• YoYo

    good job degrading our sistahs, thanks coon

  • Shady213

    stop being such a Square and Nerd.

    My player doesn’t work, WTF!?
    and rap radar needs some download Links man. sheesh!

  • hello

    who is this model? she’s very hot

  • B-Cat

    Who is the girl?

  • B.Dot

    Cubana Lust…dont u guys go to worldstarhiphop?!

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  • Rockin

    I’ma fap to that pic soon son

  • Bishop

    Sweet lord…i’d consider buying this track on i-tunes just for the single cover, damn the actual song…i bet this whore has very reasonable prices too, where is she based out of?

  • Deuce Lee

    the way this song is titled is a clever way to trick people into trending this on twitter


    The Cover >>>>>>>>>>>>> The Song…..

    YUP !

  • playback


    lol @B.Dot your spanish

  • biglo

    DAAAAAAAAMN….Good Job on making us not listen to ya track!! I shall be heading to worldstar rite now!!!HA

  • herbsaac

    So everyone hated on Vado for supposedly stealing Kanye’s Artwork.. This dude stole Eminem’s art work. But its cool.. Us em stans aren’t gayfish. Suck a dick gay fish Diss Dame.. FUCK EM!

  • Shady213

    WTF is @herbsaac talking about!?
    GTFOH with that bulshit…
    enjoy the song & picture. lol

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  • Cudder

    Cubana Lust is the one who had the sex tape right?

  • Hometown:NY

    Cubana Lust = OMGGGGGGGGGGG!! Ya killing me softly with that pic!!

  • biglo

    I mean did anyone listen to the song yet HAHAHAHA… Niggas need more creative marketing plans

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  • monte ellis

    the cover is what made me press play. the song isnt bad either. ima have to try it out with the cover on the screen so i can still see it.

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  • west west

    This fool is over rated! Kendrick Lamar killing him! The both from the same camp. Why spend money on this fool when you have talent in the same crew.

  • Desire Davis

    Good Shit!

  • Haters are annoying

    @herbsaac ? stfuuuuuuuuu !

    the song is ok, he cant rap though

  • Belize

    You niggaz need to get your hormones under control, smh.
    Ever heard of Photoshop? If it ain’t think Ice-T’s bitch.

  • lOC-lOC

    Kendrick lamar is killa but he doesnt aspire to the majority of people. So it would be harder to make him blow up. So what they are doing is getting jay rock up and out there tough, cuz hes already known. Then kendrick will get put on, its simple business shit dummies.

  • this joint go hard. it’s that sex music.

    The Music Majors
    Music Production @ TheMusicMajors. com

  • Jimmy Dee

    Belize, yur sweet.

  • Roberto Arias

    GRACIAS POR EL TRACK http://chileremix.com/