Young Jeezy TM103 Gets A Release Date

Let’s try this again. Jizzle kept his promise and now after a few push backs, Def Jam has confirmed with XXL that they’re finally motivated to release TM103 on December 14th. It’s going to be a cold winter.

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  • MannyBricks

    You knw how the game be.. Jeezy voice..Ha!

  • bigdrep

    I hope that date holds true. We need some real street music!

  • city8732

    Let’s hope this sticks!

  • Post no billz

    that snowman shits gonna knock hard in the whip this holiday season.. Rap game fucked up but u cant blame me is my shit right now..

  • Word

    Oh I need to download Last Laugh….something to hold me over till this comes out next year…

  • Black Shady

    nobody’s checking for Jeezy. those singles been wack. you need another “put on” son…

  • Fuck Ya Life

    I won’t hold my breath on that. Hopefully it does come out on that date tho. It’ll be a nice late November and December.

  • Fredro

    Jeezy yessir…..Need that good holiday music to ride to

    Jeezy and Kanye album on deck

  • shady323

    A Promise?
    The Game put it on his mom, R.E.D. would drop 8/24.
    it’s now…10/11.
    where da Fawk is it!!???
    so….I’m not gonna fall for shiiiit until I see a damn TM 103 in stores on the muthafcking top shelve.
    Till then. Yall rappers getting pushed back can suck my dick along with your fake ass release dates!!
    Except Jeezy, he dope. lolz

  • We’ll see.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    who cares about this……this cd will suck as much as FLOPAVELLI did

  • ronnie_moe

    Can’t ban the Snowman…..

  • City10

    @ Tim lee va stand up. u know what hating is? Yes were all aloud to have an opinion but come on now…

  • Zone6

    Both jeezy singles r garbage

  • BRu973

    Jeezy needs to change it up with his sonic choices… Hip Hop isn’t feeling the “stereotypical” southern production any longer… and everything he has dropped so far with the exception of I Do It sounds exactly the same

  • Word

    Both of Jeezys singles did suck, Jizzle (pause) All White Everything….based on those two titles, I think this album was conceived while masturbating.

  • FortKnox

    Sux Def Jam needs to be ‘motivated’ to release home boys album. Music would be a far different industry if the artists had the ability to freely make and release art when they wanted to. Basically you need to ‘motivate’ the suits to get shit done, damn shame.

  • Fredro

    He scrapped all white everything and jizzle he actually owned up to those singles and went back into the lab…..which got big ups from me because most artists would have lived and died by their singles….ToD2 is mixtape of the year…The Last Laugh is cool and he got Jizzle w/out lil jon which is better still not album worthy but I can stand it now on a mixtape

  • Android

    So Act II , DETOX, lost tapes2, lasers, red and tm103. Ill make sure to put these box marked coming denever 14th two thousand and never.

  • Nigeria

    Isnt that supposed to be lost tapes 2 release date? Damn!

  • 3’s UP

    At least Dolle was a real Mansfield crip

  • 3’s UP

    At least Dolla was a real Mansfield crip

  • he should thank Shawty Redd for ‘Amen’ – best track he’s released in a WHILE….

  • @ College Park GA

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed in ALL the music from Jizzle! Weak and redundant. I REALLY hope none of those singles or songs off the mixtape r on the album!!!

  • Ben

    he needs to change the album title.

  • Dum fucs

    this shitty artist gets a release date but nas is not confirmed lol

  • zezzoi

    I’m thinkin Jeezy got some bangers on his album, he’s too scared to release album-quality records for free…

  • Dolla

    “Niggaz sleepin on me but fuck it Scrapp dey can all nap”

  • Belize

    Thank goodness it’s not in November.
    Let’s just hope it does come out this year. 🙁

  • Fredro

    lol most of the songs on ToD2 kill everything he put out including amen imo

  • studiothuggizmz

    lose my mind was a summer anthem! tod2 classic, 1000 grams classic, last laugh classic, so its a matter of a single too set the album off!

  • jig

    the jig is up jeezy nobody wants to hear or care how real or street you are it is wack now

  • yea… it’s about time… its too bad nobody cares anymore though

  • HOOD

    this nigga better come correct like he did on that Drake track he did for his album…. otherwise his shit is done with

  • I mean, at least it lived up to the title. It got pushed back 103 times.

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  • Chris

    The irony of releasing this much delayed album on the same day Lost Tapes 2 was suppose to come out.

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  • justin mate

    New track by Young Jeezy from TM 103

  • K Will

    lol Man Jeezy is my favorite current artist but they tripping with these release dates. O well, looks like I’ll have an excellent birthday present waiting for me come the 14th.

  • Wats craking yall? white boy magic… yea them jizzy mixtapes suck i agree with yalls comments and woka floka wasnt that bad hands up?

  • CK

    I hope TM103 is worth the wait Jeezy

  • that shit gone be hard just like his mixtapes. Jeezy is one of the worlds (especially my hood Savannah)best rappers . him and lil boosie

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  • Dam where is the album come jeezy if they want releasd your music leave them clowns!

  • Ben

    Hmmm he suck monkey balls!

  • Ben

    Last laugh is my fav mixtape haters

  • epain

    Jezzy is gonna drop a classic he hasnt put the album off this long to drop some trash im a big fan and looking foward to bringing in the newyear with some heat and some shit i can relate to lets get it!

  • This bum ass nigga need to hurry up and drop a fuckin album. and why he put those bangers on the last laugh? He better hope amen and rap game aint on TM 103! see that’s why Jay Z will forever be the best whos ever done it..Jay Z dropped 6 summers straight. Young jeezy over here strugglin to put out his 4th album. These rap niggas need to get it together..on da real.

  • derrix

    Can’t wait for this album to drop.

  • Loc

    If u thnk dat waka, gucci, oj, or whoever rite now 4rm da south ‘cept 4 ti maybe or ugk, 8ball nd them, etc. iz better den jeezy den u have no clue of watz
    real nd u need to slit yo wrist vertically dec. 14th. best album of da year! most of yall snd dumb nd lame az hell u knw nuthn bout thug motivation! sit dwn nd stfu. lmao

  • pokeloke

    its 12/14 and no tm 103

  • Lamont

    December 14th and still no TM 103 :/

  • Luke

    Young jeezy sucks he was set ta release his album from like the 14th of december smh fuck jeezy i don’t have the patience for this dumb ass nigga no moe

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