Bushwick Bill Will Not Be Deported

Last Thursday, Bushwick Bill beat his deportation case and was released four days later from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In July, the pint sized Geto Boy member was facing deportation for a drug charge two months prior. When XXL asked about a Geto Boys reunion, Bill said:

“I don’t think any of them is interested. I’ve never got the vibe that they would do a gospel song. ‘Cause when they talking about doing another Geto Boys album I said I would do it if I could rap like I’m rapping on my gospel album, I didn’t get a whole lot of cosigning on that from all the political parties concerned.”

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  • Ben

    bushwick is dope!

  • Obama

    christianity is a scam lil buddy… get educated…

  • Belize

    Damn @ the pic

  • Belize

    shout-out to them fake Belizes. Keep prootin my name.