• Johnny

    I was expecting more. This was pretty blah….

  • Midnite!


  • Jason

    The RnB hook made me listen. Gangsta rappers put a RnB singer on your hook and i will listen to your cliche rapper talk

  • hellomoto

    Free max b, he was the best for singing hooks

  • “do her greasy-BP oil spill” LMAO

    Wasnt yall niggas on here giving props to Big Sean for starting that punchline style. Cam wack ass been doing that.

    And lol @ him rapping over classic ol skool Rose Royce.

  • GTFO

    That GOD that HATERs opinions stay on blog sites and not where it matters. If it were up to these HATERs online, there would be no music on the radio.


  • fuckthis

    fuck rapradar

  • AniKeNSkywalker

    niggas be sounding the same for years . shit gets old.

  • Black Shady

    HEATMAKERZ on the beat. the only good point

  • killakev92

    camron started them 123….4 punclines not big sean
    this is dope
    fuck yall

  • mitebe

    The Hook is crazy aint hear shit like this in a long time! Avery Storm did his usual murder a track make it a hit 1,2, and Killa did classic Killa shit! This shit rite here CRAZY hands down.

  • mitebe

    that kid can sing ion five a fuck if everybody disagree or agree. HE can sing look him up. Kid is sick!

  • flyy_jay


  • Can’t front though I copped cams 1st major LP and all the others some times as a fan in america is like dam my nigga should Have made bigger then what they supose too. But at the end of the day itz a bizness nothing personal. AlieN GanG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh yeah shouts out to Juelz seward park High school.

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