Rick Ross: #5 Hottest MC In The Game

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Coming in at number five on the Hottest MC list is Ricky Rozay. Here’s why:

Teflon Don, that’s the album of the year right now, I don’t care what it sold,” MTV News’ Shaheem Reid said during the Hottest MCs roundtable. “From ‘I’m Not a Star’ down to [‘All the Money in the World’], ‘Tears of Joy,’ it just really grips your soul when you hear him having the foresight to bring Cee-Lo back. Cee-Lo was singing his heart out. I feel like I’m in church.”


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  • qwwerty

    LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard at “Teflon Don, thats the album of th eyear right now.”

  • Yooo

    How has Jay Z not been listed yet? What has he done this year? Apart from a couple of hot verses here and there?

  • wright

    really…oh wow


    eminem #2 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

    Ha !


  • wtflol

    Yeah album of the year because we racist towards White people.

  • JIGGA!


  • D

    Shaheem shut the fuck up you fat fuck already.

  • Yooo

    So Jay got number 1??? I hope what I’m hearing is a joke.


    @Yooo The Truth

  • W

    Which album u think will be better:Teflon Don or HFM 2.

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  • Dashing

    Ross deserves to be higher this year. This is BY FAR his biggest year and he’s had more buzz than Jay definitely over the course of the year, but oh well. The rest better go

    4. Jay
    3. Drake
    2. Em
    1. Ye


    EMINEM IS NUMBER 1……………………

    HA !


  • roland simon

    @#FREEWEEZY eminem is number 1 u idiot

  • So Icy Boi!

    Dashing yo list wrong …they just showed the list on MTV2 4. Drake 3. Kanye. 2. Jay-Z 1.Eminem…i dnt see how Gay-Z was number 2 ..smh dick riding people

  • Tone

    soooo em kanye drake and gucci are the last 4? I’m guessing no Jay.

  • jp

    bullshit. howd his fake ass get a spot

  • KRIS


  • Jazz

    I think Rick Ross should have been higher. Kanye should have been #2. Jay didn’t do much most of the year to deserve the #2 spot.


    yo Eminem deserved number 1……….drake should be higher and rick ross……..these niggas better quit dick rideing jay-z what the fuck, that aint fair for drake and ross and no im a big fan of them but damn aint that a bitch


    ^^^^^^^^and no im not a big fan

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood DopeMan

    I think it’s pretty crazy how Banks didn’t make the list…Idk, We all know his potential and he definitely surpasses Waka, B.O.B. , Nicki, etc…Oh and Officer Ricky @ #5 is pretty funny…

  • Android

    This cant be life! Rawse no.5!!!! Rawse had a bigger buzz than drake ,jay and even Em(in the streets atleast). This list is now complete shit. Wtf has a camel truly done to garner such a high spot?!! And Drake? That guy died after the wk afta hs album was released. Does anyone even still hav tml? Fucken dickriders.

  • seemoregan

    you know whats funny about this nigga. he still has yet to sale more records than 50 with either album deeper than rap or teflon don and he has yet to have a song chart higher than that wack baby by me or even lloyd banks hit. this is ridiculous.

  • Belize

    ROSS? Bobby Ray, Luda, even ONIKA were more relevant than he is!!!!

  • FuckIt

    EM should def be Nr 1. He really deserves it this year.If jayz is nr 1,mtv has fucked Eminem over once again.
    I dont even think jayz should be in top 3,he has not done shit compared to alot of the other artist that are on the list.

  • Thank Me Hater

    That’s let’s you know where Shaheem’s tastes lie. This nigga is lame as fuck!

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  • smh

    i still cant belive this guys on the list how is an artist hot with NO gold single or at least a gold album, he been droppin albums 3 yrs in a row his buzz should be building but his sales fall every album. i personally dont like nikki but feel like she deserves a higher spot what with the MOST songs in the hot 100 EVER by a female rapper, several mixtapes the ym cd and all the magazine covers, b.o.b. deserves a higher spot then ross he had 2 songs in the top 5 in the country at one point and opened for em and jay AND PLAYED FOR OBAMA, b.o.b. deserves top 5 this year. artists that should’ve made the list over ross
    wiz kalifah
    lloyd banks-(crazy internet buzz and gold single with NO ALBUM or LABEL PROMOTION)
    young jeezy- jeezy’s singles havent done much on the charts but hes been droppin alot of tapes
    DR DRE-got the WHOLE world buzzin off a unfinished leak and 3 interviews, who else can dothat?
    bun b

  • westcoast

    gorilla ross gay cop #5

    this joke of the century

  • Midnite!

    Ross is HOT GARBAGE!!!!!!


    Ross might be relevant.

    MTV is not

  • Poindexter

    bullshit!!! hahaha that is very funny!

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  • Fredro

    his album was legit…..and the officer ricky is getting lame

  • GTboy

    yo, officer radio Ross, pushed by def jam like he’s the next Biggie … wtf ? … The album is ok, but honestly only the instrumentals are …. c’mon son. That buzz he has is only $$$ put into radioplay …

    somebody said you bumpin this is the hood … so there must be a lot of fake cats up in there homie ! ….
    we bumb that reality shit, not that fantasy rap …


  • smart dude!

    ricky rozay should definately been higher only haters would think otherwise, he was EVERYWHERE all year round, hot mixtape, hot album , and the biggest hip hop track hands down, they shuffled everything around so that jay z can be second, i think jay is great but apart from topping the forbes list and a verse here and there he aint done much really, anyway ..

  • a2z

    Everyone talking bout how Jay done nothing this year, y’all fools need to get out of your America rules the world mentality… Out here on tha OZ we don’t hear bout no gucci, no ross, no flocka, no nicki… It’s jay, em, kanye Wayne all day… So yeah, maybe to you, wiz may be the hottest MC in your hood… But MTV is a global company, taking into account global spins and sales… Do ya homework lames