Birdman & Mack Maine Are White Boyz

It’s a white man’z world and Birdman and Mack Maine are taking it a step further with the release of a new mixtape entitled, White Boyz. Karen Civil says the project will be released on Halloween and hosted by DJ Scoob Doo and DJ Khaled. Spooky!

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  • mac DIESEL



  • herbsaac

    Two of the worst rappers in YM?CM teaming up for a mixtape full of hot beat”z” and coke raps that are slowly becoming irrelevant as Weezys subject matter progresses beyond that.. and Drake slowly uses the Disney machine to put his corny raps for the girls..(drake is like that commercial.. “– you like peter cetera? noooo but the girls like peter cetera.. so by default you like peter cetera”) so basically if you play drake without any girls around = fag. but sriously.. this mixtape is gonna be full of some wack raps.. and when they are tight raps.. its gonna be some major ghostwritten raps..


  • Bigkent5000

    Birdman stay wit dem M’s…

  • Your mothers “friend”

    Why lord why ?

  • How original?!! *note the sarcasm*

  • They don’t know what to do without Lil Wayne. #FreeWeezy

  • 67

    lol bridaman and mack man leave the rappin to drake and lil wayne ya are wack

  • Yerp!

    Birdman Is Turdman, Mack Maine Is Back Pain cuz this ninginas be gettin analy raped by comments lol.

  • graffiti bandit


  • teezy

    They’re clearly both black boyz, not white boyz.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    I’m guessing this piece of shit mixtape is gonna have Wayne, Tyga, Drake, and Nicki features all over it. Don’t matter these niggas is TRASH!

  • QuantumMusik

    “White Boyz”? Why not call it “Black Face” being that all these coon niggas talk about is how rich they are and how many bitches they get in this so called “white ruled world”…. Seriously, If I wanna hear something thats inspirational, that will wake me up in the morning feeling good about myself, not some ugly ass ninja turtle looking nigga rapping about him riding in a whip that i probably could never afford in my life time… smdh, its time for this industry to grow up. on the trill.

  • Jimmy Dee

    Yeah this mixtape is gonna be as hard as Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj – 2012.

    Fuck outta here.

  • BlackAnastasia

    Its really a sad day when in order for you to get any type of Publicity you have too constantly mention Lil Wayne`s name for attention,Smh.i get tired of all these niggaz in Young Bummy saying his name just for Pub but there names carry no weight.CashMoney is over thats why everything from him is CM/YM which Baby controls,if Wayne ever pulls the Dick out of his ass and leaves Baby will go from friend to Foe and turn into a Bitter Damon Dash..

  • Fuck Ya Life


    Very very true.

  • Sin



  • SayAhh

    @BlackAnatasia so if Drake stopped mentioning “Lil Wayne” he wouldn’t be the hottest rapper in the game? if Nicki stopped saying “Lil Wayne” she wouldn’t be the hottest rapper in the game? smh your a fucking fool b!

    anyways…… DJ SCOOB DOO AND DJ KHALED ON 1 MIXTAPE TOGETHER WTF THEY THE 2 MOST ANNOYING NIGGAZZZZ ALIVE (if you dont know who SCOOB DOO is listen to Fetti Holmes mixtape hes soooooooo LOUD

  • Android

    ^^Cortez Bryant, does Birdman know ur on rapradar and not in ur office? Anyway! These YMCA ni99as dont know their bearings without a Predator. Nobody wants to hear MACK MAINE AND BIRDMAN. Not even Drake, Nicki, Tyga and definately not those other sizzurp carriers. We want Wayne, so the world can wake up to the fact that he’s grossly overrated. FREEWEEZY so he can finally fall off.

  • Belize

    They wanna be white too?
    No wonder they signed Nicki Minaj!

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