New Music: Chris Brown “Yeah 3x”

Breezy triples the tempo up with his latest. A snippet surfaced a few weeks ago, but  here’s the end result. Still a radio rip though and it’s not a bad record for a pop one. F.A.M.E. coming soon.


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  • zezzoi

    radio smash…

    dont like it tho

  • yup

    lol whats up with this techno shit 1st that rihanna shit is sort of techno now this shit is too

    They trying to hard to get radio appeal

    CB need to layoff the voice adjustments I know he is a studio singer but the voice editing is overdone

    No substance as far as content goes either
    Overall wack
    But pop song indeed

  • Sasha

    Tight record……say what you want about him but you can’t say he isn’t talented.

    BTW this is not the final version, a fan put this together from the snippet that was already out.

  • Anthony

    It seems like everyone is making a record for the Jersey Shore soundtrack these days.

  • ESCO

    Chris Brown is great, but damn he’s arrogant. He speaks as if we should be blessed to have him on earth.

  • This is just as gay as that Usher ft. Pitbull song, which means, the public will eat it up…but not me. *thumbs down*

  • becoz all i want to eat is his dick

  • Cole for President

    this is gonna be a BIG hit wow chris is back but he neva left”

    DEUCES !

  • and put his thumbs down in my ass

  • qwerty

    [email protected]! u fucking homo

    get the fuck out of here

  • Jason

    DEUCES #1 on the R&B/HipHop charts, and this is gonna be #1 on the Hot 100 when it hits Itunes. Lets go Breezy
    And i know this is a hiphop site but its nice to see RapRadar appreciate pop music too, it is a genre too. Just sayin’…

  • So Icy Boi!

    This shit trash…it dnt matter if its a “pop” hit or not the record label tryna change his music because he gettin his buzz back but “deuces” a top urban record den white people still aint forgave him …keep dat R&B coming not pop

  • sergio*

    doesnt sound bad but is pop what would u expect from artists now days……………

  • talent speaks

    Chris…is a guy….just like any guy..but god blessed him with a gift..and if people don’t like it owell..god gave him that gift for you…not him… what he gone do with it sing and dance in the mirror…no he does touch people…. he has fans and people who care….it really doesn’t matter who doesn’t like him… you know why..because he wasn’t ment for you…you don’t effect his gift…instead of hating..why don’t you worry about the gift god gave give to the world…god bless…TALENT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF

  • Jason

    ^ Realest comment ever written on RAPradar. #Respect

  • Madrid-Spain

    pop radar ((((( . )))))

  • The GAME

    @ jason u son oh a bitch

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x3

  • mac DIESEL



  • Bloopers

    @ qwerty

    Wow WTF? Is it opposite day? it’s now considered homo NOT to like a song by Chris brown? *mind fuck*
    welcome to life in 2010

  • Fuck Ya Life

    This shit sucks, I don’t know about other radio stations but the one’s around here where I stay didn’t play his shit when he had good music because of what he did, so I know they won’t play this trash.

    I agree with whoever said something about Jersey Shore music or whatever.

  • B.M.

    Although the song is really pop it does sound good. It also sounds like a song you would have fun making in the studio. Props to Breezy he is finally getting back in the limelight

  • dani

    won’t support a wife beater.

  • tre

    this beat is crazy i make beats just like that with this its so easy!

  • Mr. A From Tha T

    Dude this got that Forever feeling, if this dont get plait, the shit is #fuckinrediculus

  • Disrespectful mess

    Chris Brown fans are doing exactly what he does, attack, curse and disrespect other people, which he blatantly encourages them to do so. It is a very poor reflection of his image and a PR nightmare for his management. He needs to tell these people to stop their disrespectful conduct as he had to stop his by attacking others. Stop attacking Calvin Harris, if he stole the beat then the record label will resolve that in court.

    All of the Calvin Harris, Rihanna and Michael Jackson Fans should go in on @chrisbrown Twitter page and attack him as he is allowing his following to do so unchecked.

  • Odog

    My boi Chris Breezy Comin Back on yall boys I knew it nothin can keep a real talent in the shadows. Plus he been in tha studio constantly BIG UPS CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i swear this beat is crazy that is why dey call it yeah 3x is so coooooooooooooool yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh breezy it so cool chris bri