MC Hammer Appalled By Jay-Z Reference

Rick Ross giveth, Jigga taketh away. As you can see, Mr. Stanley Burrell is not feelin’ Hov’s 30 Mil crack on “So Appalled“. What you gonna do now Hammer? Ha! This shit is… fuckin’ ridiculous. Lyrics below in case you’re lost.

“…And Hammer went broke so you know I’m more focused. I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30. Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can’t hurt me.”

UPDATE: Please stop Stan. SMH.

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  • Wow, this dude looks at least 60 now

  • clark-marshall

    Ohhhhh shit jay come october 31 its hammer time….we’ll see who’s trickin and who’s treating then Mr. Knowles

  • i didn’t think good christian men kept up with rap beef. hopefully he doesn’t pull a “pumps in a bump”…

  • killakev92

    looooooool mc hammer gice it up we al know about the illuminati bullshit & most of us dont care
    fucking ridicoulous

  • mac DIESEL

    KING HAMMER????!!!!



  • mac DIESEL

    @ MC Hammer




  • DR. Nick Black


  • RoeLuv

    Finally!!! The battle I’ve been waiting for (sike!)

  • Kofi

    Whoa, Hammer don’t hurt em.

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    Hammer don’t do it, it wasn’t a dis, it’s Devito said “just the facts Jack”, uggh !!(Biggie fuckin the track) sound effects!

  • Hammer was dissing cats back in the day.

    He better not try that shit now.

  • mdot

    Negro please everybody know you lost crazy money…the hell can he say..the fact his ass was up late on twitter is bad enough…”king hammer gonna respond ” shit is fuckin ridiculous!

  • donrico

    so what people cannot point out facts now?? Hammer did lose his money, and when someone points it out, Hammer is gonna catch feelings??

  • AroundTheWorld

    jay z got mad when hammer said something bad about d.o.a,thats why jay z said that line about hammer being broke.But thats funny though,jay z will respond to hammer,but not beane sigel,Game or these other rappers that has dissed jay in the last few months.Pussy jay z

  • Kind of D.



  • MXL

    Don’t do it, Stanley. This is a bad idea for SO many reasons…

  • MXL

    Please, Hammer, don’t play yourself.

  • MSD

    MC Hammer had its prime now he is @Gucci’s Level BURRRRR SHIT

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  • @mac diesel, you snapped with your comment.

  • DR. Nick Black

    @around the world….Jay been answered Beans, Cam and Jimmy, should he keep goin at them?besides i dont see the Hammer diss as a diss but facts and dag Hammer u lost dough 20yrs ago and now u mad at Jay. Hammer need to be upset wit himself and all those selfish beggers back then. Jay said Hammer made him focus…….Thats what people normally do, u learn from their mistakes

  • isis

    Dear Mc Hammer

    Sensitive thugs yall all need hugs. You should have followed Kwame’s approach when he got called out by B.I.G. Helped him find a new lane as producer. But I’m not made at you Hammer for turning this into a get rich quick scheme. But damn dude, Halloween is over a month away. And we see how hard it is for Beans to keep his foot on Jay’s neck right? I think you would find more success hosting the latest round of Jay-Z deception and selling them. Please do not come with some posse diss record w/ Game, Jim, Cam, Beans, Peedi, Jaz-O, w/Dame talking on it in some We All in the same Gang 2011: The Anti-Hov/Illuminati edition. That is not a good look babes. I think you should have tried to smiled and laughed it off while gunning for a spot on Bey’s World Tour next year. Instead you fouled out. Calling yourself King while the other man is calling himself Hov simply means one thing: you’re candle in the Sun. Son.

    Isis Destiny

  • lol wow. he just be thankful for the publicity HOV is getting him. but that was foun was Jigga said on the track lol..

    The Music Majors
    Music Production @ TheMusicMajors. com

  • iHATEhaters


  • mdot

    Wow I 100% co sign Isis…wat else really is there to say

  • MiloD

    move over slick nick its hammer time

  • killakev92

    isis & mac diesel had the comment of the year

  • Broad Street Bully

    ROFL!!!! King Hammer?? King of what? lmfao aahhhhh this made my morning

  • jeeeeeezzer

    Nas > Gay-Z

    best in tha game…gucci tell em!

