Lupe Fans Gather For Fiasco Friday

As promised, Lupe Fiasco fans are coming together today to celebrate the March 8, 2011 release date of Lasers. Initially the gathering was to protest against the delay of the project. The photos were taken near Central Park, but the mob is expected to bring their show to Atlantic Records’ doorstep. We’ll keep you updated.


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  • So Icy Boi!

    Whats up wit all des stuff about Lupe fans, his record label etc. ..wheres the music?? not dat i care but im sayin

  • herbsaac

    and the new age of fans comes in and would rather have the artists talk about how much money they get so the fans can say who cares if they only talk about money they are getting so much of it.. who cares??? who cares if your favorite gets a lot of money?/ really?? who does and how does that aspect of there raps affect you? how do you relate? how does the majority relate to maychbach and or aston martin music?

    What happened to the substance in music? Oh money did.. Ok.. thanks for ruining rap, money.. thanks a lot.

    Seriously.. I mean 50 cent used to be crazy with the raps.. painting vivid pictures that brought yo in.. now hes screaming like a g6 and i get money.. no wonder dude has to pander to the world because america dont buy(we buy as in believe he gets money but we wont pay to hear him or others rant about it) that shit anymore..

    We are officially back to the society of no realness and de-sensitized media now that we are almost 10 years away from 9/11 Bin Laden.. please attack us again so we can get back to real life and not all this fabricated shit that 90% of people won’t attain.. please.. take us back to the grime.. show us that the world still hurts.. We can’t see that with all these shitty pictures that are depicted by close to all of the rap on the radio or television.. Hey as long as they get the check.. put it out!!!!!!!!! i mean the fans will dig it because the people they idolize are gettina small piece of the money or crumbs that the execs let fall to the artists.. seriously.. sad days.. how are soulja boy waka flocka drake(such a cornball, product of the media in a god damn board room on some 90th floor somewhere put out because people cant see or say whats real anymore) ron bownz black eyed peas big sean(ghetto version of drake same style and voice almost impossible to tell them apart if its your first listen.. (seriously try it on someone)

    But hey since yall cant see past the big buck that the artist will never give back to you keep supportin that shit and defending a lot of the horrible music that comes out in todays rap world.. because gone are the days of classics by numerous artists coming out.. its now just a certain few who put out anything that will be classified as anything else besides a hit(a hit and a classic are very, very different) and we are now back in the late 80s with all this corny cheeseball shit that people will be making mad fun of in five – ten years.. i want to end it all

    Hey way to get 900! but at least lupe keeps his music content on the real and not the fabricated raps and pure money raps that these rappers who money made them uncreative so thats all they talk about.. i mean they are an artist… so they get money.. so thats all they talk about? if a painter gets money is that all he is gonna paint about? anhhhhhh fuck outta here.. rap is fucked up nowadays.

  • Pete B

    Lupe could very well be the most anticipated flop of 2011.
    He’s nice on the mic and all but after all this protesting and support he better sell over 100K his 1st week.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    These nerds will riot if Atlantic pushes that shit back. Nah I wanna hear it also I mean he ain’t a wack rapper so I don’t get the holdup but thats just the business of the game I guess.

  • hahaha Pete B

    its about the music though,atleast he’s guaranteed to get the 10 rioters buy his album.

  • king speez


  • Pete B

    @ mistah_zee – LOL! I thought it was funny as hell that one of the protest organizers never purchased a Lupe CD :-I


  • king speez

    [strike ]STEEERIKE! [/strike]

  • Shawn

    I think it’s pretty cool to have that kind of support. It’s clearly only about 100ppl none the lease.

  • darrius

    “Cosign Herbsacc” And hopefully All City Chess Club and Kanye(Good Music) could bring the Art back. And Pete B please read the paragraph right above u and one yaself. F record sales u not gettin shit from that

  • IZM

    Its obviously smaller than it would have been if Lasers didnt have a release date. I was actually thinking about going until they worked shit out, but I dont really know what this was a protest for/against anymore.

  • LMAO @ herbsaac …DAMN HE WENT IN!!! But seeing this should make Lupe cheer up a bit…he always seems like an ASSHOLE who isn’t happy in rap and wants to quit every other month…now you see how powerful your shit is..this should keep you around for another three years..

  • ireland

    great to see

  • Ben

    Those are the only people who will by his album. Nerds. Go to work.

  • ZoomZoom






  • Rhyme

    gonna be sad when he flops. and I’m all for the movement.
    I never thought big bad Atlantic would budge, that would never happen at interscope

  • mr shiggity

    as soon as he put that album out it will be leaked to all the websites then nobody will have to buy it anyway

  • Android


  • ok den

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  • This is one of those situations where the fans can be your demise. So far great examples of this has been Joe budden and Lupe Fiasco. Both of these dudes can make great music, but the effect of their fanbase on them has had some weird results.

    For Lupe, read the article.

    For Buddens, peep this:

  • biggs50

    Aunts Uncles Brothers Sisters…thats all i see..

  • jacob

    I bet those army pants cost more than lupes album will, perhaps his fans should have bought three copies of lasers instead smh.

  • Chex

    Nice post man. I co-sign 100%

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  • Belize

    Dats da attitude
    GO LUPE!

  • Nothing more beautiful than all of us coming together to support someone/something that we love & are passionate about!


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