Kareem “Biggs” Burke Arrested In Drug Ring

Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder, Kareem “Biggs” Burke and 43 others (including a High Times magazine staffer) were arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for their alleged involvement in a narcotic ring. According to the NY Post, agents raided Biggs’ home in North Bergen, NJ this morning. Reports say the network was ran by Geovanny “Manny” Rodriguez Perez and operated along the East Coast. Agents seized $1 million and 177 pounds of marijuana. In regards to the bust, special agent Jim Hayes said:

“He [Perez] has created a super drug distribution network that has controlled the marijuana market in NYC.  It was transported in bulk from Florida to New York. From there it was divvied up among three main cells in the NYC-area and distributed to their clients. Right now we are focused on taking down the network and, as the investigation continues, we want to make sure that other rival networks or other co-conspirators cannot use the same tools.”

UPDATE: Damn, homie.

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  • Ewww


    smh feds always tryna act like SUPER TOUGH CATS…”super drug network”?, yeah aight.

    that’s 1,000,000 in product seized
    a pound goes for 1200 – 2200 depending on what you got
    in this economy i’ll say 1200 …1200 x 177 = $212,400
    where this million come from? and if so….

    divided by 43 people plus 7 more = 100,000 in 18months that mean dudes was only average 8 g’s month re-up included in 8′gs

    …i know KIDS 18-19 stacking that

    sounds like you just found 43 dudes that like to roll up and chill with high times magazine staff you slapped “Roc-a-Fella” in the seize for special effects

    smh, cocky nerds and their guns and badges…. go lock up real criminals,

  • RoeLuv

    Hustling backwards??

  • KennyPowers

    “You’re Fucking Out!”

  • MannyBricks

    Say it ain’t so…damn these Negros r fuckin up since jay broke up with them.
    Dame better watch himself. It’s ok to be broke but don’t get hemmed up like Biggs

  • Luke

    Whats up with the ‘you played yourself’ you guys can never show lupe love, your just as bad as the rest of the haters.

  • bigjay2501

    *flavor flav voice* WOOOOOOOOW

    damn….I wonder what Jay thinkin


    Last I checked, article said $million AND 177lbs of marijuana. That must mean they nabbed cash, plus some drugs. I’m not in dispute with the Agent’s spurt for notoriety, but I believe Biggs got bagged a while back with a hefty amount of marijuana. Maybe 2005? Somehwere years ago, but it’s his own demise. Talk about Jay stay winning

  • Rhyme

    that’s all they got? no coca? no train?
    sounds weak to me.

  • Jason

    That Lupe “You Played Yourself’ is WACKKKK

    Rap Radar , y’all played y’all selves!

  • Shawn

    SMH…Fuckin Armenians and Russians are fleecing Medicare and banks for $30+ Million, respectively , and the only people arrested are mules…Niggas still running around at 43 with weed stashes in the crib…SMH I thought you’ll watched The Wire.
    This can’t be real.

  • Rhyme

    stop snitching


    a pund of haze is worth 5,000 not 1200 to 2200 u must be a fed with low numbers like that fam u not a weed head stop trying to kick knowledge on gay ass rap radar

  • Rhyme says:
    Friday, October 15 2010 at 2:13 PM EST

    stop snitching



    @ FUCKYOUFUCKYOU or whatever your name is…
    you spending 5,000 on a pound of haze you not a hustla and you a stupid nigga, somebody gettin’ rich of you and your peoples….sounding like the nigga Beans shot in the hand on State Property or Black in Belly talkin about “diamonds…we celebrating”

    anyway I’m a student and a dj…..not a drug dealer so don’t qoute me on the prices, leave that to them rap niggas

  • Foxx

    Forreal tho, its JUST weed. Decriminalization legislation need to hurry up

  • pissed

    sucks. Looks like things haven’t been so good for Biggs since the split.

  • mac DIESEL



  • Ben

    Damn Biggs! Like that?

  • Post no billz

    dam biggs.. Wtf were u thinking.. We went from slangin to part owner of the roc then back to slangin’ what part of the game is that.. I remember a few years ago they found a bunch of plants at his crib.. Thank god u didnt get jigga locked up in the rocs hey day..u played ya self…

  • GTFO

    Send his stupid ass to the bing. “Your son my little man, your Pop my Runner.” -Cam’ron

  • sway-z

    “…Biggs the smart one, on the low like Dean Martin”

    I don’t know about that, Hov

  • Haktuspit

    From what I’ve heard you all pay $4-500 a zip in NY for good shit. That would be $8,000 on the high end of that for a lb, with no discount. I’m sure there is one so the $5000 is probably about right.

    Out in Cali it’s like $250 a zip, or $4,000 with no discount. If you take a discount on that but then add a travel fee I bet you’re right back at $5,000. For $1,200 you smoking dirt.

  • BIGT135


  • productofme

    “reports say the network was ran by Geovanny “Manny” Rodriguez Perez” – editing much B.Dot?

  • the One

    You were awarded 27 mil and this is the path you take with your money . Sorry biggs but you deserve bail because something must be really wrong upstairs if you had all that money and still couldn’t go legit.
    What a disgrace!

  • Belize

    That’s insane.

  • fuqouttahere

    You aint runnin gotham wit 177 elbows my dude, that aint even supplyin a bourrough

  • deadprez

    lol at all the kids in here throwing numbers around…

  • Eric

    City’s supplier wow! I thik larry hoover, biggs burke lol.

  • Shzntt

    Damn Kareem you beat the streets homie, that Roc A Fella deal from the split netted you millions man, what the fuck you doin?

  • Cuttingsworth

    dam biggs you went from roc-a-fella to pot seller. Here’s the fickle though he’s douch because on th east coast mary jane is still a explicit narcotic. The government is so uptight about a plant.


