New Video: Plies “Why U Hate”

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Do we need people like Plies? Well, that remains to be seen. Anyway, in support of his latest mixtape, Algernod gets political for his new visual. Don’t leave him hanging now.

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  • wtflol

    Cause your wack

  • mac DIESEL

    WHY U RAP???




    Damn u Plies just when i wanted to catch you in some b.s. You go and do something like this. I have just seen the best plies video ever, F””K It its Over …………………

  • Black London

    OKay so I wasnt expecting Piles to touch on that subject matter, even though he did that song ‘100 Years’, a few years back.

    To be honest… I cant stand Piles. But as a proud Black man that loves his people, I gotta salute the kid for this effort.

    If you dont like Piles as an artist respect but you’re a Black people that has love for your people, respect the fact that he had the bollocks to do a track touching on a subject artists like Wayne, T.I etc… are too stared to touch on touch on.


  • So Icy Boi!

    Lmao @mac DIESEL ..yall niggaz livee to hate no matter what a artist do yall always got something negative to say …shout out to Plies speaking dat real shit dis a deep song

  • really stop the BS

    I like this!

  • Plies lookin good without a shirt , must be working out …no skittles

  • Downgraded To Human

    damn real shit, built pyramids period we masters.


  • Word

    Damn, Plies surprised me with that forreal. Deep ass song right there. One of the best Plies songs I ever heard…as wack as he is. Hey man, he keep doing shit similar to this amongst his other shit, I might actually like him. I gotta understand him first though, he be mumbling too much

  • Da Truth

    the best song I heard from this dude, now watch the crossover like everybody else.

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  • Android

    @Casket face_take ur gaywad, ass mechanic self back to the NAHRIGHT c-section! And Plies, stop being a fucking clown!

  • Killa Cal

    I appreciate his effort

  • caught me off guard #pleasantlysurprised

  • Dope concept and video, but i still gotta say he dumb. Why couldnt he get on 106 and Park and talk about this? Why couldnt he push this to radio or go on tour with stuff like this? instead of all that Bust It Baby/Becky shit. SMH.

  • L4U

    WOW!!!!???????!!!! Good shit

  • DIGGSY!!!

    im confused. why do rappers keep shootin videos and use the mixtape version of the song?

  • CapricornReligion

    Wow….. Im not going to bullshit, This was a Good song… Is it going to make me a Plies fan?… Eh.. no… But, I respect when needs to be respected.. Good song Plies..

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Niyemortal..its the industry

  • Citylivin’

    damn bruh…..that shyt was good

  • Poindexter

    EXACTLY! He always been wack.

  • EB Dubois

    Plies got man tities!! lol

  • Belize

    co-sign first 2 comments.
    foh, Plies, really.
    No one likes you.

  • as lyrically primitive as plies is, his subject matter makes up for it. respect!

  • MARS
  • africa 1

    this guy is so silly, how he gon have that punk boosie picture together with pac and big? this guy always finds a way to piss me off, and this is fucking ridiculous, boosie has no biz being shown near soldiers like pac and big, this punk nigga is killing black people. fucking fool needs to stay in jail. educate yourselves and know this punk rappers who cant really rap are in it for the money, pac helped the community and actually spoke about positive stuff for black people, boosie is killing the community. fuck plies, talentless mf. im out.

  • B-Cat

    There’s only 12% African-American in the USA. Stfu Plies. You’re annoying. Learn how to enunciate. Wait.. Do you know what that means Mr. “Ghetto”?

  • Ipad user

    We can all tell whose white by there comments… Um umm Africa 1 and b- cat. Lol. Shut up and suck eminems dick and be quiet when black folks talking. You don’t belong in this conversation. Nice video plies. Plies ain’t killing the game. No rapper is killing hip hop. They are only entertaining. Fans are the ones fucking up the game by they hating ass. Great job plies.

  • Burnum

    Powerful song. Good ass job!!

  • africa 1

    Ipad user, im all Nigga if you know what i mean, and fyi, plies is a punk rapper. eastcoast runs this shit. ain’t no hating, plies is whack.