Waka Flocka Upset With Stephen Hill

Last evening a little drama spilled onto Twitter regarding Waka’s performance at BET’s Hip Hop Awards taping. After switching up his set at the last minute, the network’s EVP Stephen Hill made the comments above and Mr. Flame fired back.

Later, Stephen extended an olive branch. Apparently, the whole squabble is the result of a production mix-up.

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  • Damn, that shite angers me as well…Who pays for BET’s bills? the fans? right…so when waka wants to connect w/ fans he has the right too..simple shit like this is why i never check into BET.., oh yeah why wasnt Lloyd Banks invited to cypher? #BET = White ET

  • RC

    Nobody watches BET.

    Since everyone tweeted about the awards the ratings will be low.

    BET should just go away or go to an all video format.

  • Word

    Damn, I dunno which side to take with this one. Waka actually said something that makes sense, I cant even argue against the statement he made. I still dont understand why supposed gangsters tweet though. Gloc in one hand, Tweetdeck in the other?

  • Breezy

    Waka should stop doing things with BET. First 106 & Park, now the awards…

  • dani

    Waka Flocka is an embarrassment to rap.
    Just like BET…

    so I would think they would harmonize quite well.

  • don’t be silly. you know who’s side to take. Fuck BET. They took my Boondocks episodes, they bastardize the Hip-Hop scene, then invite and shit on Flocka. If Hill was actually watching shit like 106 & Park, he’d see what kind of nigga Flocka is. To have a nigga on your program, then invite him to a show and then berate him for being the nigga he is? Fuck BET.

  • luv4music

    I see Nas and Damian did not get nominated for a BET Award…that’s too much substance for BET! Come to think of it has Nas ever been nominated for a BET Award?

  • gee

    BET was always wackk to begin with! hah!

  • mac DIESEL




  • gee

    then again, waka’s pretty wack too.

  • Mr. October

    I agree with almost all the comments being made on this post. BET is some bullshit!! The hip hop culture and black culture as a whole has been debased and popularized so that the world’s perception of black people is even more negative now than before. When is the last time you saw some sort of black history or educational programming aired on BET? There are sooooooooo many enriching things about black culture and it’s distorted with these damn coonerish tyler perry movies and BET awards!!! Makes me sick!!

  • wickwickwack

    its not a concert ,its a tv performance …bet is responsible for the show content ,security.camera angle …so that u can really enjoy in front of your tv

    fuck BET but i understand why they re pissed

  • Citylivin’

    the next generation sure has alot of great positive artists to look in foward to…….ok that was a lie

  • Shawn

    Not Hills place. Leave that to the fans. Now when the Awards air you’ll have people already choosing a side..
    And Stephen Hill grow some balls… If he’s such an embarrassment don’t give him stage. The slot may have been better suited for a innovative up and comer.. But wait that means too much work the Execs???

  • Kind of D.



  • ZoomZoom





  • waka is intelligent.
    to judge him based on the way he talks, his spelling of words, his verbal expression, or his lack of institutional education is a sign of unintelligence.

  • mac DIESEL


    HA!!!! I LIKE THE SARCASM!!!!!


  • smokeyou

    first time i’ve even heard of the rapper waka flocka. what the fuck kind of name is that? i can only imagine the rhymes he writes. i’m sure he makes money so i can’t hate on that, but pardon me i have to laugh at the people who have to say waka flocka when asked what they are listening to.

  • hiphopfan

    these southern rappers are ruining hip hop, except for a few (outkast, jay electronica, etc.), and this guy looks like a faggot

  • teejay

    BET is one of the worst things to happen to black people. Waka Flocka is one of the worst rappers.

    I hope he performed horrible and the ratings for bet were horrible because of it.

    Yes they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell.

  • Drucifer

    Waka Flocka even being invited to an award show is sign enough that your channel has no taste….. These chitlin coons dont even sell no records so whats the excuse of having them around??

    I understand Wayne and Kanye and all them, they sell records, but Gucci Mane Waka and the rest of these minstrel show rejects aint goin anywhere near gold, so whats the reason to have them at an award show, because there so Artistically incredible??……….GTFOH

  • playback

    i think that waka suck but hes right here .. FUCK BET

    btw waka popular ? nigga please you better say nobody wanna perform on your fucked up show

  • Sleepy

    What’s up with everyone dissing Waka, then apologizing to him later? Nobody should be apologizing to Waka Flocka Flaming Homo. He’s straight trash. Wait, fuck that! He’s a fucking landfill!


    oooo shit! hill gettin buck! lol

  • WilliamJacob

    When BET promotes people like Waka Flocka they only have themselves to blame for moments like this.

