T.I. Changes Album Title

It’s been a long day for T.I. And earlier in it, he told the Ricky Smiley Morning Show that he’s renamed his album King Uncaged to No Mercy. No word if this collabo with Rocko will make the final cut.

“I Can’t Help It”

silent dj x uhtn

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  • LOL….didn’t see this one coming…hahaha

  • He heard what Yayo said about him the other day, then listened to G-Unit’s album “Beg For Mercy”?

  • BRIX

    Smart move TIP…that would’ve been the most ironic title of all time!

  • Post no billz

    King recaged.. lol..

  • Belize

    Not surprised. No Mercy sounds like a dud tho imo. But it would’ve been better than King Uncaged.

  • Sin

    Better. Yet bland.
    No mercy huh?
    Fitting seeing as this nigga literally placed himself at the mercy of the Court. I think he actually said those words too. Denied.
    No mercy huh?

    Anyway my question is this: why does everything seem so calculated and planned out or seemingly. Even the suicide jumper thing was right on time.
    That nigga betta film sum videos before he go. When he gets out it will be October 2011. Music moves at a fast pace.

  • Word

    No Mercy? Another Pay Per View wrestling album title? Well its better than King Uncaged I guess..I was hoping for “I Fucked Up” as a title but maybe he’ll save that for his next arrest and jail sentence

  • “please have mercy, shawty”
    “I’m serious”

  • Sin

    If he never got stopped that night would sum nigga have ended his life that day??
    Tip say he had a calling so it woulda happened anyway right? Hmm

  • Nigga, that shit sounds like a wrestling Pay-Per-View match.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ T.I.



  • Smart move. Wonder what the cover is gonna look like tho

  • lmmfao @ these replies, I don’t even have to say anything —

    shoulda called it “Thank you for having mercy”

  • Shawn

    “No mercy”… A bit ironic for 11mos for an arsenal fit for Somalian pirates and getting a drug charge drooped on a technicality.. LMAO

    (Richard Pryor Voice) “THIS niggas crazy!”

  • HOOD

    so this album droppin when he locked up?? No Mercy huh??

  • What I Said

    No Mercy > Recovery > Relapse…………..

    Yup……What I Said……….!

  • Haters are annoying–> Android, Mac Weasel, Lucas and others

    Lmao i guess he’s not “uncaged” no more lol

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  • E-Hustle

    These comments are funny as fuck! Thanks niggaz, yall gave me a good laugh before I call it a night.
    Album is going to brick hard. Tip most def fell the fuck off. But that King & T.I. Vs. TIP albums were tight though.

    HFM2 11/22/10

  • BLACK 777

    @ What I Said
    Cosign… But these fire cracka’s aint gonna like your statement bruh

  • studiothuggizmz

    lol @belize it does sound like a flop record!

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  • Bgirl


  • Bit

    No mercy nigga 11months sounds like a fuckin walk in the park especially when u got money to pay ur bills and a job to come back to when u get out! I kno niggaz doin more than 11 months for a gta! Sucks ass rappers!

  • Go_white_rapperz

    He changed from sumthin that sounds like a wrestling pay-per-view to a name of a wrestling pay-per-view Ha!
    Still gon be dope though

  • Thank Me Hater

    Is it bad that I’m glad this nigga got locked up just so he could change that damn title?

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  • Able Danger

    How bout “King Decrowned”


    Lol @ everybody’s hatin’! The new title is cool. And that track too. Hope we hear that album before 2011.

    @RapRadar: When T.I. is dropped by AXE or Remy Martin, he is at the top5 posts. But when he releases a new song (Get Back Up) the post is nowhere. Keep hating the realest rapper!

  • Itz Yourz

    Well I commented on the other four so might as well finish off the Top 5.

    No Mercy is cool. I like all of the suggested album titles above as well.

    Here are a few that get’m 5mics:

    “What More Can I Say”….cus thats what hes say to cops, fans, family, and other inmates after he states he’s a fuck up.

    “Riding Dummy”…a rendition to chamillionaire one hit riding dirty. Cus everytime Im I get caught Im in a car doing stupid shit when I got other important that is about to happen in my life.

    “Damn I done Fell on My Sword Again”….Kings dont do that samurais’ do. Every good warrior isnt always a great king.

    “Fuk..They Done locked the CEO Up”….Again”…he needs to make this a compilation album with his grand hustle proteges.

    And last but not least
    “Thru the Wire” Alfamega Vs. TIP …..now that wld be a classic. The whole album should be fulled with papers shuffling and ‘this is a recording” lady and clicking over loops.

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  • queen b

    Not feelin’ TIP post jail.. His lyrics are blah.

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