Ludacris Introduces Soul Headphones

Now hear this. Following in the footsteps of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z,  Ludacris is set to launch his own line of headphones. This past weekend, he introduced his Soul at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta. Luda also help designed a sound system that will be able to play CDs, iPods, iPads, and HD radio. Exclusive Access was there and snapped pictures from the event.

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  • DR

    fucking joke they look like a rip off of beats. I love luda pre battle of the sexes but have an original idea..

  • RoeLuv

    Another notch on the rapper checklist – clothing line (check) Liquor (check) headphones (check)

  • Shawn

    Nigga is selling every thing but good music…SMH

    Watch for the new line of Seasoning Salts, work out DVD and jewelry line… Coming soon!!!! LMAO

  • A…fuck the haters get that money mane

  • RoeLuv

    Haha u wrong (seasoning salt) Luda Spice!! Hey I’m not knocking his hustle..get that paper.

    Hey Ladies,that time of the month? RoeLuv Pads

  • sell me anything

    U mean get that pepper, donkey

  • josh

    luda dont fuck up a good mishka crewneck with your wack ass headphones. Luda becoming the new master p. jumping on shit when its already out and prospering.

  • Slim

    Wow…This nigga is too smart to be making these weak ass business moves. First off, your cognac marketing was WAAAAAAAAY off…..How are you going to market your “premium cognac” to the hood, with a low riding, pimped out van with the Conjur decal all of it?? lol. Nothing about that look says “premium”. You just depreciated the value of your brand like a muhfucka with that hood shit. Next up, we have this late ass attempt at the headphone game…..Come on son….You know Dre already got this…Diddy even chimed in with Diddy Beats…..Now a year later, you gonna come in with these cheap ass looking “Soul” headphones? GTFOH Nigga….Just keep tapping that fine piece of ass you got and putting out decent music. Marketing is clearly not your cup of tea. Real talk.

  • NuNu

    I can’t hate on that….bet u they way more budget friendly than Dre’s Beats tho. I refuse to pay all that money for some headphones unless I’m a DJ or some shit.

  • Your mother’s”friend”

    Wow really smh , @Slim cosign like Jay said we need a board ….niggas will do anything for money , Ive lost all respect for this guy .When you look at what Jay ,Puff & Russel did it was more about our own people within the culture benefiting from how big hip hop was becoming instead of outsiders …that i can respect . this is just desparate & sad damn Luda” how low can you go ?”


    looks like this is the new trend. first it was owning a clothing company then it was the liquor which luda has n now its headphones. lets see how many people jump on this bandwagon

  • Certifiedone.

    No one bought Beats, and no one’s buying soul. So quit with all of the headphone shit.

  • true game!

    @Certifiedone. one bought beats?? they just sold over a million the last year! at around $300 a pop you do the math

  • Android

    This is getting outta hand! Were not lady gaga’s follow whatever fans, this is hiphop! For a generic idea like this if its not dirt cheap or free, WERE NOT BITING! BEATS was the cutoff. Conjure aint left shelves since it was stocked ni99a.

    You dont see YMCA doin this trite shit. They invest in oil! INVEST IN INDUSTRY!

  • Cudder

    Yeah i have a pair of the studios. These look like a really cheap knock off real talk

  • clothing lines, liquor deals, now headphones…. They really do look like some knock off Beats.

  • Mega

    Nigga how you gonna come out with some cheap ass wanna-be Dre headphones??? LMBAO

  • Toya

    Sad. I love Luda but I’m more interested in where he got his shirt than where I can find his headphones or his liquor.

  • MiloD

    beats rip off
    beats rip off
    beats rip off
    beats rip off
    beats rip off
    beats rip off
    beats rip off

  • E-Hustle

    Most Def a rip off dick riding move of Beats By Dre which I just copped the White HD 3 stack versions. It wasn’t an easy decision to drop the cheese on them because they are over priced, but that design is insane and the noise cancellation is amazing,… atleast for me, everyone else looks pissed off on the subway train at me! LMAO!
    That is the only reason I copped them, because I just got a new job where I have to take the subway in DC and need something to void out the noise of dumb niggaz talking ignorant on the train.
    Plus bitches think a nigga got bread rocking them joints. lol! Trust me, they do.

  • E-Hustle

    btw, when I say pissed off on the train that is because no matter how low you have to volume on your ipod these shits still are heard by those who are not wearing them. That IMO is the only flaw of these headphones.

  • Belize

    I like Luda’s shirt.

  • Uh-oh

    Should we be alarmed at Luda’s shirt?

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  • wtfns

    hey man,luda’s a good guy,stop hating on him

  • Cory

    luda is a good guy…. BUT MAKE SOME MUSIC FOR CHRIST’S SAKE

  • Odog

    Imma get those

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  • shy

    if there good, and at a good price i’ll buy them, but they need some style, don’t make them like some cheap as dr dre headphones, add some color and designs, i am a ludacris fan so please make some music

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