• Wale


  • Drucifer

    LOL @ Cage bein on the track. this track is better then anything on his last album anyway


    damn everything gettin leaked now adays…

  • Kind of D.



  • ireland

    that beats awesome fuck the rest

  • Android

    One of the worst to ever step in a booth. Right up there with the BUMMY WSHH RAPPERS.

  • J

    i like it more and more the more i hear it

  • johnny

    The beat is hot but cudi been wack what is rappin about all he’s doing is mumbling and I loved motm, but I hope this is not on motm2 cuz this is trashskizingtons

  • B-Link

    Fucking *dead* at some dude called ‘Wale’ being first to comment and simply saying “wack”. Hilarious

  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel, Lucas and others

    kid cuddi’s flow is wack, nice beat though

  • jayceon taylor

    beat >>>>>>>>

  • gosh mctosh fuckoff

    Man Cudi is stepping into a realm of artistic integrity that the average rap fan couldnt comprehend nor appreciate. Keep doin’ yo thang Scott. Your music is insanely great at this point

  • its dope… i love the beat & how cudi goes in on dis one! i hope all the issues he has gotten in he paints the paintings musically his new ablum…

    G.O.O.D music

  • Belize

    I like Cudi but this is weak…

  • who

    this shit is so dark – dope



  • foekist

    This is dope. Cudi keep doing ur thing, fuck the haters!!

  • Queefbat

    Dope dope dope!! last ye or cudi leak I listen to though

  • Bronx Hann

    Yall all stupid… Listen to WAT HES SAYING DUMBASSES.

  • teejay

    Cage is ill. Suprised by this collabo

  • Walker

    the beat samples the strangers by st. vincent

  • James

    i think kid cudi has really found his niche n zone and he’s stickin to it. he’s not tryna make music for people who arent his fans. you either hate his music or love. me personally, i love it. now if only he could stop all these leaks

  • pissed

    I kinda like it.

  • James

    …oh and this also seems unfinished

  • real DC nigga from NE


  • JohnBlack

    “Cause when I drop this solo shit it’s over with I bought Cage’s tape, opened it, and dubbed over it”

    After that line Cage should’ve stopped rapping. Cudi should’ve never picked up a mic

  • Jason M

    I like this song
    But that cage guy sounds out of breath when he raps

  • teejay

    More i listen to it more I like it. Cage was a nice touch. Shame him and eminem never got along could have made a crazy collabo

  • Queefbat

    @James well said. he doesn’t try and be something he ain’t, you either like it or you don’t. but if you don’t….

  • Uptown Don

    this sounds so good. Bless Kid Cudi. Fuck Wale


    This fool think he Pink Floyd or somethin – I give it to him for pushing the creative boundries – but im not a fan

  • ODM3The Truth

    Kid Cudi does his own thing. He’s not into all this pure rapping bullshit. He makes music that he wants to make, and it fits his style.

  • Kid cutty

    kid cudi wants 2 get sum cuddi kidding around cutting a kids cutti til the cudi gets muddi-Wale

  • who

    this better not delay the album release

  • cudi

    fuck all the haters cudi… ur hella sick
    keep doing ur thing

  • who

    played this in my car for the first time last night and it sounds 10x better. beat is so dope. cudi is the man

  • alchemist

    you will vever understand the maniac, the rager, the man on the moon …

  • i really don’t think thats cage, i have listened to this so many times and it sounds similar but he doesn’t have the same drawl in his voice…even starting in his horrorcore days and his change ups to his emo time right now…this doesn’t sound like him at all.

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