DJ Khaled “We The Best Forever” Ep. 3

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Khaled’s episode three allows us to tag along with the DJ during the shoot of “Aston Martin Music” and some lab time with Cool & Dre. We The Best Forever coming soon.


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  • still best rite now!!

    i swear Khaled should be a motivational speaker if this rap career dont last! lol

  • peace

    We want to see drake in a battle with cole or anybody, cause drake came out of nowhere really and i am from canada and follow the scene here and nobody pretty much had heard of drake before the mixtape exploded thrue the universe. So we don’t know really if drake is a real killa mc, cause live he sucks hard and his studio shit is pretty much all auto tune with producers making him sound good that’s cool cause some of the studio stuff nice but if drake want’s mc credits in canada or the usa he as to start to prove it without auto tune and one on one battles that’s what the scene needs to prove it’s self again. CMYMB peace

    here’s someone in toronto that would kill drake. Best rap track from canada 2010.
    Jd Era – You Know This

    And peace to sans pression the most street mc from quebec drake should help elevate street music
    from canada we proud of him but he needs to last forever lasting.%

  • peace

    [] 99% Easy Rider ~ 1%Free


  • Uptown Don


  • peace

    french canada/s number one street mc/ 514 area

    Sans Pression – Derriere mon sourire

  • peace

    seems it got blocked so here’s the re/up:::514 mtl
    Sans Pression – Derriere mon sourire

  • peace

    You see just trying to rep my towm so we need drake to blast someone new from canada.%

  • bdr

    drake your biggest fucks are gonna be with your brothers here in canada and you know this.%

    click under disabled video after the warning you get from the vid above

  • YoYo


    its funny u say that, i thought Drake bodied JD era on the song “Rock N Roll” Boi-1da stays producing for Canadian artists also.

  • bdr

    Yeah i am aware they worked together of course but things need to be put under the scope the scene here is way more hustle suicide homicide oriented then ever like an old nwa/chronic serial killa scene and the US is more soft BS pop oriented. So drake needs to do more for this area. Boi wonda is doing great so no comments of course.

  • bdr

    [email protected] is @ peace of course moderator problems. AH!aha RR finally getting there shit re/uped

  • this man stays working. he might be a little out but you gotta respect the hustle..

    The Music Majors
    Music Production @ TheMusicMajors. com

  • n8o15301

    put your seatbelt on khaled your talking to much to hear the fucking dinging noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mac DIESEL



  • Belize


  • Jeffro

    Damn I didn’t think I could like Khaled any less, or Cool and Dre as people (their beats are hot)…but this video did it…it really pushed me to the point where I can’t even watch these videos for the comic relief. I swear these dudes are living in another reality, one that only exists for them…if it wasn’t for teenagers and their ring tones Khaled would be 40 lbs lighter and Cool n Dre would be begging Game to rap on their tracks….

    This “movement” is absolutely ridiculous, and I wish Rap Radar would stop promoting such garbage. The scene with Khaled and Cool in the studio made me feel embarrassed to be human. Honestly, those two dudes have issues.


  • BK

    LMAO he said he’d jump in front of a bullet for him. Just like that nigga gunplay with rick ross. When the shots fired gunplay was using ross as a fuckin wall haha.

  • Big Mak

    Khaled – Fake
    Drake – Fake
    Tyga – Fake
    Wayne – Fake
    Baby – Fake

    We The Best @ Being The Worst Forever.

    Oh and playing Pac at the beginning is a fucking joke.

  • mokh

    I reeeeeeeeeeeeally dislike this person!

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