New Video: Kae Hock “Dreamer/ The World”

Delaware’s own Kae Hock breaks out the HD cams and give us two videos for the price of one. Sweet deal. Both records can be found on his upcoming project, .5 dropping October 5th.

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  • Admin

    mah nigga chicago jones in this video!

  • J O

    but both those tracks were on his last mixtape

  • catcher

    pretty nice…
    kinda cliche’ now since Chris Barz did the whole dreamer thing 1st w/ Jesse Boykins

  • Dreamer and I Want the World will be Bonus tracks on .5.

  • Just checked out Chris Barz! Fucks wit his sound. Dreamer was originally released March 9th tho, but its cool no ideas original. And our approaches to it are a little different.

  • this is dope. i had never heard of him before…

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  • Uptown Don

    this was filmed in DC…ha! subliminal messages

  • S Geezy

    Dope… Can’t wait for the release of his album! Where can I cop it?!?!?!?

  • Hollywood for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!