  • still best rite now!!

    Waka is hiphop! If every rapper was like ur favorite, shit would be mad boring…this genre wouldve died years ago literally. thank god for diversity.

  • Black Shady

    BET lol. we’re in 2010…nobody watches this bullshit channel anymore

  • Belize

    BET has always sucked ass. MTV is goin down the toilet too with that lame-ass VMAs this year.
    Wacka Flocka can’t actually think he’s dope or has fans…not with that “music” he has out…and not with that wack-ass flow…

  • BigBrother

    lmfao fucking G with a gun on the right hand and tweeting on on his phone on the other lol

    Waka LAME
    FLOcKaVElI will be Certified Plastikk!!!!

  • Stop

    @still best rite now!! People respect diversity if the shit ain’t pure garbage

  • Please PLEASE stay in school kids. You get your point across so much better if you can spell.

  • Haters are annoying

    lmaoooooooo! waka is a fool anyway

  • Haters are annoying

    fuck both of them and bet is wack these days with there ever lasting re runds of the game and soul plane

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  • Nathaniel

    @WILLPOWER said:

    “waka is intelligent.
    to judge him based on the way he talks, his spelling of words, his verbal expression, or his lack of institutional education is a sign of unintelligence.”

    ^say that shit again. y’all niggas need to change the way you think about things. not being an eloquent spokesman is not a sign of not being intelligent. niggas, of all people, should know better than to be that narrow minded… we go to grade school everyday with homebois who don’t “speak well” nor “write well”, and while the system may say “oh, you’re dumb” WE as a people should KNOW BETTER. y’all so damn white washed. no, NOT because you think it’s important to speak well, but because of your reaction to your brother who cannot. wake the fuck up.

    everything waka said was true. and it’s 2010, everybody has internet access. he a real nigga because he’s not a PR slave. whatever he is, HE IS HIMSELF. good or so-called “bad”. role models? this is hip hop music, niggas, not the cosby show. we ALWAYS lift the rug and show the dirt, grim, and grit of our communities and society. it can’t be ignored, it is reality. accept waka, he’s here. what we NEED is BALANCE… not the removal of any artistic expression. BALANCE in the mainstream. and FUCK BET, STEPHEN HILL, BOB JOHNSON and his FUCK ASS WIFE.

    oh, and “QUIT HATIN THE SOUTH” – Pimp C

  • Certifiedone.

    Damn yall niggas getting your feelings hurt over this. Who gives a fuck, fuck ’em both.

  • Jimmy

    aint nothing but a minstrel show.
    being a real nigga?
    nigga you a real bad speller. grammar is atrocious.
    but Im not here for that.
    we got niggas in “black face” now.

    Fuck BET,
    And fuck Waka Flocka Flaming Faggot


    Waka is soooo illiterate.. He needs to learn how to spell.. I can’t even understand his tweets. REAL TALK

  • shady323

    WAKA = “Lame Game yall call rap”

  • Android

    @ZOOMZOOM someone should kick yo ass every day, til U kill urself.

  • NDUB

    If Waka and his DJ rehearsed his set before the performance at the Hip Hop Awards, then there should never have been any mix up of what track to play. That’s mad disrespectful to BET as everything had to be approved (ie signed by Waka) for the performance. You agree on something you see it through period!

    Now Waka looks like the illiterate dumbass that he is!

  • Cosign @WilliamJacob and @luv4music to the fullest

    Why no Nas/Damian nomination? Dropped the ball on that one big time and yeah if thats what they promote, then they have no place to complain at all.


    waka > jayz

  • fg

    waka you career is over bext month yea i said it being a real nigga does not sell records in 2010 your album will flop worst then chingy last album lol

  • they let wacker floppa perform???wtf them niggas will let anyone hop on that stage just to make money. the only thing i want to see is the dipset reunion.
    BET IS DEVIL!!!!!