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  • bahahaha. hammer needs to think of a better marketing ploy than this. #FAIL

  • Fuck outta here Hammer…shouldn’t have blew all that shit on ur posse and them 3-5-7 bitches…like Kanye said, “Niggaz is goin thru real shit, man they outta work…”

  • boston-morgan

    Isis is hot

  • JAYE

    but its the truth, can’t be mad at the truth.

  • Able danger

    Like Jay-Z is the only one who ever spoke on Hammer blowing all that money. Dude been nothing but a punchline since ’94.

  • Mc Lovin IT

    I love this shit! Get em Hammer! Str8 Entertainment, I hope Hammer comes through on that Holloween date.

  • yes i love jay

    mc hammer you are too damn old to be so damn densitive draw the hell up

  • Haters are annoying

    hammer time shut your old ass up !

  • yes i love jay

    sorry grow the hell up

  • BlackAnastasia

    The funny part about this whole thing is 50Cent gets accused of starting Beefs with other Rappers for a Buzz but JayZ jumps on records then starts firing shots and nobody says anything.he does it all the time MC Hammer is not the only person getting Baptized in this song,JayZ is Indirectly talking about Beanie Sigel also,Pay Attention People!

  • Curtis75Black

    Don’t compare Hammer to Gucci and Soulja ! He was spittin a lot harder and with more sense than those 2 combined !! Did he play himself with those Genie pants and and 2nd opus, Hell Yeah but that’s as far as it goes. Now is this a waste of time ? I agree, Hell Yeah !! If he’s gonna do it, he better come with it. I’m surprised. So many niggas came to Jay’s defense !!

  • MXL

    Yo, now that I think about it, Kanye made a “Hammer’s broke” reference years ago on The Professional 3. Why didn’t Hammer go at him back then?

    “My accountant said if I get the crib on the side of the mountain, right beside the fountain, and decide on the Phantom, I’ll go broker than Hammer, performin’ in pajamas – Dammit!” — Fab & Kanye, “Like This”

  • flawda

    Hammer sounds Aint he a pastor, shouldn’t he be turning the other cheek, lol at him tweeting 3 times, what Jay said must have really struck a nerve. It’s not like what Jay said wasn’t true, blowing all his money on horses and lavish homes, dumb ass.

  • Black Shady

    LOL wtf is he gonna do to Jay? he’s better and bigger than u in every single way *pause*

  • Belize

    When was the last time we even heard from this guy?
    Jay’s got a point. No need to be “appalled.”

  • ewq

    There as been no chances for Hammer in a while so good for him take a shot at jigga man cause everyone else is scared shitlist of jay even if it think brooklyn got the best flow a shot a jay is a must

    ps: hammer call will i am and drop a boom on jay

    hammer should be respected like tone loc = pionners

  • Shanice

    “I’m at the car lot, I’m going BROKE…”~ Rick Ross on “McHammer” so where’s Ricky’s diss song, Stanley?

  • 3Stacks

    Stanley AKA King Hammer,AKA da OG Mr Blowing Money Fast,akd Pastor Don’t Hurt

  • 3Stacks

    AkA Mr Cash 4 Gold

  • Citylivin’

    i’m gonna report MC Hammer & Kid Cudi to Dr.Phil cause niggas is getting too sensitive over rap lyrics.

  • scorpio


  • mikedreamsmusic

    I think we know what’s about to become the new “you played yourself” segment…

  • still best rite now!!

    oh shit, Hammer dont hurt em!

  • The DEACON

    Man nobody was thinking of hurting mc hammer he been hurt himself he just wants to use this like he used everybody I remember when je made pumps and the bumps that hurt him some of you might be too young to remember but YouTube mc hammer pumps in the bumps he just wanna come back he need to keep robbing the church people that he robbing and maybe move to Atlanta and get a mega church now that Eddie long been outed hammer your over your a washed up ass user . He seen jay-z on the Forbes that’s big for our race as a whole so just leave him alone

  • sway-z

    “All these little bitches too big for they britches
    Burning they little bridges…FUCKING RIDICULOUS”

  • hell yea

    jay z an asshole and that song is wack

  • BGD 7-4 jackson RIP PJ

    Wow he wants Jay but not Ross? ROSS DISSED HIM in A COOL WAY loL iM GOING BROKe!!!! NELLY DID TO ON “IM GOING DOWN” BLOW 30 mill like I’m hammer. Man sorry stanley but that 30mil is gone follow you for life JAY WILL KILL THE LIL CAREER U GOT LEFT BRO

  • iam2smooth

    @hammer if u don’t go sit down somewhere nd get ah clue.. Cuz if u think your worthy of Hov respondin 2 anythin u throw out ur not only broke but stupid a.f!

