Kanye West Runaway Film

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Kanye premiered his film Runaway this evening. The 35 minute film co-starred model Selita Ebanks and featured numerous tracks off his album. Encore Mr. West! Extended “Runaway” video with Pusha T’s verse after the jump.

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  • toad3527

    this is a really good visual!!! follow me on twitter @toad3527

  • Britannia

    Can’t wait for the albumm, even if it is only 12 tracks

  • Spivey

    yo he played all the songs, and im pretty excited

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  • Tru

    I think the film, excuse my Stan haha, was rather beautiful. The rhythmic and carnal entwined movements of the ballerinas, at times, sent chills down my spine, I am upset that the album was just spoiled, but at the same time glad I didn’t hear anything I didn’t like.

    Now I see why Kanye was all sprung up on Selita. I must say Selita Ebanks is one of the most beautiful people I’ve seen this year… The ending was really what got me, aside from the still pan of the motionless ballerinas at the middle of the movie, Kanye running, STRIVING, to reach the one thing he cherishes in his life at that moment…

    Excuse my Stan again but, this is truly creative art, unprecedented in this 21st century, haters are gonna hate, but I believe that is the beauty of this, and art in general, it leaves itself open to debate… That is my honest word…

    Please enjoy ~ Tru

  • sway-z

    First off, Selita Banks is beautiful, but that shit that starts at 4:45 (Gorgeous??) is the joint, ‘Ye does his thing, fuck all that other shit ya’ll talkin bout

  • Mike B

    Maybe im not in the mood but I couldnt sit thru this

  • j

    it was good album will be dope. if you really think about it objectively kanye will be one of the best artists of all time. not the best lyrical mc but top 5 hip hop artists of all time

  • Belize

    Still plannin on watchin it and buying the album.

  • Jru
  • Mr. A From Tha T

    That was fucking beautiful………………… The first scene and All of The Lights were my favorites, <<< That was on some whole new level shit, not even that, just past anything i've ever seen lol

  • bhikku


    I am all for creativity and shit – his technique was strong for an amateur. But can the man make something that does not revolve around himself – that isn’t a testament to his own neediness?

  • Black McJagger

    The music sounded incredible. This guy man, some can sit on there lap top and hate all they want but when it comes down to it this guy is one of the very very very very very few in his position who cares Kanye>pop music in 2010

  • Eyerone

    Imma call a spade a spade. That shit wad garbage.

  • Briana

    Absolutely beautiful even though his acting skills…not so much. However this film has taken my Kanye stanning to a whole ‘nother level. Love him!

  • Qwerty

    I swear Kanye is a fucking genius. He is probably one of the most creative artist OF ALL TIME. All the songs was hot, can’t wait til album drops!

  • oh

    BLOODKLOT! AWeSOME! Catch up [email protected]!

  • Frontrunner

    With Wayne in jail, second place isnt even close.

  • Truth


  • Briana

    @frontrunner wayne?? wtf??? After watching that how can you even put wayne in the same league?

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  • King Izzy2West

    KANYE is the definition of a true ARTIST

  • Funcrusher

    I’m a big Ye fan, and I’m all for getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new… but this film is awful. Homie needs to let his ego relax a little bit and focus on what he does best. Music.

    “Cause When You Try Hard, That’s When You Die Hard.”

  • K-Lam

    Ye fans are 10 TIMES WORSE THEN Eminem stans…FACT!

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  • come on people

    There was nothing GENIUS about this that word is over used like HATER!

