Lloyd Banks On Hottest MC Exclusion

Lloyd Banks was in the Charlotte, North Carolina this morning and stopped by Power 98 FM. At the 5:06 mark, Banks gives his take on his exclusion on MTV’s Hottest MC List. From now on, just call him Mr. 10.5.


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  • Kareem

    @”Ettioll Siwlon is a bitch”
    YN just read your comment. He told me to tell you “Ha!”. #OKBye

  • Jace

    Banks shouldn’t have been on the list. he had half of a good song, Juelz had the other. Joelle had the best!

  • Lmao at the above comment^^^^^^^

    and dope we get banks 4th solo album next year , a re release of HMF2 with all the tracks, & a lloyd banks movie.

    also your pussy eilliot why did you take down the lloyd banks wants an interscope apology video? maybe it was because the headline was wrong or you got that call from jimmy lmao

  • Briana

    Ummmmm #umad? @Elliot Siwlon is a Bitch

  • wright

    who d fuck iz Ettioll Siwlon…

  • HOOD

    enough of these interviews where’s the music at

  • Belize

    Banks should’ve been on it cuz:
    He>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wacka Flocka, Small Gayne, Onika, Ross, Aubrey, and Imma say it: Jay.

  • nem

    Aww DMX would eat Wacka !LOL

  • ha

    He is not on the list probably because his fan base is bloggers and forum nerds.

    Evryone though that BBB was Juelz Santanas song.

  • gusto

    One of the best out.
    Hope he starts droppin annually, we need a good catalog when it’s all said and done. he’s really talented.

  • casper21

    Banks, how the hell you gonna compare ANYTHING Wacka does to DMX material?

  • everyone hates major labels.

  • If u cn murk a beat u get a pass in inglewood…talent>>>making a gud song…..got ur bak blue,,,HIP HOP NEEDS THE WEST COAST

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  • Black Shady

    Nov 22nd! HFM2

  • NOVEMBER 22!!! HFM2



    take rooooossssssssssssssssssssssss off that fucking bullshit list


    im gay for brian pumper btw

  • Von

    i like tht shot at Fat Joe at the end lol.

  • whoever though bbb was juelz trak needs to look at ish, prob a dipset rider …banks should b on tha list but theres too much bs in the game, jay done fuk all this year..wtf

  • Midnite!

    GGGGG GGGGG G-UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!