Waka Flocka Perfoms At The Roxy

Miss Info hosted Waka’s show at the Roxy in West Hollywood last night.¬†RollingOutTV was on hand to capture the performance before a brief skirmish between concertgoers. After the jump, he tells the audience to not be a rapper.

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  • So Icy Boi!


  • Marksppl

    LMAO @ West coast niggas on the internet always calling the south music wack and we could never come to west in do shows but whats this then ???? yall say they “false Flag” but yet waka is there and yall dont touch him GTFHO

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  • LAX


    Nigga you do know the nigga Waka is payin them Bounty Hunters tax right? no rapper, i mean NO RAPPER comes to L.A. without payin tax.

    same thing with Biggie/Puffy payin the SouthSide Compton Crips, Fabolous payin the Inglewood Bloods, Jeezy payin the Rollin 20s etc….

    plus that whole Roxy show was nuttin but hoes

  • WACKa Flaka!!

    @ Marksppl…Relax tough guy…West Coast niggas still view the south music as wack. I mean C’mon Son, You wasn’t watching the Video??! Imagine Waka battling a real MC…It would never happen…FYI: the Roxy is on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood…Waka is far away from “the hood”

  • L.A Ransom

    OF COURSE he had to pay they all do because Most of the big southern rappers are fake real talk i mean bun b would get a pass but the rest arent real dawg

  • Belize


  • delicious

    this seems like dull garbage. nothing like the black milk show a couple weeks prior. no wonder rap radar didnt cover it

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