• Belize

    It’s okay.

  • Word

    Tygas the only other decent rapper in YM. Everybody else is trash. His mixtape was straight though, Tyga Tyga was my shit. This shit okay too…stay away from the rest of YM though! You learning kid, look at Drake and Nicki, they barely be with YM and they succeeding. Them other niggas aint going nowhere

  • Post no billz

    Tygas one of the most improved emcees in the game.. Son came a long way from coconut juice pause lol..

  • Cudder

    I wonder how much Pharrell charge for his studio time

  • does anyone notice?


    well ask yourself this….. how much does he charge for sweatshirts?



    dog you wouldn’t know shit bruh, stay away from the rest of them? cmon son that man ain’t you son, shit don’t work like that smh, drake and niki are doing what artist are supposed to do and that’s grind, and I’m sure there that way because of wayne bruh, you gotta stop limiting shit to just your opinion when it’s way beyond that homie.

  • tyga has really improved and finally he seems to have some direction.

  • his status hit 10x what it was instantly from association with chris brown.

    he definitely knows his lane. lot of ladies-oriented songs, some swaggy-party stuff.

    this track specifiically is that chill-ass neptunes s hit i miss. dawg they are soooo sick with it. how can this lose?

  • chicken and waffles

    these 2 fools look like they’re related haha

  • IrelandRepresents

    Ah here we go… ladies and gents, meet Pharrell new piece of ass. Chances are he is shagging away at this young fella.

  • ShadyGunner

    Damn, at first i thought Tyga was Pharrell he looks just exactly like him.

  • Word


    WTF are you talking about? By the rest of them, I obviously mean the kids, gudda, and the other nobodies in YM. Not Drake and Nicki and Wayne, I dont even consider them YM sometimes cuz they bigger than the group anyway. The other members in the group could never be solo artist, their identity is as YM but Drake Nick and Wayne can, cuz their identites are bigger than YM. People know about them outside of YM, people only know bout them kids because they fuck with Wayne in YM. So when I say Tyga need to stay away from YM, I mean everybody thats NOT Drake Nick and Wayne….but that shoulda been obvious

  • Word

    Actually, when I look at my comment…I said that already! I said Drake and Nicki are succeeding with YM so follow their lead, but not them other niggas

  • Sir Douglas

    I can’t fuck with Tyga(he dont talk about nothing) but Pharrell is that dude so I’ll give this a pass

  • Android

    ^^Every single person in YM not named Dwayne Carter is a WC fuck em. Drake N tyga (WC), Nicki n that other girl(in house escorts), gudda(enforcer), jaemillz(bag holder), those otha ni99as(errand runners n sizzurp makers). Whole squad is useless, ide b pissed if i was Wayne. No one takes the fall but no problem takin money. Gudda, jae, mohawk dude, chucky and all other leeches couldve blocked.

  • ok den..


  • Killa Kake

    I take music as it comes, without all the “Fuck YM” shit. Yeah, they’ve put out more trash than good. But this is nice.

  • SayAhh

    like Drake and Nicki… everyone in YM’s time is going to come Nicki was signed to YM for years and than finally she blew up… but Wayne suck at Promoting his artist he should do it 1 at a time instead of just throwing the whole Label at us

    when he comes out he should promote Cory Gunz, Gudda, Streetz, Millz, Short Dawg
    1 by 1 it doesn’t even look like a label it looks like a group

  • Haters are annoying

    tygaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !..i like the beat to

    @Word cosign that comment

  • Haters are annoying–> Android

    @android go get a day job or fuckin kill yourself !

  • its aight…possibly a single?? i heard dumber songs…but, i like the vibe….very good

  • this nigga go hard
    tyga is the fucking truth
    fuck yall haters
    tyga 2 di bloodclat universe

  • This is dope. better than alot of shit thats out.

    Check my blog: mistateofmynd.wordpress.com

  • sway-z

    I never messed with none of this nigga’s shit EVER, but this real hot, like, for real. Give credit when it’s due