• Karee

    Drake R&B > Drake Rap

  • Briana

    This gets its own post though right??? Why couldn’t it have been added on to the kodack post like yall did J. cole. smh

  • Nise

    Can we pay respect to TLC? This is their song “Fan Mail” that he remade

  • ThaDude

    its Drake so you know its good

  • Haters are annoying

    i loveeeeeeeee it already downloaded

  • Sonsay

    Could he chose a gayer title next time? Like ” hold myself at night” or something

  • Haters are annoying

    and r.i.p left eye

  • PTownWa

    I have a hard time believing this guy is allowed to Rap too….. His R&B shit be softer than the regular R&B dudes be singing…

  • YoYo

    ^^^His music is only about self expression so i dont think he thinks too much about it.

  • I’m feelin’ tha TLC “Fanmail” sample. That album was tha shit! Dope track. Can’t wait 2 hear the mixtape.

  • Gus

    so much for “all new music” drake. 40’s production>drake in this song… a verse at the end would’ve been tight.

  • King Carter

    Props to Drake for remaking the TLC song, Fanmail. That was one of my favorite TLC songs of all time back in 1999, R.I.P. Left Eye!

  • Haters are annoying

    @gus calm down its just the first track sheesh

  • Tiiz

    Lmao @ Sonsay! He would make that song.

  • chicken and waffles

    drake is a good r&b singer
    as for rapping i like mixtape drake

  • Truth

    Already downloaded….

  • it only makes sense for him to do this…

    The Music Majors
    Music production @ theMusicmajors. com

  • hG

    if anybody else put this song out, they would be laughed at. dude’s ridin hype waves – the ocean will calm down soon.

  • Songs dope..

    Check out my music .. Im from a different breed of rappers


  • So Icy Boi!

    @hG ..yea i knw …i bet dis shit gonna be on the radio soon …he a knock off Dream

  • Cole For President

    40 is a genius that is all

  • Cole For President

    when 40 said all he listens to is R&b kid at lying dude is crzy

  • Jaye

    I like his cover, 40’s a beast tho!!

  • UltraKid

    I’m diggin’ this track and the TLC sample…

    You know The-Dream has alot of good tracks out as well and I bet if Drake put out some of the songs he’s made they would have been hits…It’s not fair but I still enjoy Drake’s music…but people act like he’s the only artist making music in America…

  • Android

    Cant Brock Lesnar give Drake a throat punch, so he can go ghostwrite behind the scences. Someone steal that ni99a 40’s medicine, take those prescription papers too. Tired of this shit.

  • KillSwitch

    this sound like sum shit a nigga would write a suicide note to….

  • Evelyn

    Well this explains why he wore a TLC t-shirt during the VMA rehearsals…A Lovely song regardless.

  • Bangers N Mash

    Alright I guess. Wasn’t bad, but nothing special.

  • phillmatic

    I Thought It Was RAPradar, not R&Bradar

  • Certifiedone.

    We know, you soft as pie ass nigga.

  • Drucifer

    I’d much rather hear this guy singing then rapping……….

  • yo

    Is that the real album art LMAO

    better not be

  • Word


    I knew yall was experimenting with them lil backgrounds to advertise shit more. Good shit though

  • Word


    COSIGN. They coulda added this song to the Drake Kodak post but they gave this snog its own post, but they cant give that Cole track its own post despite the fact that its better than this SMH. I guess Drake gets yall more clicks huh?

  • Jason

    ^Obviously, you clicked didnt you :). Case closed

  • Haters are annoying

    @jason haters gettin the panties in a bunch cause its not J cole post ? gtfo

  • dudes gay…..shoutout to jcole.


  • dani

    I like the TLC version better….

    and I don’t understand why Drake insists on singing?? ?? He knows he doesn’t have a great voice. His voice is like, the Ciara of male R&B. I don’t understand why he has to sing when he’s a pretty good rapper ???

    i am so confused.

    and OEMGEE…. a remake of a TLC sonG?? I know the original… does that make me old now? lol.


    nobdy doin it like drake…c’mon rap and can sing dat why he the biggest in the game rite now cuz of dat so dont hate congratulate

  • isis

    LOL @dani, that is why I always say he is fake singing. His voice is a lil sus but I like the song.

  • ODC

    this guys sucks as a singer
    female gonna love his crap tho

  • Later

    you going to hate on Drake because he can sing too and he knows how to be honest in his songs? This is why hip hop is dying because of ignorant jackasses like you all

  • EsatD.

    sooo sweeeet . Love this niggaa

  • Later

    You assholes hate on drake but your favorite rappers cosign him so it’s all good haha!! Dumbasses

  • Haters are annoying

    @later cosign kanye said all of the lights is his next sing featuring “you know who ” lol

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  • Devil

    Another gay/corny ass song. Always doing the SAME shit over and over again.

