Mary J. Blige x Swizz Beatz “Fancy” (Original Version)

So I was inspecting my Drake CD packaging today (you get to when you actually purchase music) and noticed an additional vocals credit to Mary J. Blige on TML‘s track 7. Not covered in the otherwise extensive and excellent making of piece in Complex (NCB and the crew are focused daily), was that apparently Swizzie offered the Queen this track first. Hmm. Anyways, I think with 40’s breakdown added to it, this song ended up where it needed be. No harm, no foul.

Heads Up: Aziz’s Favorite

UPDATE: Four months later. No tags.


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  • yerrr

    thats sad when u offer MJB a song n a DUDE takes it. … this is the gayest track on TML the rest of the album is fine. 7/10 its whatever.

  • Tom

    act all high and mighty cause you paid 10 bucks for a shitty album.

  • nyg718

    thank god swizz passed that to drake…cus now its actually a good song…that boy tip when in on that shit 2

  • atttttttta boy

    tip def ripped it but the hook is so wack

  • what y’all smokin? shit’s crakk

  • swiss is annoying as fuck…
    he thinks that everybody likes him on the tracks…
    he and Dj Khaled have to shut the fuck up…
    go produce your beats and stay quiet…

  • mike

    YN. I know you are into breaks and samples, so…I think that this track that Swizz produced has something to do with a track (Very Fancy) from the South African group (Die Antwoord).

    I know Swizz said he was going abroad for music inspiration. I think he sampled or lifted elements of that song.

    What do you think?

    here is the link for the song.

    (Of course, there is nothing wrong with sampling a song if the originator is getting their “just due”. This is just an observation.)

    YN, you’re kinda the pro at this. What do you think?

  • King Speez

    I’ll save ya sometime YN… Not at all bro… Pretty far of a reach

  • devante

    Lol is thank me later full of left overs? “Miss me” was Bun b song, “Find your love” was a 808`s left over from Kanye and now this?

  • Thereal sample

    @mike nope thats not the sample @ all
    The real sample is “i dont want to play aroun” by ace spectrum. You cant findit on the net i would love to hear it, i know this because i got the cd and it lists the sample there lol

  • Actually, Complex did mention it…on the TML Preview post from a few weeks back. And yes, we are just that focused.

  • Barzini Meeting


    Exactly. lol.

    Drake doesn’t need our support anyway. I’m sure Baby or maybe someone even higher up the hierarchy is gonna buy 300,000 copies anyway.

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  • Android


  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel, Lucas and others

    drake’s version> this ….sorry mary lol

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  • Truth

    Goes to show you how talented dude really is. He took it and made it a hit. And Swizz winning right now. Stfu

  • Idk where the swizz hate comes from either. All the tracks he’s been on this past month have been fire and really helped out. On the “so appalled” update, who honestly wasn’t fucking with that “one hand in the air” chant? That was some real shit in those few bars.

  • Belize

    They shoulda just made it Mary J’s….

  • Peekay

    sounds way better than the track on drake’s album.