• Nice..Have u ever been in Trinidad and Tobago? Best time is Carnival in February 2k11

  • Belize

    It’s aight.

  • dis is tight… come on na ladies get them remixes poppin

  • Haters are annoying

    its ight should have had more people on it

  • DonK


  • isis

    yeah I agree. Not a bad start but if she had gotten some other ladies on this( Mary, Keysh, Bey, Nicki etc) . This mighta been ill. Damn I think Remy mighta murked this but hey…oh well…



  • DOiLookLikeICare

    Ciara Deuces is meant for Guys DIssin the Girl they break up with
    shut up and go make me a sandwich

  • Usual_Suspect

    Ciara is immaculate

  • Crispus Attux

    This remix sucks. How can you even say this is good. It’s horrible.

  • NickeyBlack

    its ok but i think it def need more females accompanied

  • gtone310

    I’d rather hear JAZZY flip this. Next….boring

  • Ciara needs to hit me up so we can make some music together!

    The Music Majors
    Music Production @ TheMusicMajors. com

  • i liked it. i can honestly say because you added your own flavore to it u wasnt trying to be like chris brown. you did Ciara all the way through. love it love it love it lol