    Shit jus sit bak nd enjoy the reference cuz that’s the closest ull every be 2 hip-hop again..#dontplayyaself!

  • Um

    You new Twitter users do know that McHammer was on the Website since 2007.

  • Yo, what tha fuck was Hammer doing listening 2 this song?!? Further more, y is he embarassed? They made a fuckin movie called the M.C. HAMMER STORY!!! IT SHOWED HOW THAT DUMB ASS NIGGA SPLURGED AND WENT BROKE!!!!

  • jdot

    Hellboy is a pretty awesome movie.

  • Ray

    The truth really hurts doesn’t it HAMMER? But not as much as losing 30 Mil…..ha ha…get over it

  • mrbabyhands

    he cant stop/wont stop.

    hammer is 2 legit 2 quit

  • KP

    Please Hammer dont hurt him! lol..Damn i love hiphop..remember Hammer used to kick it wit Pac, dont sleep! lol

  • Fuck MC HAMMER. He doin this for publicity.

    On a real note tho, even i can spit better than this fool!!!
    check out my shit!!!! NEW SONG IS UP

  • Uh-oh

    I know YN is scared for his boo Jay.

  • Jay-Z’s reply? A picture posted by Rap Radar tomorrow with Jay sitting in Warren Buffet’s lap in some Hammer pants.

  • Kay9

    Didn’t drake say somethin like blowin all this money, hammer time. Every’s done it drake, kanye, ross. Jay-z one of the most popular rappers alive mentions him, gets him back into the spotlight. Imo hammers lovin it, if he’s lucky someone might pay for an interview with him to ask how him how upset he is

  • Polka



  • dani

    so it’s okay when white folks rag on you… like in your behind the music… and on the cover of people..

    BUT, if jay-z mentions you on a 6 or 7 minute song for like 2 seconds, it’s blasphemous? Nigga please.

  • Red

    haha look at hammers toy whip in the background niggas ballin

  • nonfixion

    it’s funny even mr corny talk about him on “the resistance”
    Will I blow all of this money baby, Hammer Time?

    so i’ll wait on oct 31 hahaha (jay-z laugh)

  • mikedreamsmusic

    It’s funny how you tried to diss Drake by calling him “Mr Corny”, yet you knew the exact name of the song that he “dissed” Hammer on…

  • King JuggaNott

    Hammer needs to clean up that garage…

  • Hammer sit yo ass down.

  • MidNite!

    Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!!Fuck Hammer!

  • DunkDonDaDa

    U can’t touch my riches/ even if you had MC hammer and dem 357 bitches


  • isis

    Wow @DunkDonDaDa…I forgot abt that line. How he didn’t flip then? Wasn’t he on Death Row at the time too? Or am I off?

  • c lova

    jiggas the king eat a dick..jay go at who he wit it nigga ..fuckin ridiculous..brooklyn riders.huhhhhhhhh

  • PTownWa

    Well even though rap & success wise he doesn’t have a prayer or a long shot…. at least he could whoop Hov’s ass, LMAO

  • iam2smooth

    hov is Goat hands down!

