New Music: N.E.R.D. “Inside Of Clouds” (Extended Version)

The Internet nerds got a hold of the The Neptunes’ new album yesterday morning. This here is a hidden interlude on the LP and luckily for us, just released the extended version. Below that, is a preview of the Amazon bonus for the deluxe version of Nothing.

Bonus: “Ride That Thang” (Snippet)

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  • Jimmy

    The album is really really GOOD. 10/10

  • Why does he look like Shyne about to go to war from the side?

  • WTF

    if you love hearing pharell moan to you in a soft whispering voice in your earphones, then youll LOVE this homographic album.


  • this album is going to be hot

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  • Mega

    This album is gay as FUCK! WOW!! If I catch any of my niggas listening to this wack shit I’m gonna beat their fairy asses!!!

  • Black McJagger

    Mega is the reason white people don’t like Obama

  • Billy Rae Valentine

    one of my favorite bands in all of music. i hope the album is great but most of the songs i’ve heard were underwhelming.

    gay-bashing is awesome! hell yeah, nigger! if u like r&b u r a faggot! yes! if u like rock u r a faggot! of course! the only thing that is good is hard-core masculinity and thug rap! fuck yeah i’m gonna drive down santa monica boulevard tonight and find a tranny bumping this shit in their ipod than beat the living shit out of him! Roid Rage! Freddie Gibbs!

  • sPaceRobot

    Album is Amazing!! Forget what anyone says, It’s MUSIC. I love Hip Hop, this album isn’t Hip-Hop or trying to be, it’s heavily influenced in the 70’s and is very well executed.

  • Zayd Muhmmad Learmont

    Just Thought id Would Hyp This On Youtube Idc **the song is great**

  • Jimmy

    I need a Download Lank for this… and at Mega ill bump this in fron of you… Ill even let you Swing First and When you Miss Ill Break your Arm and Force you to listen as well