  • 2WO

    Makes sense. In that MTV interview he had on that Fan Mail tee which I thought was lightweight awkward. Maybe he’s in a super TLC zone right now. If he remakes Baby or What About Your Friends, then I’ll be very afraid…

  • Love2Luv

    This is some BS…I’d rather hear TLC sing it. C’mon Drake!

  • yo, its aight… it gets to be a bit annoying after a while… but, its some chill type music though… milk it drizzy…. platinum in his home state… good look cuz! YM its time for barbie’s turn lol…. pardon me i had to laugh at that…. her verse on monster was heavily, heavy….. straight through me is a bit -aight…. i wanna see what she brings with the “pink friday” disc

  • ayoooo

    you nerds sit on this site and hate on everyone on it when the fact is that you couldnt make anything close to the shit theyre puttin out. Act like any of you could make a better song than this. FUCK THE HATERS YOUR ALL JEALOUS YOU AINT GETTIN PAID LIKE THEM!

  • nick2bbury

    it feels like I’m listening to the same song overr and over again lol, disappointment drizzy

  • bigjay2501

    The TLC version was hot! Drake did this one justice though. props to him.

  • this is so far Drizzy, on some houstatlantvegas tip… Haters fall back

  • LMAO Y’all are going in on Drake…damn.

  • Word


    Get off my dick faggot, im done shitting on your bitch ass

    @Haters are annoying

    How bout instead of commenting on my comment, you keep dickriding Drake. Faggot.

  • Drake had a couple hot RnB joints at 1st like that you don’t know one else that made me think dude could sing.he can hold a note but,it’s the same note.I like Drake’s album though.I like Drake’s music.Dude can spit and has talent.I don’t really need to hear Drake making a bunch of these RnB records though.If I could sing really,I would use that too.I can’t hate

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  • Belize

    And this fag call himself a rapper -_-

  • @Belize

    actually he calls himself an “artist”

    hop off his nuts faggot

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  • Its Yourz

    @sonsay….Lmao…that shit is to funny cause he’ll title his next album that.

    drake is multi-talent…so give em all four lanes on the music highway. Once you stop putting him in a box of certain category..you appreciate his work.

  • Masta J

    @ dani: Cosign.

    yea no offense to drizzy who i highly respect, but he need to either focus on rapping or singing. this borderline shit is damn near insulting because he is basically saying “i can put out ok shit and still pull a fanbase” the sad thing is that it’s true. cuz of the syndicated garbage flooding the airwaves thanks to “artists” like waka, and soulja boy this ok shit he is putting out is sounding like gold in comparison. yea i’m glad that there are still decent people to listen to out there but when i know he could do better than this there is no need for him to half ass a track.

  • Drock

    uh the lyrics are the same, so its just drake singing a TLC song on an inferior beat, I appreciate it as a tribute, we need more tributes to TLC, they did so much for hip-hop over the years RIP Left Eye.

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  • this track is on repeat




  • musicsavedmylife

    Funny how you all love Drake now. Kinda sad how quickly you dumb kids’ opinions waiver when someone becomes successful. That IS the definition of a dick rider. Drake is dope as hell…but I’m sure a year and a half ago, 99% of y’all would call him “gay” “corny” etc…have an opinion and stick with it…

  • reinaM

    I hear ya Nise… Soon as I heard this song, I was like TLC? “Fanmail”? lol I just hope someone gives them their props

  • Riiah.B

    i love this song : )) Drakke is like so real when he raps/siings.!

  • eboni24

    why are yall hatin on drake. The nigga is nice; get over it. Btw I have this song on repeat =)

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  • Raquel Kayee

    i love this song. Even though it was TLC’s song on their Fanmail album, he should give them their props.. but it does sound nice.

  • Alysssa

    I love this song a tear drops from my eyes every time I here it..

  • this my shit

  • drakelover17

    i luv this song my boyfriend wanted me to listen to it n i did it’s so sweet b-cuz i kno he thinkin bout me juss as well as im thinkin bout him too I LOVE YOU BABE!!!!

  • drake is the best song maker ever anyone who says otherwise must be stupid or deaf he is the g.o.a.t or greatest of all time

  • dis dat fie….i made a song to dis too…called ilove u

  • Drakee Im N Lovee Witt Thiss Sonqq ! <33

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