New Music: Lil Wayne x Young Money “YM Salute”

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Not to mention, Jeezy used the beat first. Anyway, Dwayne rounds up Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz and Nicki Minaj for the final track off I Am Not Human. Album hits the ‘net next Monday. In stores October 12th.


Bonus: “What’s Wrong With Them” Ft. Nicki Minaj

Previously: “Gonorrhea” Ft. Drake

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  • King of D.



  • Midnite!

    Really Bad……..

  • Fuck Ya Life

    I never heard Jeezy’s version but I’m sure it’s probably better then half the wack niggas on this, I mean how u waste a good beat like this on Chuckee, Twist and Gudda Gudda.

  • Word

    Great beat!

    Did Jae Mills really say “We on point like elbows”??? or something like that? Weak punchlines galore when it comes to everybody in YM. I understand the punchline, dont get me wrong, but its soooo lame and corny

    Those two rugrats need to stick to twittering. Wayne did okay…not as bad as Gonnorhea. Nicki did okay too, everybody else was trash

  • Where Wallace At?


  • Young Money should only consist of Wayne, Drake, Tyga, & Nicki…THAT’S IT! The rest of these niggaz are terrible…

  • G

    It’s good that he’s putting out shit like this because niggas are going to realize how weak his entire crew is

  • I want ANSWERS!

    Reasons people think Nas, Jay, Em, Ye are the best doing it right now: Influential lyrics, Creativity, Sales, Respect, Content, Wealth, Diverse Flows, Success, Longevity, Classic Albums, their stories.

    Reasons people think Wayne is the Greatest (And I quote):”He getting money!”, “He in his own lane”, “His punchlines are fire”, “He sold a mil first week”, “He put out so many mixtapes and songs and stuff” etc

    Point is, why dont I ever get a legitimate reason at to why people think Wayne is the greatest? I always get the most ambigous answers from his fans. You say sales, Em has him beat, respect, Jay has him beat, lyrical ability, Nas has him, creativity, Ye has him. I mean, its one thing if you like him and he’s your personal favorite but yall call him BEST ALIVE and dont even give ONE legitimate reason why? Real talk, cuz I like Wayne some times (C2, No Ceilings, some mixtapes, half of C3) but why is he the best?

  • Word

    @[email protected]

    COSIGN!! Wayne, Drake, Tyga, and Nicki are the only ones with any ounce of ability. Them other niggas, I know they dont write they shit..its impossible, and they all flow like each other and say the same shit. They bite Waynes flow sometimes too. If YM was just those 4, then i’d have a lil more respect for ’em

  • Citylivin’

    @I want ANSWERS!
    LMAO!…this should be good *waits for thee stans*

  • dani

    the only label that has ever successfully make good tracks with lots of label mates on it is Death-Row… and to a smaller extent, Murder Inc.

    my point is… young money is NOT successfully doing it. what the fuck is this song even about? how good young money is or something? it’s just hella boring.

  • Decnent

    Just stop YM.

  • Mr October

    @I want ANSWERS Cosign! I’ve only heard a few cats on this site call him the best alive though. If you’re calling him the best on this site, I’m forced to believe that your true identity is either tyga lil twist or gudda

  • Black Shady

    [email protected]! says:
    Thursday, September 23 2010 at 12:51 PM EST
    Young Money should only consist of Wayne, Drake, Tyga, & Nicki…THAT’S IT! The rest of these niggaz are terrible…

    Came here to post this! Im Out!

  • mac DIESEL

    @ I want ANSWERS!

    COSIGN 100%!!!!



  • jermo


  • Clutch

    anyone think that the previous verse for “i’m not a human being” was a little better than the new one he released?

  • SayAhh


    He made the mixtape game hot with 3 Classics under his Belt, Da Drought 3, No Ceilings and Dedication 2 He did 1.5 in a WEEK last person to touch a Milli in a Week… He Got Bars For Days and NEVER runs out of them Most Lyrical Cat in The Game he got Co-Signs from EVERYONE even KRS-ONE Saying hes the Greatest MC on camera nigga… Face It Hes a SOON To Be Legend Hes Going to Be Up there With Pac, BIG and JAY-Z when his Career is Done

    what does Em rap about Besides Kim? unless your white Eminem had NO good album until Recovery the rest of his albums were White Boys Anthem…

    and please do not Mention NAS with Sales PLEASE! maybe back in his time but not anymore what his last album do 70-80k???

