Rick Ross Addresses Sex Tape Rumor

Sex sells, but Rick Ross isn’t buying it. This morning, a snippet of a sex tape emerged on the ‘net claiming to be the rapper. Hours later, Rozay turned to his Twitter account and shut down any speculation.

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  • YaDig

    “just saw the so called CO pic..the nigga had the obesity right but forgot the shades..#fail”

  • CTE

    Dam i knew it….Rap radar just want viewers typically blogsite

  • MXL

    Ross doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to rumor denial…

  • KingP

    True, Ricky rozay has never denied anything that was true before, why would he start now? : /



  • B.Dot

    *dead at these comments* made me spit out my water!

  • MSD

    sorry i didn’t Watch Whale Porn

  • clutch

    his long lost twin brother mini ross!!!

  • SayAhh

    LOL This Nigga @Razon said Animal Porn and LOL @ YaDig that shit is funny right there!

  • Belize

    Ross still prolly fuck lame.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Rick Ross nigga u was a C.O. so u probably didnt get no tattoos until u started rappin…but idk because the sex tape dey said is was Nicki Minaj wasnt even her it was a porn star

  • ehhh no

    Didnt the CO accusations start the same way? And btw if you know it wasnt you to begin with why would you watch it to make sure? And I sure as hell am NOT gonna watch it to c if it’s blubber boy or not.

  • Bob Dole

    how the fuck does ross even come close to having sex? this nigga needs a forklift to lift his stomach up and a pair a tweezers to get his dick hard…

  • CTE

    @Bob dole sound like you and ross had one hellof a night!

  • CTE

    @Bob dole sound like you and ross had one hell of a night!

  • Nova

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  • It was kimbo slice lol

  • The Protagonist

    Thats because his tattoos are fake like him!!!

  • Black Shady


  • pablo escobar jr

    He also denied being a c.o

  • devante

    why would he watch it if he knew it wasnt him

  • lol


    That was before he got those tattoos, he thinks hes smart.

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  • YaDig

    rofl @ Bob Dole… Christ.

  • BK

    SMH he’s IMPERSONATED every gangster there ever was and yet when it comes to his own life it’s deny, deny, deny. Watch his next album be a tribute to Saddam Hussein. Fat fuck.

  • Unconform_normality

    I dnt knw abt yall…but I do not want to see what happens behind closed doors when it comes to rick ross “the rapper” and a female.

    I think I jus threw up in my mouth….Gross!

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  • Deathrow Records Rep

    Well they photo shop the last rumor that became true…..this nigga is hella funny. It prolly aint him but still for the sake of it its hella funny because its the other Rick Ross lmaooooo

  • Shannon

    New definition of Rick Rolled…my friend tweeted that shit to me talkin bout “look at these shoes!” my eyes bled. And if it wasn’t Ross, why would he be describing it? Too cheap to buy real porn Officer Ricky?

  • Haboogie

    Can’t believe a word this man says. He acts like he was born with tattoos. Peaple need to stop taping themselves. FAIL

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  • yepANDnope

    “Rap radar just wants viewers. Typical blogsite.”

    An internet site that wants viewers?!?!?!?! HOW DARE THEY!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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