• WEsT COASt



    who likes crooked i ???? lool


    give crooked i props he did start this weekly shit…YE just droppin new music cause he coming back out and he want to heat up the streets,YE jams are banging but this weely shit was started by crooked i..HELLO!!!

  • crooked j

    Crooked is the man

  • johnny

    @dozez word, who is really a fan of this dude? I never even heard of a hot track by him, if he does have a banger please enlighten me lol.

    @kgrizzle ok so kanye took his idea and made it 10x better,noone checking for this dude or his weekly track, but people need that GOOD friday/YE friday joint

  • Rick

    @johnny just because you not doesn’t mean no one is.

  • Glasses Malone

    Nah, you ain’t hood enough for Crooked.

  • jmarcroyal

    shit, he probably only knows joe budden out of the whole slaughterhouse, if that. kid doesnt know music, go listen to that gay fish.

  • Wayne

    @ jmarcroyal

    Cosign. I like YE but @Johnny needs to keep his ears open. What Crookeds doing is huge.

  • Co-sing @rick.,..HIP HOP NEEDS THE WEST COAS

  • KJ


  • This is dope but please crooked stop talking on these fuckin tracks and get rid of the HHWR intro without that, the track would be even more legit. To me it loses its appeal saying “hip hop weekly” before every track. And crying for recognition for this weekly gimmick is weak. Let it go, real heads will recognize where it started.

  • @bobbigprofecy


    Here’s a burner, bang yaself.


    lmao @ johnny …. probably still pumps his 808’s and heartbreaks lmao .. i cant front, im hoping kanye’s new album is dope, but to say who is a fan of his? i’ll answer that for u: HiP HOP HEADS !! .. by the way, i rate slaughterhouse like this:

    1. joell ortiz
    2-3. royce da 5’9 OR crooked i (u could swap them back and forth dependin on their verses)
    4. joe budden

    anyone agree?


    i meant to say ‘but to say who is a fan of crooked i?’ oops lmao

  • real talk

    Crooked is my ninja….. and I don’t give two f–k’s if any of yall are fans of crooked.

    Crooked got flow.

    Ye cool but lyrically not on the same level as crooked.

    West west yall.

  • #OKBYE

    man yall karyzie!! Crooked Will Lyricaly Destroy Any Artist!!!! Ye aint touchin Crooked Ever!!!!! Crooked can out rap any rapper in the game, Except Em, He almost did on that Session One joint!!!!

    Crooked Is An OG In The Game! My Dude Has Been Around Since Pac!!!
    Salute The OGs!!!!!!!!!

    C.O.B. #OKBYE!!

  • he killed dis double beat…

  • Chris

    @johnny, here’s a hot recent track by Crooked I:

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