    YE is Average

    Jay Is The Only GREAT 1 you mentioned in that List and + thats Wayne Fav Rapper so

  • herbsaac

    whats hilarious about young money is kat stacks bodied everyone in the group cept drake and ncki.. she made all the underlings seem like bitches who don’t got they own money and who are pretty much worthless.. its crazy when kat stacks words have value.. shes right.. these dudes besides drake(even tho i think he is sub-par.. but better than the rest in YM) piggy minaj and lil wayne.. are garbage.. will never blow.. won’t even see as much fame as d-12 did.. please stop recording with these young fucks.. who dont know shit and who dont do shit.. please stop

  • it was decent

  • Word



    So mixtapes, 1.005 mil in a week (despite having an average album), and cosigns are the reason he the greatest? Lyrical? How are random punchlines lyrical? He not lyrical, he just got good punchlines…and Nas shitiing on Wayne lyrically, so is Jay and Em too. The only thing out of all the things you mentioned that Wayne has over any other artist is MIXTAPES. He’s not first place in anything else. And Bars for days? Then why does he recycle punchlines?

    Em has no good album? MMLP was a classic, good luck convincing anybody that it wasnt..every other album of his is pick your poison type thing.

    Im sorry, but @I WANT ANSWERS basically made any “Wayne is the greatest” argument seem null

  • I want ANSWERS!


    Did you just say everything I thought you would say? Im done, I guess i’ll never know why Wayne is called the greatest

    P.S this nigga really said mixtapes lmao

  • donrico

    whatever happened to Jae Millz?? He went from ‘Who’ to this??

  • dmhtfld


    Learn what the hell a stan is before you use it in a sentence. A stan is a fan of eminem.

  • Android

    Wayne will never be the best, let alone entrance into a g.o.a.t convo. If anyone tried to put Wayne in a g.o.a.t convo, they’de b killed! If you cant gain entry into a g.o.a.t list or even be a prospect (c)Kanye. Hw can you be the best? Fact is there are 4 known rappers definately better than him, in every way! FUCK LIL WAYNE

  • Word


    A stan is an obssesive fan of ANYONE. What the fuck are you talking about? Thats the reason Em made the song…for anyone with an obssesive fan

  • A



  • A


  • Citylivin’

    why thank you @Word i don’t have to respond to him…lmao…one thing Young Money consists of is sensitive fans/stans whatever you wanna call em…they also have more excuses for their artisrts than Gucci Mane in a court room…

  • A


  • A


  • Jason

    Wayne always hits and delivers 2 out of 3 songs. He misses me sometimes but gives me two other joints i do like. Lol its funny cus i know everybody above me talkin shit has wayne, DRAKE and NICKI on their Itunes and ipod and yall know it. Closet fans.

  • Word


    I got Bruno Mars in my iPod, dont mean i’m a fan of just means he was on a song I liked. Wayne Drake and Nicki are EVERYWHERE, who doesnt have at least ONE of them on they shit? Its impossible these days if you listen to mainstream hip hop

  • I want ANSWERS!


    WTF? I want a logical explanantion, not random ass tracks of his. I’ve heard Wayne before…so what are you saying?

  • Citylivin’

    i have in my iPhone Drake – Comeback Season & So Far Gone (Pre-Young Money how it’s supposed to be),Find Ur Love,Over & Fireworks (only because of Alicia Key’s voice) & only 4 songs from No Ceilings and I only listen to 2 of them……and let me find out grown men be listening to Nicki Minaj…

  • Fuck Ya Life


    Co-sign that.

  • Kidd Rapp


  • teejay

    Like Death Row, Bad Boy, and G-unit before it, Young Money will see it’s time in the sun and fade away into obscurity.

    Gudda Gudda and Jae Millz are just the next RBX and Black Rob

  • Jason

    Exactly. So you have them in your ipod like i said. And Thank Me Later is post Young Money. Every artist has hits and misses with me and this is a miss but he gave me (pause) Gonnarea, Right Above It, I Am Not A Human Being. So three outta four. Im happy

  • Kidd Rapp

    @ Jason

    Finally someone else who agrees that Gonnarhea is fire!