  • Prajnaimmovable

    Waka=bottum thugg

  • Prajnaimmovable

    Waka=bottom thugg



  • lol.

    when this wack rapper gets invited to any award show or show you know they’re close to bankrupt and that ratings are low cuz this guys is trash

  • lord jesus

    you know what i’m sick of people hating on BET saying its bad for black people. BET was the only outlet for African American entertainment for years before hip-hop culture grew world wide. So now we are too good for it, I agree that there programming sucks but to knock them for their influence on and support of the hip-hop culture is just ignorant. They employee a lot of black people in the entertainment business. I appreciate them more for keeping positive messages in their programming. If rap music is negative then hate on the artist not the genre or the vehicle through which it comes. I dont see nobody saying shit about paramount or or some of these elite media companies when they put out violent films to entertain. I dont hate on them either. Im just sick of us always comparing what our people do to what white america does. Thanks for listening. As far as Waka Flaka, I dont really get into his music but I know the young ppl do so i respect it. He’s just young. and what the fuk is a real nigga. Is the black guy who comes from the hood and gets a college degree any less real then a guy from the hood who makes it as an entertainer and promotes selling drugs? WTf . Fuk all yal niggas

  • t



    im gay for waka cocka flamer

  • devante

    am i the only one who had to read his tweets over to understand?
    This nigga is dumb ass shit

  • Doe Money

    Fuck BET

  • Can’t you see this a ploy to get you to watch? Fake beef sucks donkey balls.

  • baby of Stan


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  • drew who

    i wish they’d stop talking about these dudes who cant rap, why not talk about something good in hip hop, like crooked i or black milk, put them on the awards, then they wouldn’t have to worry about this non sense.

  • a


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  • Drucifer


    LOL, I had to re-read Waka tweets to understand them too

    *Samuel Jackson Voice*


  • @still best rite now

    “Waka is hiphop! If every rapper was like ur favorite, shit would be mad boring…this genre wouldve died years ago literally. thank god for diversity”

    lol homie there’s a HUGE difference between diversity and WACKNESS

    waka has no skills, no real flow, typical over-synthezied beats he spits his garbage lyrics over and he isn’t saying shit! overall he does nohting but get money while artistically re-defining purewackness, period.

    you want diversity listen to some b.o.b., unlike waka he has ACTUAL TALENT

    don’t hate on my comment cause i speak the truth about artists that think quantity over quality

  • p


  • personally


  • personally

    waca flocka is an idiot. it dont matter how much money he has im pretty sure he didnt read his contract so we will see how long his career will last. and far as others rappers having GHOSTWRITERS. this dude need one. his lyrics sulks. and as far as being a roll model neva that!!! this dude need a role model and a gym membership BIG NASTY STANKY LOOKIN NINJA!!!

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  • FackAHater

    Fuck waka fucka

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  • WOW.. This is some crazy shit

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  • suthernboy

    it really dont matter what nobody thinks or even me the facts are what it is. i was there wit wacka and the performance mix up was a technical problem. thats fact. wacka jumped in the crowd and asked a couple respected artists to come on stage. thats fact. he did nothing intentional. thats fact. everyone including artists from the north and south gave him nothing but respect including legends..thats fact. hes not the best rapper he’s a trapper thats why he gets respect and to the money [email protected] niggas.

  • Queen B

    1st of all BET let him come on there & WACKA is a reel nigga who say wat tha fuk he want & do wat the fuk he feel. U cant take the reel outta reel nigga. SORRY BET!! WACKA GOT A POINT ON THIS..HIS FANS LOVED IT & HE MADE THE SHOW HYPE!!! #FlockaFan

  • waka dnt take to the truth to well.

  • Truthbtold

    Well I was there and I got to see first hand what happened. You have to understand programming to know how it works. That’s why they practice before the real taping. Waka took it upon himself to jump in the crowd. Those wasn’t like everyday people type fans he’s replying too. Those were artist and celebrities that’s been in the business for a minute. WIth so much beef in the game for security purpose and what has happened at other awards show it’s just not a good look to jump down on folks like that. Everybody in the game is not a Waka fan so he needs to realize its a difference from a concert and a awards show. A concert people paid to come see you so by all means jump in the crowd to connect with your fans; a awards show is just that a awards show. I got mad love for Waka and anybody trying to get there hustle on in the game but at the same time you have to save some stuff for the right place at the right time. And whose not to say Waka wasn’t doing that to get close to a artist that talked trash about him for what happened on 106 and Park…Well they had his behind back on stage in seconds………..

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  • y mutha fukas hate on dis man… he did gud ta me god damn me… fuk wut dey write n say flocka keep make n da money my nigga dats all dat matta n e way… fuk a hata… BRICK SQUAD!!!