  • cli-city


  • stfu


  • YEEZY!


    hahaha Cosign that one

  • khadijah

    This had a 70’s feel to it like a old classic movie . I thought it was brilliant . Kanye is in fact a artistic genius . I loved the ending when she was leaving the earth and kanye was running after her ,very moving

  • Loko

    Im probably 1 of the top 5 biggest Kanye fans on this site. So heed my words carefully. Runaway was visually beautiful, had a simple message to get across and was definitely very ambitious for where he wants to take hip-hop which im all for. With that said that was the most self endulgent piece of work Kanye West has ever put together. He says in Devil in a New Dress that hes the “Lebron of rhyme, hard to be humble while your stuntin on the jumbotron” And he is defiantely stuntin and those hoping he checks his ego better think again. The ego isn’t a big deal to me cause he continues to make classic music in spite of it (or because of it). Ppl need to understand that rappers aint gonna be role models like it or not they are artist. Kanye is the most artsy hip-hop artist of all time and why should we fault that. On a sidenote how can you listen to the music in the film and not be UBERHYPE for the album?

  • (Preface: No one’s going to read this, but oh well…)

    Allow me to lend some sanity to the comments on this “film.”

    As a film, Runaway is not very good. The storyline was not great and the acting was terrible. It becomes clear very quickly that is not really a “film” but rather a showcase of the songs on Kanye’s album with visuals intended to highlight them them that are then interwoven into a theme that is then tied VERY loosely together into what masquerades as a film. Harsh? Well while that might seem like something that would kill all enjoyment of out a film entirely, in this case it actually enhances it, but only once you accept the premise and just enjoy the songs with the visuals for what they are – teasers for his album.

    Is it genius? No. There are many, many problems with it. (Only some of which I touched one.) Is it self indulgent? Yes. But does it succeed in reinforcing the music on the album and generating interest for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy? YES. It definitely does.

    My guess of the response from people (beyond the unflinching stans and haters) is that it will be very similar to the reaction from the “Power” video in that people will say that it’s too big on flash, too low on substance, too avant garde, too self induglent….and so on and so on.

    and you know what, they’ll be right.

    But either way, they’ll be talking. So mission accomplished Ye!

    Other Takeaways

    The title “My Beaurtifuk Dark Twisted Fantasy” seems to make much more sense as a title now then “Good Ass Job.” It’s pretty obvious from the jump that this is not a return to the feeling of his “College Dropout” series, which makes sense since Ye is NOT that dude any more.

    The music is great from start to finish.

    Nicki did the opening. And in her British accent. Didn’t annoy me, for the first time. It actually, kind of worked..

    Though I thought I’d anticipate the album less after watching the film because I knew I would have heard about 90% of it before buying it, because of how the film was structured – playing parts of some tracks, modified versions of others – I’m actually more intersted to see how it’s all going to sound on the album.


  • dr

    The video is pretty much bullshit – but come on guys – the album music sounded DOPE. It sounds like a PROPER album – not just a collection of ‘good’ songs.

    I’m still surprised at Monster and So Appalled being on the album though – all the other songs have a theme which fits, but those two don’t really fit with the rest of the album.

  • smokeyou

    Kanye throws my mind through so many loops, one day I’ll be somewhat of a hater, and then the next he will go and release something like this and completely redeem himself. I don’t always agree with him/his views, but the dude is an artisT, hands down, hip hop need to catch up to him! He will only continue to get better with time.

  • datdude4life

    Kanye West is far and away the most creative artist of our generation. The fact that he would even try something this grand in an era of stupid fruity crazy swag is a testament to his brilliance, and ability to push the genre forward. The video was amazing, and the music speaks for itself. Selita Ebanks looked amazing!!! WOW!!!

  • ohnohediditagain

    lol now i know why is Kanye always acting so crazy in life.. his brain is f*cked up by the same drugs David Lynch is addicted to.
    Music is good but the movie ……………………………

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  • Truth will out


    Er uhm, it is a “Film”. It’s also a “Movie” / “Motion Picture”. They all mean the same; this just has a lousy story line amongst other things filmwise. But Like it or not, Ye is just not average. Dude is (yes) a creative genius. Keep pushing the boundaries Kanye.

  • @ truth. Ok technically it’s a film. Anything with moving pictures and sounds is a film technically. But I mean it’s really a long form music video.

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