  • Word


    The way you phrased your post, you made it seem like because we have them in our ipods, we’re fans. You even said “Closet fans”. So im saying, just because someone in your iPod dont mean you a fan. I know hella Eminem stans that dont like Wayne only have him in their pods because of “No Love”. Right Above It the only song he put out recently that I fucks with

  • @bobbigprofecy


  • Citylivin’

    disagrees with @teejay YM gonna have longevity whether you like it or not…. @Jason notice Find Ur Love & Over are singles, and Fireworks was only because of Alicia Key’s voice…Pre-Young Money Drake is dope…but Drake with Young Money sucks knife NO deepthroats knife…

  • CTE

    Wayne a beast end of discussion

  • blazen


    WTF? So because he put out some mixtapes that makes him the best alive? Thats the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard… I’ll give Wayne his due he’s got some good songs. Jay, Nas and Em are the best alive though. They all been doing it for 10+ years. And yeah Eminem raps about Kim… he raps about his life which makes him real. He aint trying to rap about what everyone else is rapping about.. money, blunts, and pussy etc. Which is what Wayne and every other rapper raps about. Thats ok sometime… Biggie, and Pac rapped about it, but they both went deeper than that where as Wayne does not. Whether black people like it or not when its all said and done Eminem will be right there with Pac, Biggie, Nas, and Jay Z. Wayne even admitted he didn’t want Eminem to diss him because I quote “I can’t fuck with Eminem”… wonder if Wayne has heard The Sauce? All you have to do is lisen to all of Eminem’s diss tracks and you can see Wayne can’t touch it… I mean The Sauce, Nail In The Coffin, Quitter, Girls… Wayne can’t compete and Eminem’s sales monster Wayne’s anyway.. Plus Eminem went away for 5 years.

    1) Jay Z
    2) Nas
    3) Eminem

    Those are the best in the game.

  • teejay


    What makes young money different? Its certainly not the quality of artist. Young money doesn’t have a Biggie, Tupac, a Dr. Dre. The only album ym has released that people will be listening to in 10 years is Tha Carter III.

    The cycles of these labels are obvious. The only lasting artist run labels are Jay-z’s and aftermath, and both pretty much survive off one artist, eminem and Jay-z. And I garauntee you this, no one on young money is either of those two. Lil wayne is like a 50 cent in terms of a huge popularity spike, and then slowly fade away.

  • CTE

    @blazen actually eminem said it would be sucide to diss lil wayne point blank even em know it dam sad

  • Haters are annoying

    nah not feeling this, weezy still one of the best rappers in the game though point blank, he’s not garbage, i know he’ll step his game up for c4

  • Belize

    co-sign i Want ANSWERS! 150%
    and POST MY COMMENTS!!!!!!!

  • Word


    He said 5 years ago that if he dissed Wayne he would have gotten killed…you know, when Wayne was actually decent…and when Em was on some bullshit with Encore

  • Citylivin’

    what makes YM different is they have TOO MANY FUCKEN FANS for no reason for them to die off…you can blame Drake & Nicki for that…and also Wayne doesn’t diss everybody he has a problem with and surprisingly lose a big beef like 50 (referring to Rick Ross).

  • CTE

    @Word Tru no arguement here wayne need to drop the punchlines a little but hey em isnt ready

  • Word


    True shit remember when this nigga use to talk about shit on the Carter II? And half of C3, but half the time really think, what is this nigga talking about? Do that for the 5 most recent Wayne songs, write everything he’s talking about in each song and you’ll notice its all the same thing, or random shit in general. Money, Pussy, Young Money, Birdman, Miscellanous…thats it. No substance, it worked with No Ceilings having no substance, but thats a mixtape.

  • Realhiphop

    I just threw up in my mouth

  • everyone has there moment in time and then there are others that will remain with with you a life time and that has made a major impact on the industry. lyrically LIL Wayne just doesnt have it to stay in the game anymore. he just says what he wants on a beat and hardly does it rhyme well together. his flow is garbage and there is nothing relative in the song. yea he hit a milli on one album in one week. WOW that is a big accomplishment but ever since then his projects after it are epic failures. wayne is done.

  • q


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    [email protected]! says:
    Thursday, September 23 2010 at 12:51 PM EST
    Young Money should only consist of Wayne, Drake, Tyga, & Nicki…THAT’S IT! The rest of these niggaz are terrible…

    Came here to post this! Im Out!
    Came here to post this! Im Out!!!

  • wat ta fail

    wat the fail rapradar??? u mention the answer in your post in minaj tweet??? SHE SAID WE RECORDED THIS OVER YEAR AGO??? WTF u ppl just rush to post it first D: