New Music: Crooked I “HHW Reloaded 8 (Never Been)”

Crooked I is back and reloaded for the eighth week of his Hip Hop Weekly series. This time he tries his hand over Wiz Khalifa’s track from Kush & Orange Juice. Squeeze that. See you next week.


Last Week: “Blood On The Wall”

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    niiiiiice. I’m not gonna compare this to the original. I am not a dumbass. but Crooked is really dope, OH MY ME! …. I love the “Schala’s Theme” sample (my msg tone) lol

  • Dez

    fire as always… the best out

  • She said she never been

  • sway-z

    Harsh!!!!! This my favorite jawn since Week 7 off the 1st shit, Crook killing um

  • ironic

    nice work mr. i


    Crooked BLESS DAT BEAT.appreciat3. L00ks . C.O.B FROM 914 WESTCHESTER TO LONG BEACH. 300 Block Salute. Check my G . . ROYCE & CROOKED in NEW YORK . youTUBE/ infBlack3

  • kstone007

    Crook be killin’em C.O.B hoe!! Crook for presidente 2012!


    Explain how these nigga kills every beat he touches, and gets almost no comments. You hip pop niggas kill me.

    CROOKED.Hip Hop Weekly Killin your favorite artists albums.

  • @JERZZZ Cuz crooked chooses to uses talent and not gimmicks and’s rough for a lyrcist these’s going to change though.A lot of young ppl don’t get into real hip hop.Some do but,most want bubble gum shit

    This is crazy.I never heard the original song.Crooked is just a monster killing everything breathin.I love this.I can’t say enough good shit.C.O.B. SLAUGHTERHOUSE SHADY.he went bananas on here.”If I was God i would be like Oh My me”The Eddie long line was right Loch featured on Kanye West and Pusha T Runaway freestyle

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