Wiz Khalifa Performs “Black & Yellow” In Philly

Wiz kicked off his Waken Baken Tour last Thursday in the City of Brotherly Love and up top performs our favorite colors’ anthem. Yeah, this song will never get old. Ha!

hhnm via thi

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  • CincyGod

    That’s fuckin annoying. Yikes


    i guess anything goes these days huh? It’s a free-for-all. SMH.

  • I’m one of the opening acts 4 Wiz next Sat. at Ferris State University. This outta be fun.

  • JNoh

    fail lip sync no body these days are real performers unlike eminem

  • Haters are annoying

    #fail stanley wiz is not lip syncing

  • rahrahrah


  • j.

    yea wiz!!

  • CTE

    Discount tyga point blank!

  • Bsizz

    how is he weak? this song is on top right now. and you’re not.

  • RichHumboldt

    people who are haters will always be hating on somebody that is doing it in life and making that money. every time i hear a somebody diss on wiz and spitta i just imagine how small and smelly there funk ass studio apartment they live in is. haters never make it, keep sucking on the worlds dick and maybe you will make it but probably not!!! broke ass bitches get you game up!!

  • Jenna

    Wiz Khalifa is killin it right now that ’10 XXL class is whassuppp Wiz , Jay , Cole Nispey .. check out this new 1 from Nipsey Hussle & Lloyd http://itunes.apple.com/album/feelin-myself-feat-lloyd-new/id385128404