• wickwickwack

    reminds me of k-dee “freshest mc in the world”” track from 95´
    cool flow

  • Wesssst

    Devin the Dude nigga

  • richyrich13

    Devin’s as chill and good as he’s always been. one of the more underrated rappers in the game.

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    @angeredrebel Yeah that Beat is nice 4 real

  • Jo$h

    Devin The Dude never disappoints.


    @angeredrebel Beat goes pretty hard!

  • Jherb334

    Devin da dude is my hero.

  • mr shiggity

    Got damn has this nigga ever heard of promotion shit. i still got to buy at least two one regular and one screwed.2’s

  • Gordon B.

    Devin is that dude, two guys in the game you can’t hate one, one’s Snoop the other one is Devin, always on some smooth shit to smoke to.

  • Belize

    Devin the Dude. smh

  • J Mac

    typical devin mad at myself for sleepn on this cat DO YO THANG BRO

  • aight dude jus being him… its what made him a legend in the south!

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