    High grade is way too over priced in NY. Thats why so many dealers spray some roach killer to make their dirt weed seem remarkable.

    Ill go to cali to enjoy my og kush, fuck NY an their drug laws.

  • A million things run thru my mind


  • NotoriousRambo


  • original will

    @live shot they said they collected 1 million and 177 lbs of marijuana they didnt say 177 lbs was 1 million dollars worth if niggas take they time and read instead of looking at numbers they can see that it always seem like Biggs was always the front money nigga of the roc so it doesnt surprise me he like the Slim of the roc quiet and quiet niggas always up to something

  • darius

    these fools trying to be “gansters” , “real” and shit.You have to be stupid to do this if you carry the dough this cats carry.If you were a broke ass with your stomach growling for food i’d understand that.

  • isis

    Damn. Hate to see a man who escaped the streets and made legit M’s go back to the street shit. Your ex partner on Forbes and you doing perp walks. And I’m really mad he has his head down.That’s crazy…

  • Let my Nigga Live!

    He already got his State Property shirt on too, yall a trip RR!

  • Brooklyn Pusha

    All ya people dont have an idea about anything. Exotics (Haze,Kush,Sour) go for 3500-4200 depending on who you know in NYC. It cost approximately 1600 to grow a “p”. Lets just go with the high end number- thats 2600 profit on every thing. Now take the 1600 it cost to grow and add 400 for the travel, you still got 2200 profit. Now when you got a crop pushing 150 things out in 3 months you got $300,000 in 3 months all profit, and thats minimum not retail. All you geniouses sound like “retards” assuming you know it all, especially that “DJ” dude. Now if you calculated what these guys were doing over the past 20 years and you’ll realize this was a criminal organization controlling the market, and also requires lots of funding to be able to pull something of this caliber off. This just shows us how Jay had that brown paper bag money to start up the Roc, Jay probably got rich like this too & just happened to pull out in time. Imagine what you could do with a columbian connect, a private jet & 20 million cash!!! Im just saying!!!!!!

  • darius

    @brooklyn pusha yeah, keep livin’ in internet fantasy inspired by movies like Scarface and Paid in Full.Nowadays is hard to ef with the government.Their hardware is always fresh.You could pull some stunts for a couple of months then you’d have to relocate your business, but if the authorities get on your tail it would still be the same outcome, an indictment, a criminal record.Only small time dealers that do this because they’re poor are given a free pass by the authorities.And that’s the normal thing to do.Poor individuals that deal low risk drugs should be allowed to cash in from richer individuals that want to buy some marijuana.When things get to epidemic scale the government should intervene.So, you see the risk is too big and the reward is too small for this type of business nowadays (if we’re talking about marijuana.Cocaine, h and other stuff are different kind of animals and way riskier.Only lunatics mess with that shit).

  • Brooklyn Pusha

    Im not living the fantasy, nor did I imply that I did. We all know that the life leads all but two ways- in jail or dead. And I personally have seen the fruits of the labor and the downfalls. My father was a heroin dealer who died at age 33 when I was 12 years old, We went from the greatest things in life to having nothing,zip,zero, nada. Im not glorifying it, nor condoning it. I just simply pointed out the overall picture, which is fully capable of being executed. I know people getting it in, doing it up big. Big Trucks, nice houses, jewelery but I also know countless people dead, doing bids. Hustling is a part time thing, you do it, you reap your profits, and you get the f**k out. You reinvest legally and never look back. Thats how you do it and get out for good, too many just get use to the large profits in short amounts of time.

  • darius

    Well, i’m sorry about your father.There will always be a dope game as long as there is a demand.But what i’m saying is that when you have legal sources of hefty sums of money you don’t need to retort to dealing.That’s all.I mean let’s say on the one hand i’d have an income of 100k/year, all clean.On the other hand i could have an income of 150k/year by doing something illegal.I’d definitely chose the first option.And in the range of millions like Kareem was i wouldn’t give a damn if it’s 8 million dollars or 10 million dollars.It would be the same thing for me.But that’s just me, who knows what motives Kareem had for being involved in this racket.

  • darius

    As for the private jet it’s on the edge.If the Customs check your stuff you don’t stand a chance of getting away.Especially if you have a suspicious look, if you make regular trips to countries where drugs could be easily procured and if you live in the proximity of an area where drugs are sold.Combine this 3 things and you’re smoked for sure.

  • unconform_Normality

    One day you cruising in the seven then the next day ur alibis anit matching up, bullshit catching up, you hit with the rico, they repo that vehicle….everything was all good just a week ago. Bout to start bitching anit you? Ready to start snitching anit you? I forgive your weak ass hustling just anit you?
    Jay-z “Dead Pres”

    Hov tried to tell nigaas awhile back. But the hardheaded never learn. We dont know why Biggs decided to stay that route he has his reasons. Im sure he knows the consequences of his acts and can do the time.

    And to all the mathmeticians and Don Diva and F.E.D.S readers who wanna brag about what they know…careful, the PC is the second communication device them alpbabet boys monitor. And entrap ppl….for instance “Brooklyn Pusha’ how you know DJ live isnt a cop and but the wrong estimates out there waitng for someone to correct it? And you of All ppl do (“brooklyn” yeah you in the new york market they try to make something stick and they sure you know somebody higher up and they want names). Just saying…I dont put nothing pass anybody.

    So even when you know you keep quiet. The game is to be sold not told.

  • T.I.Pisasnitch

    T.I. snitched on his ass i guarantee it. dude is conveniently busted after T.I only gets 11 months

  • Itz Yourz


    LMAO….holy shit…nice put together.

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  • if what you’re smoking cost 12-2200 a elbow your smokin bibbish homie!

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