  • Sure Jay-Z can rap better, and he has more money, and lets not forget he got Beyonce blowing him on call, but i think Hammer will whoop his ass… he ain’t got shit to loose, so i bet Jay don’t say another word about the man… ask Big Boi and Andre 3 Stacks… besides ya’ll know MC Hammer was killing it in his time.. He helped Hip Hop get where it is today so he can say whatever the fuck he wants too… Why don’t Jay go at Game or Beanie.. i love Jay-Z but he got a little bitch in him…

  • bx

    lyrically hammer dosent have a chance, BUT SPIRTUALLY IM WITH U HAMMER!!!! u dont need to study jayz, u already know the enemys(DEVILs) ways and action, ETHER His soul, thats how u beat the devil, these stupid dudes on here respect people for the wrong reasons, money comes and goes, and even if you have an abundance of money, this country has the power to tell U WHERE U CAN AND CANNOT SPEND IT. UNLESS YOUR DOWN WITH THEM, U 2 WILL BE BROKE EVEN WITH MONEY. This is not a country anymore, AMERICA IS A BUSINESS WITH NO MORALS, JUST AS THE RAP GAME. Good luck hammer, thats y we pray…

  • Jimmy Dee

    Fuck whatever I got to say, koz Isis went IN.

  • HA!

    Did Hammer go bankrupt after making tons of money? – YES

    Is this public knowledge? – YES

    Deosn’t he tell the story every time he’s asked? – YES

    Did Jay tell the truth? – YES

    Hammer’s response seems a little juvenile and desperate

  • Polka

    You mad.

  • AnikeNSkywalker

    yo Hammer… ya punches look extra slow.

  • illaDeuce

    lmfao hammer’s had references in like 100+ songs this is mad funny.

  • blizzy22

    is devils nite the day b4 halloween oct 30 c’mon hammer

  • Ty

    Wasn’t Hammer in a Nationwide commercial clownin’ his losses himself?? So he can’t be but so sensitive about the issue. He’s been tryna make a comeback for a while now… bad excuse and bad idea.

  • Johnny

    I strongly believe that it will be a first that MC Hammer with be a YN Blackout & You Played Yourself at the same time when he comes back with a rebuttal

  • K-Lam

    Didn’t hammer also diss Eminem when eminem made fun of him in the Just Lose It video?

  • Unconform_normality

    “I just ,might flip and hammer ya….sorry stanley Im just tryna advance my quotes Im not tryna make ya the butt of my jokes”- Jayz, Dear Summer for hammer

    C’mon hammer lighten up man…you mad at the wrong ppl. Be pissed at them 357 bitches….lol

    So what you gona reveal to the world on halloween what illuminati conspiracy theorist been shouting every since Jayz got rich? What you gona get that christian rapper that devout his whole ryhmes into Jayz for backup? As a christian man you entertaining it gives the “devil” more power/energy….SMH

    Hurry up hammer you got 15 mins…then ya done…. again

  • Itz Yourz

    Ahh shit….yall done put hammer in the mix…lmao

    Uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh….this shit is gona be to hilarious whenever it goes down.

    Jay jus gave him the opportunity of a lifetime. Look how many pppl done sed sum shit abt him and he did nothing. Jay say sumden now you wana react….watch hammer gona be all smiles when jay bring em out in concert to say they squash there beef.


    HAMMER DONT HURT EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

  • Drew

    Guess like the song say “Man this shit is Fuckin Ridiculous.”

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  • RiQ RuDE

    My Gun Derty My ____clean…..umm i think we all shud knw wher r this hammer talk comin from…But i agree with someone that posted on another site about this crap Jay loves tha fact he’s a big fish in small pond…..cause i saw him on the cover of forbes BUT if u actually check how far apart him and Buffet are in terms of cash yull see that hes a minow in the real cash scheme BUT good ole hip hop hes …..yeah HOV!

    RiQ RuDE Beats for sale @youtube godbless as usual family!!!

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  • 3pk

    This shit is stupid because Jay Z should have more respect. He’s been doing big thangs all the way to marrying Beyonce, but this type of disrespect shows how much we hate each other.
    With all that he’s done…he still aint what Hammer became. Fortune lost or not, he made a fortune to lose dummies…..

  • Hammer he wasn’t dissing you. He was dissing Rick Ross using you as a metaphor. Rick Ross calls himself MC Hammer these days. He was just saying to Rozay who’s the real boss.

  • You 64 in a Tibo class negro please!

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  • Gay Ass Rappers

    You’all sitting here clownin Hammer, But ya’ll da fuckin losers…atleast hammer had money. What ya’ll niggas have?????? MY point exactly…Still In mommies basement, and jay hes aint shit. Ya’ll talkin like ya’ll know deese niggas personally wen you don’t know shit. Internet gangsters

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