league as cudi.

  • okay #3 but he was the #1 new artist on that list

  • Sony Music Intern

    Wale fuckin sucks so much it not even funny. all i want is for J Cole to drop an album. WTF JAY-Z?? WHERE DA FUCK IS COLE. FUCK WILLOW!

  • j.

    wale goin hav 2 step it up,he got 2 many ppl in his corner 2 b failing

  • j.

    but big ups 2 both artist on there careers leave that hatin shyt 2 the broke niggas

  • Mr.Man

    @ So Icy Bitch

    STFU,Day N Nite wasn’t his only hit.Make Her Say,Pursuit of Happiness,and Erase Me is doing/did good on the charts.Wale and Flocka is wack,so is Gucci Mane and all the rest. SMH Cudi shitts on Wale when it comes to making great music.

  • B

    Sorry RR..Im not a big Cudi fan, but Wale is mediocre..

  • Clos1881

    I’m not a fan of cudi does he even rap? @Mr Man what charts dis those songs do well on just curious

  • I’m glad Wale took tha high road. He coulda been on sum real greasy ignant rapper shit, but he addressed it how it is. Ur move Cudi…

  • james

    wale fuckin sucks. and @so icy bitch youre a fuckin dumbass if u think day n nite is cudi’s only hit.

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Clos1881 ..pop charts …i guess pop artist like Flo-Rida, Kid Cudi, Eminem, B.o.B considered to be “rappers” but only appeal to pop culture

  • mean streets have potholes

    Lets remember.. POP.. means POPULAR.. lol.. kills me when niggas try to hate bc a nigga has mass appeal… shit why you think EVERYONE loves french fries.. shit is good!! lol

    Keep listening to Mc underground basement dweller thinkin u hipper then the rest of us.. but you missing out on good shit.. to busy hating.

    Man on the Moon was a dope album..who cares about charts.. listen to the LP.. Sky Might Fall.. Soundtrack to my life… Cudi Zone.. just to name a few of the dope songs on that album.

  • truthplease

    Seriously does Cudi even rap?? I liked his cd and his part on the HBO show, but when he tries to put himself in Kanye’s league that’s when I stop listening. Quit being a bitch and blogging/twatting/trying to act cool in interviews. And as a side note – I rock Wale’s album more than Cudi’s. Wale puts me in a good mood, Cudi’s makes me hate skinny jeans and stoners.

  • Lol, wonder what made them switch the picture up on the post, that other one was pretty funny.

  • So Icy Boi!

    @mean streets have potholes … Popular to white people and “pop” mean pop music too dumb azz

  • B

    part 2. Even though I dont like his music. I think Wale took the high road on this . The right way to do it.

  • CokeHead

    That Coke shit is a Ohio thang ya heard bro bro….Im from Columbus and we be doing lines like there iz no tommorow bro bro! thats how we do it in O H I O bro bro! Chop it up Sniff it up bro bro!!

  • pablo escobar jr

    Grown men sucking on lolli pops = homo

  • Citylivin’

    @pablo escobar jr grown man paying attention to another guys mouth and what goes in it = homo…..and I co-sign @So Icy Boi!’s first comment……
    underground hip-hop > mainstream whatever y’all wanna call it

  • po

    both of these guys are overrated.

    wale is boring.

    cudi is a fag.

  • original will

    make her say was a top ten hit and day n nite went like 2x platinum what does wale have do he even have a plague for anything Cudi music i wouldnt call it hiphop but its better than Wale

    to end all of this bacc and forth shit

    Wale is a better rapper than Cudi meaning he uses that verb more than Cudi

    But Cudi is a better artist his art is better than Wale’s

    at the end of the day do you go with the better artist or better rapper in this case it would be artist becuz altho wale is a better rapper hes not the best and the shit he said about kanye not fuccing with him is true i dont what yall really see in wale i mean his name is different but to me he’s an average rapper

  • original will

    i dont care what drug he uses his music be on some shit you would be surprised what drugs your favorite rapper is on LL used to smoke coco puffs and Snoop been caught with Coke twice and Wayne has been Caught with coke did that make you stop listening to their music hell naw shit they said bacc in the gap Oprah use to hit that Pipe I mean if you think all these rappers are only fuccing with weed you are an idiot shit Raekwon and Wu use to snort that shit i mean the list goes on and on its so many cokeheads and shermheads in the music industry i mean i dont understand why that would play into affect on who you listen to its not like the nigga is telling you to do coke

  • zezzoi


    cudi isn’t even on coke no more.

    ya’ll corny niggas just side with this nigga wale because he invited you to his birthday party…STFU

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  • this is a really wack beef

  • Karloos1

    Wale went on and on in an interview, months back (u can look it up) about how there was a Kanye beat he wanted to hunt down to the end of the world to get that was produced by Kanye that Kanye presented to Hov backstage at a show over sea’s and he was there backstage and LOVE it and he said it would’ve been a big track if Drake and both Cudi were on it and he ended up asking Hov for it but he didn’t wanna give it up to Wale. I cannot be the only one that recalls on this interview that I watched here on RR as a matter of fact

  • MSD



  • qwerty

    I smell records coming out soon

    rap beef+rap sales=rich man

    (big/pac or 50/game etc.)

    cudi is getting is coke from that other major coke head david guetta
    i can confirm that about guetta he’s bad ass

  • Who cares? Both of these dudes suck…revenge of the nerds..

