Wiz Khalifa’s Working With Diddy

Puff was a surprise guest this past Thursday during Wiz Khalifa’s set in Tinseltown. The day after, Hardknock TV caught up with the Pittsburgh MC. He says that was his first encounter with Diddy and that they plan on working together soon. Ciroc boys, mound up!

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  • Yea… Sean really knows how to align himself with the right people in order to stay relevant.

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  • Shawn

    To all you “real” Hip hop Backpackers… It’s always about the money… ALWAYS.
    Seems like this kid is relevant without Diddy.. Why even get into business with him? Money.
    It’s all good but I hope all you guys see this… And even NAS.

  • toad3527

    well diddy took rick ross and made him go from putting out just okay albums to a great album. he had that same magic touch with Mase and others.

    Wiz seems to be creating quite a buzz w/o diddy, and won mtv.com’s poll for best new rapper in the game beating out nikki minaj and j cole. i dunno, couldn’t hurt.

  • The Good Guy


    Why else would he do it ? Ppl make a living off of music . Just like anybody else who’s in the business world . Yeah your company may be doing well on it’s own, but what company wouldn’t want to expand ? Do work Mr. Khalifa . Just fuckin’ do work homie . With any and every body who wants to do it w/ you

  • Belize

    That’s gonna ruin your career Wiz.

  • black gallagher

    this seems like a waste of time, even for diddy

  • Shawn

    @The Good Guy

    I think you might be misunderstanding my point, or maybe I didn’t explain it…
    A lot of fans and even artist take pride in the notion that they do it for the love…. Not the money. So I think we are ultimately saying the same thing..
    I dont have a “horse in this race” and wish Homie the best.
    And sure you can expand your brand.. Just remember there is always a cost of doing business and you never take on a “partner” that is lagging in the market place and attaching themselves to multiple projects to make themelves stay relevant in the public but not accomplish much in their core business.
    I think it’s safe to say.. Diddy needs this kid more than he needs Diddy. Diddy brand is lagging in the
    market place of Music. And he attaches himself to projects with legs already (Ross,Nicki) to relevant because he doesn’t have reputable artist buzzing on his core business of Music.

    Either or, I wish Homie the best in his career.

  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel, Lucas and others

    lmao wow ! wiz is signing with bad boy records shortley

  • Quake

    nigga need a shape up…

  • The_Truth


  • The Good Guy


    Yup . Absolutely agree . But they both recognize who they are and are simply just going to do work . Just like most artists do . I don’t think he’s going to sign though . Artists are starting to realize that they don’t need these big corporate leaches to sell their music anymore . So yeah, ultimately, we are upon agreement

  • Hope this won’t change his style any. Shawn made a good point about Diddy attaching himself to artists that he didn’t help establish.



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  • YourBoyAl

    “mound up” lol, newfag

  • ant

    dont sign wit diddy ,but if he want u on a song do it ,but tax him , at least 20 thousand, u an yo homies did this movement own yall own remeber that , He dont fuk wit u Wiz, he want shine off yo buzz youll see dem industry niggas shady ,who has signed wit diddy and came out on top in the end. His excuse for artist not lasting on bad boy was other labels artist have short careers to not just bad boy. When ever you have a big performrnceor show he gone wanna be all on stage wit u look at ross

  • D

    Is that necessary, Wiz?

  • Eddie Arkadian

    I am not a computer/social network savvy guy, but if there is someone who is, can you please create a petition to protest this move by Wiz Khalifa. In personal opinion, I believe the only reason Diddy is fucking with this young man is because Sean Combs is a limelight-parasite. If you have any sort of shine, he attaches himself to you so that he can survive some level of relevance. It’s really starting to become disgusting and it must stop.

  • Alas


    “emphatic co-sign”

  • ^^^ What Eddie said!

  • K everyday

    lmao lime light parasite….well said

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