Nicki Minaj Narrates Kanye West Film

Kanye held a screening yesterday for his film, Runaway in London. HHC was in attendance and provided a review of the film below.

Firstly it has French subtitles. One of the first images you see is of a determined and running Kanye West. The first voice you hear is of Nicki Minaj who narrates the opening in a British accent. Kanye driving his fancy sports car is hit when a fireball/comet from the sky hits the ground. From this fireball, we see Selita Ebanks  as The Phoenix. This phoenix is innocent and for me, it represents the art world. Kanye (being the commercial and art world) takes it into his care and teaches it. There’s a moment where the phoenix is watching TV and not knowing what it is.

Yeezy’s first line, “first rule baby, don’t pay attention to what you see in the news”. It’s almost like he symbolises the merger between the art world and the commercial world.One thing that really hit me was the distinct colours that are used. Green, Black, White and Red are permanent fixtures in the movie. It really added depth to the cinematography. Ang Lee (director of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), is also a director who uses colour effective to bring out a scene.There’s an ode to Michael Jackson in the movie with a procession.

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  • Sir Douglas

    That’s 1 artistic MoFo…

  • dumb bitch

    If i was British id smack the wierdness out of this bitch.

    This bitch sucks!

  • chigo

    Sounds dope but dummies won’t be able to appreciate it most think a hot video is one in a club or on the block just rapping without showing any real story not bringing the story to life so wayne, gucci, souljaboy and waka fans won’t feel this

  • herbsaac

    I dont know whats up with Kanye.. This sounds like some 808 type trying to reach new people shit.. so more so a marketing ploy rather than something that he is passionate about.. but.. i wont hate till i watch it for 6 minutes and turn it off :-X

  • herbsaac

    @chigo do you mean that those fans will see the marketing ploy that you cant? you think this is about anything other than money homie? ill appreciate it if it’s a good sotry and well put together.. but sounds a little too contrived behind closed doors than serving a real purpose.. but i wont know until i see it.. but you just started out with the hate.. even tho this is just about getting your dollars outta your pocket.. nothing to do with anything more than that..

  • John

    this isnt a review…this reads like a book report written by a 8 year old.

  • JAYE

    Go ‘head HB!!!

  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel

    kanye likes nicki minaj lol

    haters will hate

  • chigo

    I started out with hate? I started by saying it sounds dope and I went on to say how it might not get appreciated by folks who are so used to

  • chigo

    Regular videos you started your post with hate

  • SayAhh

    smh i knew ppl were gonna hate on Nicki for doing a 2 sec narrate damn

    and @Chigo you came on here all sad b4 there was even hate what does that have to do with those rappers you named Fan Bases?

  • chigo

    And since when has a video made you go out and buy an album? I don’t know about you but I buy albums based on the music not the visuals cuz most of the time vides don’t bring the song to life
    So how is the video about gettin dollars out of my pocket?
    The fact that he actually bothered to tell a story shows he is more passionate than other rappers tho

  • kanyefan
  • Truth

    Cant wait to see it

  • chigo

    Not gonna keep posting lol cuz I posted too much
    But @sayahh I just already knew what the cmments were gonna be and posted what I thought about the description of the video and also how I thought it would be recieved
    Most people that have posted on a rapradar post about kanye that hate are apart of those fan bases





  • GTFO

    Why do I feel that people are doing lines of coke before they watch this screening.

  • Jimmy

    THATS ILL! Gotta see this!

  • L.O.L

    cosign @ DARKAQUA

  • kanye is killing it right

  • its sounds dope…. i wanna see it

  • Android

    Unless Selita Ebanks is naked ,im not watching this art nouveau fantasy anyway.

    Nickis voice would sound sexy tho……In a phone bone.


    why doesn’t he just get morgan freeman like evryone else lol

  • herbsaac

    You were hating on waka and gucci fans.. while gucci and waka may not be the best i understand why people that music.. Thats what i meant by you started out hating.. why wouldnt you be eager that waka and gucci fans would like this video.. you just degrade them hoping to keep this to you and whatever group you think of yourself in when it comes to being a fan.. you want them to be segregated from what you like becaquse you cant put yourself up to like what they like.. so rather than you wanting them to like what you like.. you diss them hoping to deter them from this(even if they already are because it might not be THEIR style) so you can keep it to youself and whatever group of holy hip hop fan that you think you are.. SMFH

  • Vexed and Glorious

    WTF would he have Nicki Minaj narrate in a FAKE British accent??? the fuck? why not have Estelle or Corinne Bailey Rae. You know, someone actually from England… The video preview looked interesting, but I’m a bit turned off by having Minaj narrate.

  • Belize

    If this in theaters looks like I can’t go.
    Imagine hearing this cunt’s annoying voice in loud speakers and in a BRITISH ACCENT?!!!
    Whatthefuck Onika! You tryin to make Kanye’s $$$$$ decrease lil bitch?

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  • Anthony

    Nicki with a British accent…??? Yeah and Paul Mooney is going to make a movie having Lady Gaga doing a Nigerian accent.

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