Angela Yee Interviews Lupe Fiasco (Shade 45)

The Morning After With Angela Yee put Lupe Fiasco through the the ringer today on Shade 45. Lu spoke thoroughly on a bunch of subjects. Here’s what he had to say:

Break 1: Lupe speaks on Fiasco Friday.

Break 2: Lupe explains his gripe with MTV and blogs.

Break 3: Lu talks 360 deal and Atlantic Records.

Break 4: Calls from fans

Break 5: Talks support from Atlantic Records and book deals.

Previously: Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On

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  • So Icy Boi!

    why t.i. on all the top 5 post ? put relevant people on there

  • ZoomZoom


  • Nathaniel


    y’all need to stop bullshitting and put this Young Guru interview up right along with it:

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  • Pingback: Angela Yee Interviews Lupe Fiasco (Shade 45) | Street Dose – Get Your Daily Fix of Hip Hop()

  • Music_Insider

    Great single lupe !
    This guy is soooo underrated its not even funny. This guys is the best rappe living right now, he make inspirational music, he sells records, he’s real, he’s a great lyricist. What more can you ask for in a artist. When his album drops and it will drop, he’s gonna go platinum. People really need to realize this guy is jsut the man and the best rapper. LASERS !!!!!!!

  • There is definitely hope for Lupe now. I hope he continues to rise.

    He’s got a great single. I hope it does well on radio and that he starts to get back the recognition he rightly deserves…

  • Rome

    Man I have so much more respect for B.Dot …You are the only person who posts Lupes music with no bias.

  • ben

    i would be surprised if he drops on atlantic.

  • FiAsCO

    @ Music_Insider couldnt have said it any better bro agree 100% LASERS BIOTCH

  • wtf

    SMH You a hater. Fucking loser get a life dude.

  • biggm662

    Wanna fuck Angela Yee

  • Nathaniel


    that’s true what you say about B.Dot… he holds Lu down (because the nigga IS VERY relevant in the culture) cuz we know elliot don’t fuck wit’em, lol.

    but yo… y’all still need to post that Young Guru video from AHH about the music industry and this enslavement… or are y’all afraid of y’alls particular master, mr. rosenberg…. hmmmmm.

    time will tell.

  • HHH7387

    I agree with Rome, and that’s why Rap Radar is the #1 Hip Hop website because there’s no bias involved. 2dopeboyz, Nahright, & DDotOmen are all trying to ban Lupe from their sites, but what their really doing is banning real Hip Hop. Lupe is one of a few major label MCs that is making quality music without playin himself. These other blog sites need to get a clue. Guys like Lupe are carrying the torch, not guys like Wayne & Drake.

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  • moreffa

    diz nigga keep saying “you know”

  • B.Dot

    @HHH7387 @Nathaneil @Rome
    RR isn’t bigger than the artists. We document rap. personal bias’ aside.

  • yhcranA Kid

    Real shit. Therefore, I respect.

  • Word


    I think you should re word that statement. “Our main focus is rap” is what you shoulda said. From time to time you guys post RnB news or Pop news so if you say “Our Main focus is rap” niggas wont keep complaining when you guys post a Rihanna joint.

  • B.Dot

    we been covering r&b since we launched the site. R&B and Rap is all one and the same. The lines have BEEN blurred.

  • Ze Pequeno

    Someone get B.Dot to run nahright & 2dope, not sentimental bitches like Eskay & Shake.

  • Belize

    Rap & R&B always associated with each other but they 2 totally different genres..

  • truazn

    the man is cold…give him some shine

  • Bjack

    I dislike this guy more and more with every new post.

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  • CaniBlog?

    Ze Pequeno says:

    Someone get B.Dot to run nahright & 2dope, not sentimental bitches like Eskay & Shake.



  • Drock

    One of my favorite people in music, let alone hip-hop.

  • Commenter

    Wow that first caller is actually retarded, .. like seriously this is why sexism exist when we have people like her asking questions

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