    *Please visit Crooksda1’s Youtube page, Thank You in advance!

  • CTE

    If u dont know am wale and that D.C i rep all day wale is more gangster than cudi its his fault for taking a cheep shot at wale kid coke fuck you (celo voice)!

  • uptown_nwdc

    this dudes a joke…..thats it… just a joke…

  • Haters are annoying

    i dont really like either of them

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  • Ready or Not

    Sometimes I cant belive the world of hate wale gets. But even more i cant believe how chill he was in this interview. Wat cudi did was extra f-ed up. No matter what i know he’s heated i woulda been off some Pac shyt for real or even crazy ass Game shyt lol. to each their own but Wale goes hard, and Cudi sings.. And by the way he can not sing at all. if cudi has talent than so does Tpain.. If what makes u good is cause u can make good songs but you cant sing. Than he’s a talented song writer. i just cant get with cudi at alll….

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  • comeon yung

    this nigga wale is smart n wack for wat he’s doin right now. he knows he cant get no buzz being himself so he gotta hop on that atl wave…how u gona tag along n use waka flocka for ur biggest sing 2 date

  • mean streets have potholes

    So if white people listen to the music then its bad? Damn some of yall niggas need to grow up. People are people.. theres white people out there thats realer then any nigga you would meet straight up.

    You sound ignorant and racist as hell when you say shit like that. Just remember niggas.. you get what you give.. don’t be mad next time someone says some fucked up shit to you.

    Bottom line.. POP means POPULAR to ALL PEOPLE.. there ain’t a separate chart for white and black people.. ain’t no Jim Crow charts.. lol

    Just cuz yall niggas don’t like something.. you don’t speak for ALL black folks.

    Grow up.. get yo head out yo asses.

    I got 99 problems.. and they all bitches.. wish I was jigga man.. care free livin..

  • Citylivin’

    @comeon yung
    Wale didn’t just hop on the ATL wave, he had Gucci Mane on his first album “Attention Deficit”…….but i’ll let y’all go tell it..”he needs Atlanta buzz” smh…do ya homework before you comment……

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  • J

    i second @karloos1

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  • aka

    these weak rappers and rapradar is a bunch of suckas… you all are the ones out there promoting this fabricated beef designed by the industry to sell records.

  • FreshMoney

    kid cudi is a bitch ass faggot.

  • dmc

    wack rappers love to talk about how they get love from other wack rappers

  • pablo escobar jr

    Lol citylivin = wales lolli pop.

  • Belize

    Cudi>>>Wale no matter what he says.
    *Believe in Belize*
    Happy Independence Day!

  • Uhh

    Some Where J. Cole Is smiling, everyone else is imploding while he just simply wins

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  • ARon

    i will bet my entire walmart paycheck that cudi’s complex interview was cocaine fueled. why the hell would he randomly admit that and tarnish his name and GOOD music?? let alone allow himself to be killed by wale if rap beefs ever happened anymore….

  • MiiQO

    Kid Cudi Dope As Hell , Wale ? My Opinion , They Would Be Even Betta If They Work Together. Wale Just Slackin Though , He On That Bullshit Right Now

  • Martha

    Why are people making such a big deal about Wale and his use of metaphors? Why do people hate metaphors all of a sudden? they are very useful literary devices folks, let’s not show how bad we failed English 3 ok?

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  • Deazil

    all yall posts are amusin sum had gud points sum not so much fyi cudi dus hav more singles than wale. 2 wale cudda ben da #4 most underated rapper but its not lik he dnt deserve da title he dont do shit on the charts and wale definately isnt as musically talented as kid cudi coke no coke cuz when “a kid named cudi” dropped he was coke clean and wale cudnt fuk wit him back then

  • DntWorryAboutIt

    Get off Wales and Cudis dick let them deal with their shit
    holy fuck you all sound like little kids

  • Mw

    Wale music gets NO play in my ride. I ain’t never felt his flow..

  • Dondre

    Wale is mediocre

    While kid cudi is/will forever be The SHIT !

    Like wtf why would wale start shit then. Try and end it fuck wale.

    Cudi for life .

  • MoonMan58

    alright here’s the deal plain and simple…Cudi rocks shit. no one is comparable. Not Wale, not Wayne, not Kanye or Drake or J. Nobody. He started a revolution in the music world and it wont ever be the same again. Scott Mescudi will go down in the books as the greatest musician of all time in my book…I’m just waitin for the haters to realize it. I’m out. Cudi i’ll see you on the moon man!

  • SwagBeast

    Cudi A Coke-Head. Wale Is A Fuccin Beast. The Boy Swaggg Is On Point

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